Adam Larsen –

“My name is Adam Larsen.  I am 33 years old.  I am from the United States.  I am thankful that doing ministry in the U.S. is free from a lot of challenges that other countries face.  However I believe the Church in the U.S. faces many of it’s own challenges.  I have been doing Youth Ministry the last few years and one thing I an consistantly seeing is a lack of the word in peoples lives.  Even the ones that are professing Christians are lacking a true understanding of the Bible.  This is one of the main reasons I felt called to enroll in this schooling.  I want to make sure I have a true understanding of God’s Word and I want to be able to communicated it in an effective way.

“I came to the Lord about 13 years ago. I was not raised Christian and I was introduced to Church by my wife’s family. I read a wonderful book by Stu Weber called Tender Warrior and for the first time my faith became real. I accepted the Lord and began my walk. The Lord has done such an amazing work in my life and in my family.

“My ministry dream that has been placed on my heart is to be a Pastor or Church Planter.  I had never had this desire until the last few years then the good Lord started moving dramatically in my life.  Since then my family and I have been serving the Lord every way we can.  We were the Jr. High Youth Leaders for the past 2 years at our Church and we are now the Young Adult Leaders (ages 18-30).  I am not sure what the Lord has in store for us in the long run.  I really feel he’s training me to be a Pastor at some point.  My wife and I have also been talking about planting Churches after I retire.  We are especially interested in Haiti but we’re open to wherever the Lord wants us.

“Our geographic area leads to many challenges.  We live in California which is filled with many false teachings and false beliefs.  We are consistently combating evolution, abortion, new age beliefs, gnostic beliefs, and many more.  It reminds me of how Paul describes Corinth in a lot of ways.

“We have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl.  They are our 1st ministry.  We try to involve them as much as possible in anything we do with our ministry or Church.  I try to keep them involved with our Faith Family as much as possible.  If we were to ever move to become missionaries or Church planters it would drastically effect their lives.  I trust the Lord with this.”

Adam Larsen Receives a Scholarship

“This scholarship at CLI is very important because it will provide me with the knowledge and training I need to serve the Lord wherever he puts my family and I.  This would also help in a great way because I won’t have the huge debt of a regular college.  With 4 kids there isn’t a lot of extra funds.

“Please pray for God to lead and guide my Family and I and for us to be open to his direction, for my kids to never feel replaced by ministry, and that all this is done for his glory!”

Adam Larsen is called to ministry in the United States, where there is no official governmental opposition. However, Adam Larsen recognizes other barriers that exist even within the Christian culture. Teachings that are contrary to God’s revealed Word abound, and Adam Larsen desires to be on the front lines in combating these. To better equip himself, Adam Larsen is seeking a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute.

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