God has called you to minister to our broken and hurting world, and Christian Leaders Institute is here to help you fulfill that calling with confidence, competence, and credibility. Our Bible school programs offer a unique and powerful opportunity to receive free classes that connect to a Biblical and Christian worldview, enabling you to reach the world for Christ effectively.

Join the Global Community:

Join the tens of thousands of graduates from over 200 countries who have benefited from our Bible school programs. Our global reach allows us to connect with aspiring ministers like you from diverse backgrounds and cultures, fostering a dynamic and vibrant learning community. By becoming a part of this global network, you will gain insights, perspectives, and support from fellow ministers worldwide, enhancing your learning experience and expanding your worldview.

Experience the Benefits:

At Christian Leaders Institute, we are committed to providing a high-quality educational experience that is accessible and impactful. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you join our institute:

  1. Free Classes: Our donation-driven model enables us to offer free classes to our students. Financial constraints will not hinder you from receiving the education and training you need to fulfill your ministry calling. We believe that ministry training should be accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances.
  2. Biblical and Christian Worldview: Our programs are rooted in a solid Biblical and Christian worldview. We understand the importance of building a strong foundation in God’s Word and equipping you with the theological knowledge and understanding necessary for effective ministry. Our courses are designed to deepen your faith, enhance your biblical literacy, and equip you to engage with the challenges of our world from a Christ-centered perspective.
  3. Online Format: Our online platform provides a flexible and convenient learning environment. You can access course materials, engage in discussions, and complete assignments at your own pace and according to your schedule. This flexibility allows you to balance your ministry commitments, work, and personal life while pursuing your education.
  4. Credible Programs: Christian Leaders Institute is committed to academic excellence and maintaining the highest education standards. Our programs are accredited and recognized for their quality and rigor. Earning a credential from CLI will gain credibility and validation for your ministry endeavors. Are you called to become a minister? Click here to find out more.
  5. Supportive Community: When you join Christian Leaders Institute, you become part of a supportive and nurturing community. Our faculty, mentors, and fellow students are dedicated to walking alongside you on your ministry journey, providing guidance, encouragement, and prayer support. You will receive valuable instruction and form lifelong connections and friendships with like-minded individuals who share your passion for ministry.

Take the Next Step:

If you are ready to take your ministry to the next level, Christian Leaders Institute is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our Bible school programs and discover how we can assist you in your mission to reach the world for Christ. Together, let us make a lasting impact and transform lives through the power of the Gospel.

Christian Leaders Institute: Empowering Christian Leaders Worldwide.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is your gateway to advancing your Christian leader’s effectiveness by providing donation-driven free courses and low-cost credentials. Free? How?

Christian Leaders Ministries started Christian Leaders Institute in 2006 to support those called into ministry. Today the Christian Leaders Ministries board of directors governs the following websites and their programs.

Bible School Programs for Free Classes, Personal Growth, and Continuing Education

Christian Leaders Institute is the choice of many Christians, leaders, and ministers who want to grow in confidence and their walk with God. Maybe you want to take some classes.

The Bible School programs at the Christian Leaders Institute allow you to enroll and complete over 150 college-level courses and mini-courses free of charge!

Free Full Bible School Courses

Free classes and free mini-courses that focus specifically on online Bible study. Take free online Bible Study Courses and classes that include Old Testament Survey or New Testament Survey. In addition, many specific books of the Bible are featured as courses such as Acts, Romans, General Epistles, and more.

Christian Leaders Institute and CLI’s Leadership Excellence School share many courses used for the programs of Christian Leaders Institute, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, and Christian Leaders Alliance. Click here to see most of the courses that are currently offered.

Free Mini-Courses

Free Mini-courses – There are a variety of mini-courses covering a wide range of topics, including such examples as:

How Do these Bible School Programs Mobilize Christian Leaders?

Let’s explore some of the important popular study options and credentialing available to you when you begin your journey at Christian Leaders Institute.

Who pays for these free courses?

These courses are paid for through generous vision partners and student fees for clergy credentials and college degrees. There is no obligation to give or pay a fee. Your help to spread free training opportunities to everyone is needed and appreciated.

What do I need to do to access these classes?

Step One: Create your study account. Click here. 

Step Two: Complete the Getting Started orientation classes (about 1-2 hours).

Step Three: Enroll in courses and programs that interest you.

Suggested Links

Take a free Theology Class.  Click here. 

Study the Bible Free Online. – There are many Bible Classes in mini-courses and full college-level courses.

Share an Anger Management Class with someone who may need it!

Pastor and Minister Training

Many pastors have not received formal ministry training. In fact, a large segment of pastors worldwide cannot afford formal ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute also offers Ministry Study Recognition programs. Click here to see the awards currently available.  Click here to see certificates available. Click here to see diplomas available.

Christian Leaders Institute provides a Bible School program that offers existing and new pastors high-quality ministry training.

Many already ministering leaders do not need a college degree. Instead, they want a recognition program that fits their busy schedules and tight budget.

Suggested Links

Free Pastoral Training – Find out more about how the programs of Christian Leaders Institute offer you more ministry training.

Learn what a pastor is! Click here to read this popular page.

Get Licensed to Officiate Weddings – Do you need or want to be licensed to officiate weddings? Check out this link.

International Languages – Check out others languages than English where ministry training is offered.

Life Coach Minister Training – A growing area of ministry is the life coach ministry approach. Check out this training program.

Matchmaker Ministers – Many Christians need ministry assistance in finding their Christian marriage partner. Check this out.

Becoming a Pastor – Learn more about becoming a pastor

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School

Bible School Programs – CLI’s Leadership Excellence School

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to enroll at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. Do you need a formal bachelor’s degree? CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leaders Institute share free courses. However, there are low fees associated with the college program at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

College Degree Credentials

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School grants college Degrees. In addition, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has candidacy Status with ABHE for accreditation recognition with the United States Department of Education.

Click here to view Christian Leaders Institute on the US Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

Graduates of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School can apply to the Master’s degree programs of some of our accredited partner institutes such as Liberty University and Kairos Project. They offer Master’s Degree opportunities in the following areas.

Kairos Project Partnership

Kairos Project College and Seminaries Partnership Page – Click Here

Minister Credential Recognition

Christian Leaders Insitute partners with Christian Leaders Alliance. Christian Leaders Alliance oversees the course requirements completion and the local recommendation process for clergy recognition. Licensed or ordained clergy are then placed in a global directory. In addition, there are many clergy programs with Christian Leaders Alliance. These Bible School programs are for those who are volunteer, part-time, or full-time clergy.

Licensed Minister Roles – The Christian Leaders Alliance offers many licensed minister roles. Click here to find out more.

Are you interested in being licensed as a Wedding Officiant? Maybe you have been asked to perform a wedding? Do you want an online wedding officiant program?

Ordained Minister Roles – The Christian Leaders Alliance offers these free ministry classes for you to become ordained. In addition, there are many recognized roles. Click here to find out more.

Life Coach Minister Certifications

Christian Leaders Institute is your pathway to complete a Life Coach Minister curriculum. There are several certification levels to chose from. You can also decide if you desire to be licensed or ordained. Click here to find out more at LifeCoachMinister.org.

Christian Home Schooling Ministers

We think of a homeschool teacher as a home discipleship minister. Many churches have Sunday school programs for their children. Those parents who home school are ministers. Christian Leaders Institute gives homeschooling teachers and homeschooled children many opportunities. Click here to find out more.

More Suggested Links

Clergy Government Page – Government officials may want to link to verify the credential program of licensed or ordained leaders that includes the training of Christian Leaders Institute.

Global Minister Commission – A global minister commission leads the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Get Ordained Online with a local Commission.  Click here. 


Many Christian leaders want to combine their ministry passion with running a worldview-driven business. This Bible school program at Christian Leaders Institute teaches you how to start a business as a minister. But, of course, if you want to be licensed or ordained clergy, that also works well.

More and more ministry jobs are hard to come by. However, these Bible school programs may fit someone who loves ministry and loves supporting themselves through various means.

Learn more about MinistryBiz by clicking here.

Chaplaincy Training and Credentials

Are you called to be a chaplain? You may be called a volunteer Community Chaplain in a local civic organization or agency like a fire department or police force. Perhaps some of you may want to become a career Chaplain in a hospital, nursing home, or the military. Click here to find out more.

For career-bound Chaplains, we have a partnership with the Kairos Project. You would first get your bachelor’s degree from CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. Then, the Kairos Project offers a degree path for you to become a full-time chaplain. Click this link to find out more.

Suggested Links:

Ministry Chaplain Program – Learn how to be licensed as a Ministry Chaplain.

Free Chaplain Training – See how Christian Leaders Institute gives free Chaplain training.

International Languages

Christian Leaders Institute has classes and programs in five languages. Of course, some of our Bible school programs are more developed than others, but all of CLI’s Bible school programs offer free Bible school courses.



Russian and Ukrainian


How is all this paid for?

Support Bible School Programs

Christian Leaders Institute is part of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. This Bible School Program is a privately funded model of education. Read more. The Christian Leaders Institute raises support and funding for free Bible courses and the administration of the various online programs. For instance, the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has low-cost fees because the Christian Leaders Institute raises support to pay for free classes and the technology to bring these classes everywhere. In addition, the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School fees pay for the personalization and accreditation process that each student will need to receive a degree from CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

Who Funds The Christian Leaders Institute Effort?

Study Students – Study students are asked to become vision partners or purchase products that support the cause.  There is never any obligation to give!

Christians – Many kingdom-minded Christians send support because they believe that raising up more Christian leaders will advance the cause of Christianity.

Churches – Many churches see the spreading of Christianity as essential and the raising up of well-trained leaders as vital for the church’s work.

Foundations – Christian foundations generously support the Christian Leaders Institute because they see the dramatic impact that free ministry training has created.

If you are interested in finding out how to become a vision partner, click here. 

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