Rodassa McClinton –

“Hello my name is Rodassa McClinton. I live in the United States of America. My ministry here is awesome, but then I have nothing to compare it to. One thing that I can say is that, we use technology to the fullest. We are without excuse when it comes to witnessing and spreading the gospel. With the use of the internet and other live streaming methods, we are able to broadcast our services live to whoever wants to join in.

“I came to know the Lord in 2009 after moving to Florida from New York. I have to admit that I had no intentions on joining any church or proclaiming Jesus as my Lord and personal savior, but to God is the glory that His plan for me was far better than anything that I could ever imagine.

“When I think about my ministry dream, I often wonder “what is it that God would have me to do”. Then as I was sitting and thinking one day on my past, and some of the experiences that I had, it came to me that God knew that I needed to go through certain things in order for me to give my testimony of how great He is, and to be able to minister to others. With that, my dream is to start out teaching and preaching to youth. I would love to have a young girl’s ministry, ministering to pre-teen girls up to 25. After that and as the Lord sees fit, I would like to preach to all ages.

“I had two words in mind that I think that best suit me, and those are, Pastor, and Youth Leader. I chose Youth Leader for obvious reasons; I am the youth director at my local church. I chose Pastor, because that’s my desire. Putting them together would be awesome too! Youth Pastor. Sounds good to me, but we will just have to see where God would have me to go.

“The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry, I would have to say, was bad choices that I have made, and wanting to share those choices and the consequences I have faced from them with other people, ideally young girls.

“One of the challenges in the area where I live is that there are a lot of churches. In fact, there is typically a church on every corner. Now you may think, what is the problem with that? Well although there is a church on every corner, the churches tend to separate themselves from each other, instead of coming together for the good of the people, especially the lost ones. This generally starts a “service war”, where each church tries to outdo the other with different types of services.”Rodassa McClinton

Rodassa McClinton Receives a Scholarship

“Receiving a scholarship at CLI would help me more than words can say. I am not financially in a place where I can afford to pay for this type of education on my own, so receiving this scholarship will help me to further my education so that I can do ministry effectively.

“Please pray my strength in the Lord that I may go and do His will. Not my own, but His.”

Rodassa McClinton came to know the Lord 4 years ago, and in that time she has become a youth director in her church. Rodassa McClinton dreams of taking the next step, though. Because of her desire to reach out to the young girls and younger women in her community, Rodassa McClinton has a ministry dream of becoming a youth pastor. In pursuit of this vision, Rodassa McClinton seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where she can be equipped in the knowledge of the word without the costs of traditional seminary.

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