At a Bible school like Christian Leaders Institute, it is important to see the impact of courses offered on the students. For this reason, many of the classes have a final reflection paper where students reflect about what the class has taught them and what they consider important. Jeff Ulrich – a Bible school student who lives in America – reflected on the impact of the class “Church and Ministry.”Bible School

One recurring theme in his reflection on the experience with this Bible school class is confidence. As Jeff talks about the funeral portion of the course, he says, “The funeral service prep and how to write a funeral service was very informative. It makes me feel a lot more confident on doing funerals.” Later, when reflecting on the portion of this course dealing with marriage, he says, “I don’t know how many weddings I have attended but didn’t really know how to create a service. This was invaluable information. I feel very confident in being able to perform a wedding now.” Both of these statements are coming from a man who has been doing ministry in America for 25 years. The quality of CLI’s Bible school curriculum can be seen in this testimony.

Bible School Certificates

Jeff Ulrich began his journey at Christian Leaders Institute like any other student, by obtaining the “Christian Basics Certificate.” The Christian Basics Certificate is earned through completion of the Getting Started course. This course serves as a student orientation to this Bible School structure and community. In this class, students are asked to write a few paragraphs about their Christian journey and how it led them to this Bible school. In his testimony, Jeff shares his vision for a community driven church.

“My dream for ministry is to start a church that has a strong community base with a message of grace but not lacking in preaching and following the truth. When I look at the book of Acts I see how close they were as a community. I feel like that is really lacking today. People are starving for human interaction. It also has to be based on prayer and the Holy Spirit. When I look at a lot of churches today I don’t see the Holy Spirit working in a dramatic way like he did in the book of Acts. That power is alive and well today if we have the passion and desire to listen and obey His voice.”

What drove Jeff Ulrich to the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school model was a powerful dream for churches in America. He recognizes that the power of the Holy Spirit is central to anything in the building of the church, but He also knows that a great Christian community is just as key to bringing the kingdom of God in America today back to the biblical model. His pursuit of the ministry has brought him to the online Bible school, where he can be equipped with the knowledge to further his ministry.

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