Lizette van der Linden –

“I am currently living in South Africa and have been doing ministry here for 13 years except for the 3 years I have had the honor to live and work in Malta.

“South Africa has it’s own set of challenges , we do have freedom here to proclaim and worship the Lord freely without a lot of persecution and most people you meet will confess to be Christian but this is in name only. The Gospel have been mixed with ancestral worship and customs of the people, poverty and AIDS also play a role in the health and perception of the church and local believers.

“I was came to know the Lord 22years ago through a Gospel message on television. Went to the local church and I have not looked back since. I started a Prayer School ministry in 1998 that is still going today but the Lord released me to go and work and pray in Malta for 3 and a half years.”Lizette van der Linden

Lizette van der Linden Receives a Scholarship

“My ministry dream is to help and plant churches that proclaims the truth of the Word of God where ever the Lord might want! I want to help local believers grow and have a better relationship with the Lord . CLI will help me with this dream by equipping me and making me more effective where I am now. By learning and spending even more time in the Word through this course I know I can make  difference for the church and the Body of our Lord. My dream would be to make CLI teaching available to many in my community that does not have access to the Internet to have a space they could come to and be equipped.

“Pray for me as a woman in Africa since there are many prejudices against females in ministry and for divine opportunities to spread the Gospel! Thank you for the opportunity and material you have made available to me so far my the Lord Jesus bless you!”

Lizette van der Linden serves the Lord in South Africa, where religious freedom is the official stance. However, Lizette van der Linden faces a unique challenge in South Africa because there are many prejudices against females being involved in ministry. Also, Lizette van der Linden sees the cultural traditions and superstitions that have been integrated with the local Christian culture. Lizette van der Linden seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that she can be part of the development of a new Christian culture that is completely Christ centered.

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