Isaac Lamptey –

“My name is Pastor Isaac Lamptey, and I live in Ghana. In Ghana it is a very great task to do ministry, but God is working out in his own way.

“While I was working as a busy businessman, I thought I had no use for the things of God. I believed that church is for the poor people who want God to prosper them. But one day while I was relaxing at work, the Lord called me to leave my job and go and do his work. At that time a lot of pastors told me that I will be a pastor, but I believed that they wanted my money. After the visitation of the Lord I really accepted Christ as my Lord and personal Savior.

“I have a dream to preach to all those who thought Christianity is only for the poor and that they can do it without Christ. I want them to change and trust and be faithful to Christ Jesus.”

Isaac Lamptey Receives a Scholarship

“I know that I need good teaching to be able to teach others, and I want CLI to help me to help others in life.

“I also want CLI to help me in prayers to be able to fulfill the mission given to me by Christ Jesus.”

Isaac Lamptey thought he knew everything he needed to about God, but God had other plans for him. God called Isaac Lamptey, who left a successful business position to follow God’s calling into the ministry. Now Isaac Lamptey wants to preach the word to others who believe that God is only for the people who can’t make it on their own, as he once did. Isaac Lamptey has a deep desire to serve others and help them to grow in Christ. Isaac Lamptey sums up his passion when he asks that Christian Leaders Institute “help me to help others…”

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