Jeffrey Ruth –

“My name is Jeffrey Ruth and I live in Fowlerville, Michigan, in the United States. There are many ministry opportunities available in the United States to those who can overcome the world. This last qualification, overcoming the world, is the most challenging of problems facing those pondering ministry. Simply put, as many ministry opportunities as there are in America, there are far more temptations and ways of living contrary to God’s plan.

“I came to know the Lord through my early childhood, as I was churched from birth. However, I only began to know, seek, and trust in Jesus for my salvation later in early adulthood when I faced multiple medical and personal disasters. The Lord’s calling of me to ministry is a culmination of heeding God’s call to walk after Him as He walked in front of me.

“My ministry dream is to reach out to Americans who do not trust Christ for their salvation. I have been presented with a vision of Americans who seek and yearn for secular fellowship and comfort through social media connections, who are un-churched, unsaved, and fearful of the buildings of God. I dream of using these modern connections to create a vast, virtual, congregation of believers who will use these very desires to connect and share to overcome their fears.”Jeffrey Ruth

Jeffrey Ruth Receives a Scholarship

“Without a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, I have no practical way to be strengthened and equipped for my ministry pursuit. I have been led by God to CLI as the instrument of my ministry’s beginning. This I know. It is not coincidence to believe firmly that CLI’s method of reaching ministry students with the Gospel through worldwide internet connections happens to merge exactly with my personal ministry dream of reaching others in similar fashion. Through the scholarship at CLI, I will fulfill God’s plan for me and my ministry.

“Please pray for me to strengthen my personal connection with God in a daily renewal. Only through my own close walk with Jesus Christ, being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and in awe and obedience to God the Father, will I even begin to prepare my ministry successfully.”

Jeffrey Ruth comes from a church background. He grew up going to church with his family and understands the importance of it. Jeffrey Ruth also sees many Christians now becoming unchurched. People are leaving churches for various, often trivial differences in doctrine or opinion. Jeffrey Ruth believes God has given him a way to change this. His ministry dream is to reach out to people and families who have abandoned churches and bring them back to a right community of fellowship in the Lord. Christian Leaders Institute can help Jeffrey Ruth realize his ministry calling.

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