Lashell Jones –

“My name is Lashell Jones. Im 30 years of age and I love serving the Lord. I currently reside in the United States in Herndon, VA with my husband. I attend Tenth Street Baptist Church and came to know the Lord at the tender age of seven. My mother raised me and my siblings in the church since we were babies. I accepted Christ as my Savior then was baptized and been serving the Lord since. Although I was raised in church I neglected to serve or follow Christ once I graduated high school and left home for college. I went out with the wrong crowds doing drugs and drinking alcohol forgetting all the morals my parents instilled in me growing up. After graduating from college I exhausted my time working and living on my own. It wasn’t until I met my husband who came to know the Lord that I decided to come back to Jesus. After witnessing the power of prayer that saved my husband life it opened my eyes back to the Lord and his greatness. Since then me and my husband have become the Youth leaders in our Couple’s ministry. I’m an active participant in our Women’s ministry and just received my membership to discipleship certificate.

“My ministry dream is to encourage God’s people especially our youth that when praises go up blessings come down. I want to start a praise and worship team used for Sunday’s devotion, Tuesday’s prayer service, Wednesday’s Bible study and other future programs. I strongly believe that praises can be demonstrated through song, speech and dance. My ministry will involve the youth and young adults which is our future. I also will like to start a big brother & sister club for our youth when they are away for college. Speaking from experience I know that Satan is busy doing those times when you’re away from the structure of home and your church family. I really wished I had a peer in Christ to call on when I needed prayer for strength and will power to continue to follow Jesus.

“I most identify with Youth leader. I feel my testimony help me witness to our youth. The youth at my church have seen my accomplishments and blessings from all my hard work and dedication. My light is shining through my walk and a lot of the youth look up to me already as a big sister. Looking back from both drug and alcohol abuse I know that the Lord is a way maker. After neglecting my health to the streets and experiencing those sleepless nights has prompt me to pursue ministry to help prevent my young sisters in Christ from following in my shoes.

“Growing up in urban DC and attending church was not considered the “In” thing to do. Kids teased me and my siblings for being different. They laughed when we could only play to the street lights came on and that was after we had all our chores and homework done. As a teen I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16 years of age and even then it was all supervised. Things have not changed. A lot of my friends are either dead, drug users, drug dealers or working on baby daddy number three and the cycle is then starting all over again. I was caught in crossfire, jumped by my peers but still found the courage to graduate in the top ten of my high school. I thank the Lord for the structure I had at home although crime and chaos was happening right outside my bedroom window.”Lashell Jones

Lashell Jones Receives a Scholarship

“My church has supported me in my ministry calling by allowing me to become an Youth leader in our Couple’s ministry. This has allow me to serve in my full potential. My mother is currently serving as a Minister at my church. I often accompany her when she’s called to preach at visiting churches. In addition, I assist her with her very own ministry “Herstory”. Through this ministry for women it allow us to reach out and share our story and how we overcome.

“A scholarship at CLI is so important for my spiritual growth and my ministry’s dream come true. My ministry will make a difference for our future. I especially need prayer for patience because I know its not easy encouraging our youth to follow Jesus. Our future is all we have to hold on to and we need to break the cycles of failure and neglect in our urban youth.”

Lashell Jones believed in God since she was very young, but later in her life she wandered away and was trapped in an environment thick with drugs and alcohol. After returning to the Lord, Lashell Jones became active in her church’s ministry. Lashell Jones wants to continue deeper into ministry, with the ultimate goal of reaching the youth. Lashell Jones sees her past – being drawn into drugs and alcohol – as an opportunity to reach out to others and keep them from falling into the same temptations. Lashell Jones seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that she can fulfill these ministry dreams.

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