Robert Green –

“Hi my name is Robert Green. I am from South Africa. All religions are tolerated although not equally represented. The vast majority of citizens have cultural beliefs that are non-christian. Due to the legacy of apartheid there are vast numbers of people who are living in poverty and bondage.All manner of social ills prevail.

“I came to know my savior Jesus, after rejecting him my whole life, when I ended up in a serious motor cycle accident that left me impaired. I turned to drugs and became depressed and eventually suicidal. Thanks to God’s intervention I ended up at a christian empowerment center after trying to commit suicide. Although I was on my knees at this time, hopeless and helpless, I still could not believe because of my education. It is written that if you earnestly seek Jesus with all your heart and all your mind and ask God to come and reason with you, you will find Him and that He will reveal Himself. Jesus has embraced me and I Him. He is my Healer, my Redeemer, my Salvation, my Peace, my Hope, and my Joy. This emptiness that has been inside of me is now full and I have a desire and a zeal to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.

“Due to the mighty work Jesus has done in my life and the blessings He has given me I am called to the great commission to make disciples of men for the glory of Jesus. I am staying on at the christian empowerment center and becoming a voluntary staff member. They primarily treat addiction amongst other things. The word of God is central to helping people who come through these doors. I have left everything to serve God and help bring the word of God and the hope of Jesus to each person who comes here for help as well as their families. I also wish to encourage the staff here and bring all people to a greater relationship with Jesus. I am currently the “spiritual leader” here and lead with classes, prayer, devotions, and worship. I want to bring people to Jesus, grounding them in the word with Jesus as their foundation. I want to teach and show them how to live a truly christian life that is pleasing to God and also empowering them for all of life’s challenges, so that they are able to walk in faith and knowledge. I pray that they may become a living testament to the power and grace of Jesus, and spread the word of hope and salvation through Jesus.”Robert Green

Robert Green Receives a Scholarship

“Due to my accident I am unemployed  and do not have the financial resources to pursue this calling of ministry on my life. I need the proper educational grounding to serve God to the best of my ability. I take leading people to Jesus as both an honor and the greatest responsibility of my life. I need to be equipped to teach and lead. Given that the people I will be reaching out to are broken I really need to give them the best I possibly can. Before starting this I have prayed for some months for God to lead me and to confirm that this is His calling and not my will. I got confirmation in various ways and when I started looking for an education in becoming a pastor I eventually found you. I believe that God has blessed you to help me bless others through Jesus.

“If you could, pray for the Spirit to guide and convict the people that I am trying to reach, so that God will move them to himself.I ask for guidance, knowledge and understanding. I pray that God will continue to bless you and guide you, to hold you in his right hand so that you will be a blessing to others.”

Robert Green is on fire for Christ. After a motorcycle accident that left him incapacitated, Robert Green went through depression and drug addictions before finally coming to Christ after a suicide attempt. Now, Robert Green wants to lead others who are broken – spiritually if not physically – to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus. Christian Leaders Institute can help Robert Green realize his ministry calling.

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