Brian Govender

Christian Leaders Institute has many students in the country of South Africa. Because our online bible school is free and doesn’t require textbooks, English-speaking people in South Africa are able to obtain our training without having to relocate, quit their jobs, or come up with extraordinary amounts of money.

One of these students is Brian Govender, from Durban in South Africa. This is his story, in his own words.

My name is Brian Govender, and I am 48 years old. I am married to wonderful and beautiful God fearing woman who’s name is Vasie. We have two kids, a boy named Shannon and a girl named Nellisa, and not forgetting God’s great blessings to us in the form of two grandsons.I was born in Durban South Africa, and was raised by wonderful parents who were non believers until 2009, I praise God for their Salvation. I was employed in company that manufactured soft trim components for the motor industry as a Production Superintendent. I worked there for 26 years until I was retrenched in 2009 due the global recession.

Brian GovenderMy walk with the Lord Jesus Christ began in the year 2005. Being an idol worshiper, I was very much into the world and things of this world until God began to stir up my conscience and direct me according to His plan and purpose for my life into a new direction. I have embraced His direction wholeheartedly in August 2006 and still continue to do so. The very first week following mine and my families conversion, the desire to share, speak, and minister the Word of God was birthed in my heart. I became active in all the working departments of the church, but the area that interested me most was evangelism, which still remains my strong point. My desire to reach out to all of God’s created people and share the Word of Truth with them rest heavy within me. My wife shares the same desires as I do, and she is still very much active in the service of God period.

My heartfelt desire is to take the Word of God forward in a liberating way, in which the believer is no longer wallowing in spiritual darkness or blindness due to his or her inability to comprehend the deeper spiritual truths of the Word of God. To grow in the the Kingdom of God it is important for the believer to first know who he is in the Kingdom, what he has in the Kingdom, and what he can do with his or her faith in the kingdom for God. My desire is to see a new generation of disciples equipped with the Power of the Word of God go into their towns and cities, into the highways and byways of their cities and claim it, and all of it’s resident inhabitants for Christ Jesus for the Glory of God. I desire to see a spiritually enriched congregation who have a desire and passion for the work of the Kingdom and the Kingdoms forward march, ever moving forward for the Glory of God “Amen”.

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