Larry Stepp –

“My name is Larry Stepp and I live in WV in the US. I was saved at an early age but as time went on I got into the drug scene which landed me in a bad place. I was making good money and spending it all on crystal meth! In 2006 I was drug tested at work and failed. At the time I thought it was a bad thing but it wasn’t. In early 2007 I went through a big transformation and totally changed including moving to a new state and having a fresh start with the woman who is now my wife of 4 years. To the best of my knowledge I walked away without having the first withdrawal! I believe this was the shelter of the Lord upon me keeping me from going back to that lifestyle.

“From the age of about 20 even through all the drugs I always had a dream of starting an “outdoor” ministry one day and using Gods great outdoors as a tool to lead people to the Lord. I live in an area which is perfect for this due to all the backwoods we have. The local youth also has been impacted by drugs and teenage prostitution. They simply don’t have anything positive in this area to turn to. In light of that I want to plant an organization with many after school programs and fun activities to get kids off the street and teach them about the Lord by using my own failures and blessings as an example and success story.”Larry Stepp

Larry Stepp Receives a Scholarship

“I currently head up Outdoorsmen For Christ which is a sub group of the men’s ministries program at my local church. I want to apply the education I receive from Christian Leaders Institute to move toward the goal of having a separate entity in our own building. This will give the freedom to explore into getting the kids off the streets and at the feet of Jesus!”

Larry Stepp came to God many years ago, but lost his way like so many in the modern world. However, after hitting his own rock bottom, Larry Stepp returned from the darkness he’d fallen into to live once again in the light. Now, by the grace of God, Larry Stepp leads the “outdoorsmen” division of the men’s ministry at his church, but his vision is much bigger. Larry Stepp wants to use God’s wondrous creation as a unifying experience and a guiding light that points the youth in his area to the Creator. Larry Stepp seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that he can take that next step and offer the youth of his area something better than drugs and promiscuity.

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