William Sanya –

“Hi am William Sanya a citizen of Kenya currently residing in Nairobi city. In Kenya we have the freedom of worship everyone has the opportunity to do ministry accept in some areas believed to muslim stronghold. Due to Nairobi being a multicultural city whereby most people still hold on their cultural beliefs, which makes the gospel very challenging to minister. Most young people are jobless, this makes them vulnerable to crimes,prostitution, drug abuse and other things that cuases insecurity.It is said our country is a christian nation not becuase of their faith in Jesus Christ but having been raised religious setup or being baptized.Generally doing ministry in Kenya is so encouraging and the chances are so prevalent.Mass evangelism and person to person are the most common ways of reaching the lost the slums.

“After high school, in early 1993, I was invited to an overnight vigil by one of my nephews. In the process the Word was preached, and that real touched my heart, I decided to give my life Jesus Christ. Since then I have never looked back.

“Since I surrendered life to Jesus, the desire to serve him has been so strong, and I look forward to doing intensive evangelism, raising intercessors in the church.

“When I was working in one of the industries in Nairobi, much of my time I spend  sharing the gospel with my workmates. Rarely would I shut my mouth. Through that I felt God leading me to ministry. The internal desire to serve God was so strong that was confirmed by my pastor who encouraged me to wait on God.

“For over ten years I have lived in the informal settlements of Nairobi where infrastructures are so pathetic during rain season the place floods, this makes it so hard to do ministry.

“The local church has been very supportive in that when I shared my dream to the pastor he offered me an opportunity to join the ministry team to pursue my dream. During that time I was requested to take care of the home bible group, later he elevated me to pastoral. Currently I am the associate pastor in charge of adult ministries, intercessory, and teenagers.

“One thing that I am privileged to have is a very supportive family, especially my wife, who has stood by my side all through in prayers and encouragements in time of my low moments. My kids have also been very understanding and patient whenever am away on missions.”

William Sanya Receives a Scholarship

“I fully believe that getting a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is very vital to my accomplishment my dream in the ministry. From the getting started course I realized that I need to be equipped so as to do effective ministry. I believe that CLI has the capacity to take me to the next level of excellence in the ministry calling.

“Pray for me that the passion I have for reaching the people with the gospel will be realized,that my love for God will keep consuming my life, that the grace of God will abound in my life.”

William Sanya has a passion for evangelism. Ever since William Sanya had his first encounter with Christ, he has found that he can’t stop talking to others about Him. William Sanya recognizes his gift of evangelism and desires to use it to its fullest extent in the service of God. To this end, William Sanya seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute.

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