“I am born and raised for the most part in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. My parents are originally from the Caribbean, which was part of the Dutch Kingdom for many years (some Islands still are) The Netherlands from origin is a country with Protestant Christian faith and values. Over the last 50 years many immigrants from various countries settled here. Bringing their cultures, traditions and believes with them. Christianity in the Netherlands therefore evolved in to various denominations. It could be compared with the US. Everyone is free to express there own faith and believe as they wish.

“I first gave my life to Jesus when I was 8 years old, after I saw a movie in church at Sunday class. My mother always raised us strict and with biblical values. But it wasn’t until I was 19, I really understood what it was to have a relationship with God.

“I’ve led the Evangelist group at my former church and was a Youth Leader for 4 years. Combining those two ministries, I had the privilege to witness to many young teens. Leading them to salvation.

“I always was convinced that the position you have in life, in your neighborhood, family or occupation is the first place of ministry (unless you are full-time in ministry of course). So for me at the moment being a pilot, I witness to colleagues as much as I can if able. Especially in my occupation with a nice status and income, many don’t believe they need a savior in their life. When digging a little deeper, they all have the same problems and pain as all other humans living on earth. They need Jesus.

“The vision of my local church Dominion Centre, is raising sons for Kingdom impact. It could be compared with the 7 connections, mentioned in the getting started class. Our church supports any member with a calling, talent, heart for ministry and helps them develop it where possible. I am easy with words (writing), so I have been writing for our church paper and now I will be more involved in the whole process of development. As of next school year I will be involved in youth ministry as well.”

Hubert Jansen Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship will greatly improve my getting more understanding and getting more knowledge in Gods Word. Becoming more effective, combining life experiences and a thorough knowledge of how God works and moves to built His Kingdom.

“Prayer is always welcome. More clarity and direction in how my wife’s calling and mine combine. Because of our past and many broken marriages and relationships everywhere, this is a ministry that has come in to my thoughts and heart as of lately.”

Hubert Jansen believes in starting your ministry impact wherever the Lord has placed you. With this goal, Hubert Jansen began his own ministry impact in the community of pilots with which he worked. Since then, Hubert Jansen has increased his ministry impact to include the readers of his church paper and the youth. Yet Hubert Jansen recognizes that his ministry impact for the Lord could be much greater. In pursuit of an increased ministry impact, Hubert Jansen seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can receive the training necessary to take his ministry impact to the next level.