First CLI Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe

Ezekiel Shungu is first CLI Bachelor of Divinity Graduate in Zimbabwe and is Ordained Commissioned Minister.

Read his incredible testimony below:

Being a Zimbabwean born and bred in a country where no high-quality education can be earned free of charge, it never clicked in my mind that one day Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) will make this dream a reality. Today I am very happy to testify that I am a Bachelor of Divinity graduate from Christian Leaders Institute. Out of millions of Zimbabweans, I am the first and only Zimbabwean so far to be awarded such an accredited, credible and an internationally recognized degree from CLI.

In addition, I would like to share with you all current and potential CLI students that the CLI degree of Bachelor of Divinity in Christianity and Leadership I acquired from this unique free training ministry have gone beyond making a historical proof of my CLI training:

The degree came with a considerable assortment of benefits that are very worth to publicly share as part of this stimulating and motivational testimony. Firstly, it became a valuable entrance ticket into a higher-level learning that is internationally accepted by most colleges and universities. In justification of this, I would like to testify that I have applied to different private and government universities internationally for a postgraduate degree enrolment using this degree and was very astounded to learn that the degree is highly accepted. Today I am doing my Doctorate of Biblical Studies whose foundation muscularly anchored on this unique and high-quality education I have acquired from CLI and will complete by the end of 2019.

Apart from this, it is also good news to note that even many employers recognize this high-quality education. As a holder of BD degree from CLI, I have recently been promoted to a higher level of management at my workplace. Although many factors were to be considered for this promotion exercise, CLI degree effectively featured as one of these factors. What a great achievement it is?

With such a great achievement, I attained from CLI, I now hereby boldly declare to my fellow family, work, town, country, and world-mates that CLI is neither a bogus institute nor a degree miller that offers fake certificates, diplomas, degrees and ordination certificates. It is a genuine institute officially accredited and in good standing with the government of the USA in Michigan. As I am speaking now the institute is tirelessly working hard to widen its accreditation base and will soon get accredited with USDE. However, it should be borne in mind that the training which one undergoes at CLI is not simple, but very rigorous, time demanding and of a high standard that requires calling and uncompromised self-commitment. Failure to do so you may find yourself in a group of lazy trainees who are a victim of dropouts. This implies that the free training does not mean getting the certificate without learning but rather without hassles of searching for cash to fund the training.

So why are you still waiting to quench your thirst of spiritual academic enrichment through a top-notch-training by renowned professors and academic gurus at CLI. I know that some people may look down upon learning due to some reasons that may include discouragement and peer pressure from relatives and friends.

In fact, let me clearly unfold to you the secret behind learning: Learning is a necessity in our life that must be adhered to and does not matter whether it has been gained through online or traditional means. In its simplicity, it stands as a seed that germinates, grows and ripen. Don’t be discouraged by people who have been put into captivity of failures but choose best advisors/ friends who are victims of success. Such people give you hope and confidence to a future which is enriched with the abundance of lucrative achievements and success.

Myself, as a graduate from CLI, I am a living-achiever, an academic hero who conceived the passion of seeing you furnished and fully enriched with high-quality spiritual training and knowledge that is freely carried out in full swing at CLI. Just give it a try and you will never regret nor cry foul. The learning environment is very conducive and motivational at CLI. Why do you waste your money by seeking very expensive ministry training? CLI gives you that very expensive and exceptional training free of charge and in the comfort zone of your home and work. Remember knowledge is power and weapon to define and upgrade yourself. It differentiates you from others thus increasing your chances of acceptance in the society especially in your ministry work

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Bible Education Dream

My name is Tanaka Mudzimu and I have a Bible education dream. I am Zimbabwean. I’m currently in Northern Cyprus studying Social Work. Being away from home for almost 4 years has not been easy, but God has been teaching me a lot and I have found my Joy in the Lord.

I came to know the Lord when I was 8 at a Children’s church camp meeting, and I never left the church after that. I joined Children’s Ministry Teaching when I was in my teens and I enjoyed working with children from different parts of Zimbabwe.

Christian Leaders Insitute classes have helped me understand the different types of ministries. Especially the different ways God communicates with people and now I know how to correctly direct my daily devotions. My knowledge about God has really grown not only in the spiritual aspect but also as a student.

The word Pastor relates more to me because I enjoy ministering the word of God to people. The word of God excites me so much and I share it with anyone who cares to listen. I really care about people’s well being both spiritually and physically.

My local church has really inspired me. I go to a youthful church and I am given the platform to exercise my gifts in preaching and praying for the sick. I am also the Bible Study Teacher of our home Bible study group.

Northern Cyprus is a Muslim country and the citizens are not very keen on Christianity. We also have a language barrier as it is a Turkish speaking country and most Christians are foreigners. Despite these problems, we are blessed! We are allowed to share our faith, meet and fellowship together.

The CLI free ministry training will help me understand the real meaning of being a minister and how I can relate to people in a ministry setting. It is important for me to be confident in my knowledge of the gospel. So far, I have really been enlightened and would like to further my studies. The CLI training will also help me fulfill my ministry dream of helping struggling students in universities and also to pass on what I have learned to other believers.

Learn about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Preacher Ministry Training

I am Michael Gwandure and I am receiving free preacher ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Zimbabwe in the early 80s to a Christian family. I grew up accustomed to Christianity in the Anglican Church and I was baptized at the age of 12. I attended the catechism class during the same year in preparation for confirmation.

In 2000, I volunteered to teach Sunday School classes at my parish in Glen View Harare, even though at that time I did not have a Bible. I would research for good Bible stories from other sources until I realized that what I was doing was child evangelism which basically requires me to undergo Bible studies to have a better knowledge of how and what to teach the children.

During my tenure as a Sunday school teacher, I was assigned to train more teachers at my church due to the fact that I was training the youngsters to be the church of tomorrow. As a Sunday school teacher, I was a happy man because most of the youngsters grew to be child evangelists. I am still happily grooming more children to grow up in Christ.

At the present, I am employed by a leading automotive player in Zimbabwe as a Logistics and Stores assistant. My dream is to be trained to become an ordained preacher who is able to serve the Lord and bring more souls to Christ. I discovered that I can be a good shepherd when I was given an opportunity to lead a small church. I have a passion for preaching the gospel to the people and I believe that God wants to use me that way since He has gifted me as a preacher and evangelist. My dream used to be to become an electrician, but God keeps on calling me to work in His field for His glory.

Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this opportunity to grow in knowledge through this high-quality ministry training!

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Zimbabwe Free Ministry Training

Sign up for now for your Zimbabwe free ministry training. Read this story and find out how AIDAH SIBANDA found this training.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. My name is Aidah Sibanda. I am married to a loving , God-fearing and supportive husband. I am a mother of three children. I reside in Zimbabwe, which happens to have the majority of citizens being Christians. Zimbabwe is more of a Christian country due to the strong Christian values enforced by my President. For that reason, one is free to preach Christ anywhere in my country.

I came to know the Lord for as long as I can remember. Born in a Catholic family, I was taught the Catholic doctrine through Catechism. I managed to grasp the basics of what it means to have Jesus Christ dying on the cross for me, through the Catechism lessons. At the age of fourteen, I was exposed to the Pentecostal way of worship. That was the moment I yearned to learn more about the holy spirit and speaking in new tongues. That desire led me to pursue the Pentecostal way of worship and that was the beginning of what I may say, my Christian journey.

From there, I never turned back and I have since involved myself so much in the ministry. As I grew up, I took part in the Choral group at church. When I turned 19, I started teaching Sunday School. I was so attached to the children in my class that I would even pay personal visits to their homes. 4 years later, I was made the Sunday School Superintendent. I was head of the Sunday School from the ages of three to 25. That gave me exposure to Christian Leadership and made me realize how important it is to be a steward in the house of God. I was also the Secretary in the Church Administration Board at assembly level. Being the only single female in the board then, led me to tremendous growth both spiritually and physically.

I identify myself as both a Pastor and a Youth Leader although I am not at all ordained. I feel I am a role model to the youth because I got to be grounded and more focused during my youthful days. My experience of Christ was at the most crucial time of maturity and I feel blessed to have known Christ better during that period, hence my desire to lead especially the youth to Christ. I also feel that I am a Pastor because of the urge that I have to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and lay my hands on the sick.

What prompted me to pursue ministry is the strong desire in me to be more than just a lay member of the church, but spread my wings, help others grow in Christ and deliver the oppressed. In my country, there are no significant challenges due to the fact that it is a Christian country where one is free to worship. There are however, very few women Pastors and that drives me to join the few.

My local church has supported me immensely. Sometimes I am given the opportunity to preach during Ladies’ preaching weeks. My Pastor is also my mentor and he encourages me to pursue my calling. My family also plays a very important role in my ministry calling. I feel I am my family’s Pastor before ministering elsewhere. I hold family services with them where we sing, pray and read the Bible. It is in actual fact a training period and I know from my home pulpit, I can stand at a pulpit of any level.

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will help make my dream come true. I wish to be a very influential Pastor, who is well-trained. In my country, Bible schools are costly and most of them require one to resign from work and be a full time student. Being a working mother, I cannot afford to leave work at the moment due to family responsibilities. However, my work will not hinder my studies, neither will my studies hinder my work when I am trained online at Christian Leaders Institute. That way I will be able to execute both my family responsibilities and the work of God.

My prayer is that as I strive to discover Christ and that my life may have a very positive impact in the lives of other people and that one day I will be able to minister on an international level.

CLI Is A Zimbabwe Seminary Option

The Political and economic strife in Zimbabwe has created a need for ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute functions as a Zimbabwe Seminary option for many because it is free and available online. Here is the story of one graduate who found this free Zimbabwe Seminary opportunity.

Lawton Hikwa, Finding a  Zimbabwe Seminary Through Chapel Doors

My name is Lawton Hikwa and am 52 years old. I am married to Di and together we have three daughters, Michelle 29, Vanessa 25 and Melanie 13. We live in the City of Bulawayo in the south western end of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo is the second largest city in the country after Harare, the capital.

Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain on April 18, 1980 after a protracted armed struggle against the minority white settler regime. Prior to independence, the country was divided along racial lines – white, black, coloured (mixed race) and Indian. The whites were on the first scale of racial segregation, followed by coloureds and Indians, with blacks falling on the last scale.

At independence, the new government preached about national integration and reconciliation. There was new hope for a united country endowed with a lot of natural resources that include minerals such as coal, gold, copper, diamonds and many others. Agriculture thrived and was the back bone of the economy. The service sector also worked well and its labour force was disciplined and professional. The education and health systems were good for a developing nation.

In 1982, just two years after independence, there was a political rift between the two major political parties that had fought the war. The government went on an onslaught and killed more than 20 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces. My father, a local school teacher was a victim of this onslaught in November 1983. Matabeleland provinces (Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South and Bulawayo Metropolitan) lie in the western end of the country while the Midlands Province is in the centre of the country.

The above indicate a country that is largely spiritually broken, needing lots of healing and affirmation in Kingdom values. In the last fifteen years the economy took a plunge following a harrowingly violent land ‘reform’ programme, serious abuse of human rights and an endemic disregard for the rule of law. This was almost redeemed by the formation of an inclusive government from 2009 to 2013. The country is now under a single party rule since July 2013. People still worship freely and the country’s population is believed to be largely of Christian persuasion.

I was born and baptized into a Christian (London Missionary Society, now the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa) family of six children, three brothers and three sisters. My father occasionally preached in church and my mother was a Sunday school teacher. Most of my primary schooling was in schools run by UCCSA missionaries. I attended an Anglican run secondary school, where I then joined the Anglican Church to which I still belong.
I am serving as a sub-deacon (lay ministry) is the Anglican Church, in addition to editing a monthly parish newsletter. I have also served as church warden before and sit on the Diocesan Standing Committee. My dream is to continue serving fellow citizens within the spiritual healing and reconciliation ministry. I most identify myself with the word Pastor because I am involved in leading fellow Christians in spiritual healing and reconciliation.

Being a survivor of an unfortunate historical and political past triggered my desire to pursue ministry and my desire to find a Zimbabwe Seminary for my training.

Some of the unique challenges in my area include:

• Working and worshiping with people that feel excluded in many ways;
• A spiritually broken community;
• A community need reaffirmation in Kingdom values;
• Stewardship of our environment and each other; and,
• Involving the youth in church and community life.

My church has been very supportive in my ministry calling. The Rector has always seconded me for training by the Diocesan Training Committee in various skills needed by the church. Similarly, my wife and daughters have been supportive through mutual prayer and engagement in church activities.

The scholarship at CLI will enable me to pursue a Zimbabwe Seminary that will give me more confidence in carrying out my ministry calling in healing and reconciliation and reaffirming fellow citizens in Kingdom values. I feel that my community and larger society has potential in being healed of the unfortunate past experiences and to reconcile with itself and God.

How Is Free Christian Ministry Training Available In Botswana?

With Christian Leaders Institute, students from all over the world can partake in our free Christian ministry training by taking all classes conveniently online. The internet has made it accessible to do more then just connect with others around the world, shop, and research any topic of interest at hand. Now people wishing to continue in education are finding it easier, better, and more economical to also take online classes. The benefit with CLI however is that ALL of our courses are available for FREE! Our free Christian ministry training has blessed many of our students with a passion for the Lord. We prepare each student for their calling with high quality biblical knowledge for ministry. So wherever you are located, if ministry is your dream, CLI is here for you!

Free Christian Ministry Training

A Miracle Of Healing Only By Jesus

CLI student, Hamilton Felix Chiutare:

I was born in Zimbabwe in 1970. I attended early church at Roman Catholic, mainly because our mother insisted that we attend. As I grew older I stopped attending completely. Due to economic problems in Zimbabwe, I moved to Botswana in 2003. My residence is in Botswana where my family currently lives but I’m currently employed in Zambia. This is the story that changed my life, how I was saved, and the ministry I am pursuing.

I went to work in Mozambique for 3 years from 2011 to 2013. While in Mozambique, I applied for work in Zambia and was successful. I went back home to Botswana in preparation to move to Zambia for my new assignment. I completed all the formalities with my new employer and I was given the air ticket and travel dates. With a week to go to Zambia for my new assignment, on 21st November, 2013 at around 3 a.m, I woke up with a strong headache. I couldn’t sleep and started vomiting, pain killers could not help. My wife took me to the local private surgery but all the treatments could not stop the headache. They gave me bed rest thinking it was a migraine but nothing helped. In the afternoon I requested that they transfer me to the public medical facility in our village. On arrival, I was immediately transferred to the district hospital and a variety of medical tests were done.

Due to the fact that I had been to Mozambique, they thought that it was malaria but the tests came back negative. By now, my left eye was beginning to see double vision and I could not walk without support. The doctors booked me into the ward for observation as all tests done were negative. I was injected with a powerful pain killer but it worked only for 3 hours. By 2130 hours, I was awake and the headache persisted. The doctors could not do anything to help me. The next day my left eye had shut down but still the doctors could not say what was wrong with me. We made a decision as a family to transfer me to a private hospital in the capital city in the afternoon since the doctors could not tell us the cause of the headache. A quick head scan was done but the doctor on duty could not see anything. He advised us to return the next day to see the resident neurologist. The next day, a detailed head scan was done and it showed a tumor of the pituitary gland which was over 3cm large. The headache had probably been due to bleeding of the tumor. The doctor advised that I needed surgery as soon as possible and he referred me to his colleagues in Zimbabwe since the cost of surgery was not affordable at this private hospital( I had no medical aid). I went to Zimbabwe and tried everything to have the surgery done, but nothing worked as we faced barriers every time. My brother’s pastor and various members of his church came to pray for me. During this period, I gave my life to Christ and became saved. My health started improving and I stopped taking pain killers. I went back to Botswana, joined a local church where they prayed for me, and Jesus Christ healed me. My eye started opening up and the sight started returning to my eye.

On New Year’s day, I went for an all night prayer and the guest pastor who had come to our church for the first time called me to the front and told me that God had chosen me and I was going to be a pastor. She asked the church pastor and leadership to lay hands on me and they did. After 2 weeks I was on the plane to Zambia to start work. Many people could not believe what God had done in about 50 days. I’m now well and at work in Zambia with no more pain or sickness. I joined a local church in Zambia who continue to support and guide me in my walk with God. The pastor I met in Zambia is my mentor and I shared my story with him. The local church in Botswana is helping through encouragement. In Zambia the local church is helping through cell group meetings where everyone is given a chance to lead on a topic of their choice. In the main service, I am given a chance to present exaltation in giving once in a while. I have also joined the intercession team which supports my prayer life. With CLI’s free Christian ministry training, it will help me develop a strong foundation as a pastor and will enable me to bring God’s Word to people back home.

My goal is to bring the Word of God to many others in my local area through my testimony of what God did for me after 43 years in the wilderness and darkness. I want to tell others how their walk with Jesus Christ can bring change into their lives from a personal experience.

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My name is Moses Jasi and I’m 30 years of age.

I was born in Harare a town in Zimbabwe.

Today I currently am working as an assistant pastor with one of the local ministries in a nearby suburb.

I thank God for my ministry dream, to be able to build an evangelistic team that runs parallel to the local church that I submit and serve in. I have felt a need to further training as a pastor but was not sure how. When I first came across this online platform I saw an opportunity that enabled me to further my desire to become a better pastor.

I felt a call of God upon my life at a very tender age and later realized it after I gave my life to Christ on 23 December 1999. My dream is to pursue training as a pastor so I can help raise a youth that will be able to take the message of the cross into their societies. It came to me that if no one had preached to me when I was in junior school, “What could have happened to me?” Now I would like to go back to my home area and engage in a schools ministry. I would be preaching and teaching to youth in colleges and high schools about knowing God when you are still young.

I gave my life to Jesus in 1999. This was one of the most important things I have ever done. That day changed my life and it has influenced my present and life to come. Thank God for Christian Leaders Institute. I came to know that eternal life starts the day you give your life to Christ. That experience alone and seeing my old friends and colleagues still living in sin, unsaved, has prompted me to pursue pastor training. With Christian Leaders Institute I can pursue Ministry training free and safe online.

A unique challenge I have faced here in Zimbabwe is the fees that are associated with a local Bible school. Their fees and the curriculum they are offering have not been an encouragement to me. That’s why when I came across CLI I felt this is what I am looking for. Thank you Rev. Reyenga for an initiative in online free ministry training.

My local church has been of positive impact in my training as a pastor. With the help of my pastor and mentor, Pastor Ackson Mudarikire, I have had opportunities to grow. I have been given an opportunity to run a campaign with the youth and sometimes I get to preach at a church service. This platform has been of great help to get me to realize that I will always need extra training.

My family has played a major role in my calling to pursue training to become a pastor. Thanks to my father who has been a pillar of strength. He encouraged me in times when I was losing hope. My father was the first preacher in my life. With his help I prepared my first sermon in life at the age of 10. He serves as an elder in one of the local Presbyterian Churches in Harare .We as a Christian family we take time to pray and study the Bible together. This has contributed positively in my calling and the family has been a place of great comfort and encouragement.

At this point in time I really thank God for Christian Leaders Institute because it stands with donations we contribute. My finances are squeezed and I cannot afford a paid tuition for my dreams to come true. I really appreciate the miracle of being awarded a scholarship at CLI. Without it I could not pursue ministry training during this time of my life. This is not an opportunity that I take for granted. Just to come and learn something that will impact your life for eternity is priceless. It will be my honor to be considered for a scholarship and to be able to further my studies in theology. Thank you very much for this online platform and may God bless you.

This man heard a calling exceptionally early in life. Assembling a sermon at the age of 10 and searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus his whole life has led him to seek training as a pastor. Here at Christian Leaders Institute we are excited to help people learn their way to a wonderful relationship with God. SIGN UP HERE or DONATE HERE to help someone on their journey.


Born in Zimbabwe This Man Follows Dreams to Pursue Ministry Training and Becoming a Pastor. He wants to teach the Bible and teach Faith in Christ to college level, high school and younger students. Many areas of South Africa experience living and life conditions that leave some residents without access to formal education or Christian ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute is donation supported. This allows us to offer quality online ministry training free across the globe.


We would like to introduce Patience Nziradzemhuka a Christian Leaders Institute student. The following is his story and what brought him to pursue ministry training. We pray this and the many other student stories bless you and inspire you to also seek training or simply want to learn more about Jesus.

My name is Patience Nziradzemhuka and I’m 24 years of age. I was born in 1990, in a town in Zimbabwe. Today I currently reside in South Africa. I migrated to my present area in 2012 while I was in search of greener pastures. I thank God my ministry dream was rekindled when I first stepped into this area. I felt a need to pursue ministry training but was not sure how.

My father died in the year 2000 and we were left with our mom to look after me and my brothers. At some point after my father’s death we were forced to migrate to rural areas here in South Africa. When I was in high school a group of youth preachers came to our area preaching about repentance. I was so touched by what they taught. I wasn’t pleased with the way I was living and with them I gave my life to Jesus. That was in 2008 and it was a great day in my life. After that time I decided to attend a local Methodist denomination church. In 2010 I moved to an urban area nearby and started going to ‘Apostolic Faith Mission’ which was a Pentecostal church.

My dream is to pursue ministry training so we can raise up a youth that fear God and walk according to the love that was shared on the cross. It came to me that if no one had preached to me when I was in high school what could have happened to me? Now I would like to go back to my home area and engage in a schools ministry. I would be preaching and teaching to youth in colleges and high schools about knowing God when you are still young.

The day I gave my life to Jesus in 2008 completely changed my life. I had focus knowing that there was eternal life to come. Thank God for Christian Leaders Institute. I came to know that eternal life starts the day you give your life to Christ. That experience alone and seeing my old friends and colleagues still living in sin, unsaved, has prompted me to pursue ministry training. With Christian Leaders Institute I can pursue Ministry training free and safe online.

A unique challenge I have faced here in South Africa is if you try to enroll with a local Bible school the first priority is students from their own denominations. Another issue is we have different races and the majority of locals don’t understand English. This is especially true in the very rural areas.

My local church has been of positive impact in my ministry training. With the help of my pastor and mentor, Pastor Nelson Vutabwashe, I have had opportunities to grow. I have been given an opportunity to run a campaign with the youth and sometimes I get to preach at a church service.

My family has played a major role in my calling to pursue ministry training. Thanks to my mother who has been a pillar of strength. She encouraged me in times when I was losing hope. My mother told me that with God all things are possible. We study the Bible together as a family and pray. This has contributed positively in my calling.

At this point in time I really thank God for Christian Leaders Institute because it stands with donations we contribute. I am the one who is now responsible for the family which my father left. My finances are squeezed and I cannot afford a paid institution for my dreams to come true. I really appreciate the miracle of being awarded a scholarship at CLI. Without it I could not pursue ministry training during this time of my life.

Please pray for me that I may have depth in the knowledge in the Bible and that I mature very quickly so I may be able to lead others to Christ.

As you can see free online ministry training offered through Christian Leaders Institute is useful to many across the world. As Patience grows in his walk he looks forward to teaching younger people about Jesus so they might have the tools to help them early in their lives.

You can take advantage of this unique opportunity to pursue ministry training free by Starting Here!

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As Christian Leaders Institute continues to grow, one area that is difficult to effectively teach on line is preaching. Traditional Bible school has an advantage in this respect, since the interactive environment that aids in preaching development is present in the traditional seminary building. However, in the class Sermon Construction and Presentation, Christian Leaders Institute has developed a method that delivers great results while not departing from the online bible school model.

Killian Mafuzha, a student from Zimbabwe, reflected on his experience in this course. He said, “…I am just wondering, what have I been preaching all along? I didn’t know how to write a sermon, I didn’t know how to deliver a sermon… …The first thing I learned is what is a sermon. The presentation by Preachology on types of sermons  such as personal testimony, textual, biographical, historical incident, topical, expository and springboard was such a blessing to me… …Now that I know how to construct and deliver an effective biblical sermon what’s next? I plan to utilize the knowledge I have acquired and begin to deliver effective sermons in our church and our community.”

In his final reflection paper, Killian touches on many aspects of constructing and delivering sermons that really affected him. He sees that he is able to construct a message with focus and intent, giving his preaching a much greater potential for increasing the kingdom of God. This is a good sign that students can effectively learn and practice good habits in creating and delivering sermons with the knowledge they receive in this Bible school class.

Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

Like every other student at Christian Leaders Institute, Killian began his study with the class Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. This class serves as an orientation to the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school model, at the same time, it asks students to introduce themselves to the CLI faculty and board. In his letter, Killian says, “…There are high crime rate and more pubs than churches. HIV and AIDS prevalence is high due to high prostitution rate… …Evangelism is slow due to limited finances and resources. Some areas are difficult to access is due to poor roads. This has resulted in a lot of people dying unsaved… …As I was saved by the Lord’s grace I also want to turn my city for Christ starting with my own family members , church members and the whole community at large… …To do such a huge task I need to be trained and equipped for ministry, that is why CLI scholarship is so important to me.”

Killian’s completion of the course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate allowed him to continue on to further studies at Christian Leaders Institute. Many other students do not even complete this orientation course, and are thus unable to take advantage of CLI’s full online training potential. However, students that do complete this course and continue further all reap great gains from their efforts.

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Bible School Student -Christian Leaders Institute strives to maintain a standard of excellence that rivals accredited seminaries all over the world. The Bible school courses offered at CLI are put together and taught by faculty who have obtained degrees from seminaries, and many have masters and doctorates in their fields. Many Bible school classes at CLI ask students to reflect on the course and what they learned from it. Constantine Mapfumo offers his reflection on Sermon Construction and Presentation.

Constantine begins by saying, “I really thank God so much for according me this opportunity of being part of this very important preaching class at Christian Leaders Institute. To me it was a great blessing to learn about sermon construction and how to present a sermon.” He further says “This preaching class has taught me what to do in scripture selection. I do not have to just pick up a scripture, but with the help of the source, the Holy Spirit, I have to consider the audience in my mind and the place of my presentation, and also the material I need to present.” Further along, he adds that “Sermon introduction was once a problem to me and I have found it one of the failing points of many lay preachers. It is very true that the introduction of a sermon will determine the attention of your listeners. If the introduction is poor you have to work hard to awaken them with the points of your sermon.” Constantine demonstrates throughout his paper that this Bible school course was a great resource for him in his sermon. He ends by saying “I give glory to God for all the people. He has deposited in them the experiences that I have learned from as He prepares me to be an effective sermon constructor and good sermon presenter.”

Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

At CLI, each student must go through the course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate before they can continue on to other courses, such as Sermon Construction and Presentation. In this course, they are introduced to the Bible school model at Christian Leaders Institute and they are also asked to introduce their ministry goals and reasons for coming to CLI to the faculty. Constantine describes his ministry goals this way: “My ministry dream is to evangelize and plant churches. I want to be a strong leader able to teach others who will reproduce to the next generations. It is my desire to Christian Leadership Institute being established in Zimbabwe.” At Christian Leaders Institute, our ministry vision is to help people like Constantine carry out his ministry vision by providing them the proper training. We pray that through Christian Leaders Institute God will prepare leaders for a great revival throughout the world.

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A common theme echoed throughout the Bible is a call to revival. Almost all of the prophets’ messages called for some form of revival to occur among the people. At Christian Leaders Institute, we believe that spiritual revival is still central to the growth and prosperity of the church. It is our sincere prayer that men and women trained at Christian Leaders Institute will spring up to become leaders in a new revival.

In the bible school class Missions and Revivals, our students learn about revivals that occurred in the past. A final paper in the Missions and Revivals course requires students to reflect on what they learned in the course and lists steps that they can take to be instruments of revival in their home countries. One student, Clifford Kamwanza of Zimbabwe, writes, “During this course I understand the power of prayer, during my studies I understood that prayer is a powerful tool that can change things. I found out that the missionaries and revivalists relied on prayer for their success.” In the second part of his paper where he describes steps he can take, Clifford lists the organization of prayer meetings first. This illustrates the depth of the understanding of prayer and its power that Clifford gained in this Bible school course.

Bible School Certificates Offered at Christian Leaders Institute

Clifford Kamwanza began where every other CLI student begins: with the Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate course. This introduces students to the CLI Bible school model and asks them to introduce themselves to the CLI faculty. In his final assignment in the Getting Started course, Clifford writes “I am Called in Missionary and Evangelism currently I chair the Ministry in my church. I would like to be more effective in the ministry. My dreams are to travel around the globe with missionary work and Evangelizing.” His main ministry goal is to devote his entire life to carrying out the great commission, and at Christian Leaders Institute he is gaining knowledge and understanding. Clifford Kamwanza is receiving instruction at this Bible school that could help him grow into a leader in the next great revival.

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Zimbabwe Bible School – The Bible school “Christian Leaders Institute” asks students to submit a final reflection paper at the end of some classes to help measure the effect of the class on the students. Bible school student Mazvita Tsonhai of Zimbabwe writes of Pastoral Care and Marriage, “I also learned that as a Pastor you are there to be the counselor of the people. Many people in the world are suffering and to an extent that some do suicide hence a good counseling should be offered through the help of the Holy Spirit… …The key area needed to be done is love. You need to love everyone showing them we are one regardless of sex, race, height, country or color. God is love. Be good listener and understand every gap generation in the church or world. Talk and Listening must not be done at the same time, but be a good listener before talking.” The importance of love when counseling people really struck Mazvita Tsonhai as he went through this Bible school class.Bible school

In addition to the class Pastoral Care and Marriage, Mazvita Tsonhai takes a moment to reflect on the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school as a whole. He says, “CLI gave me a new vision for my life. I got a new understanding in my life because of my training at CLI. By taking classes in CLI, I got more information about the Bible and Jesus Christ. My training with CLI has made me more serious, and is making me search Scriptures more and more. My understanding has increased.”

Zimbabwe Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute has several Bible school certificates and diplomas that it offers. The first of these is the Christian Basics Certificate, which is obtained by every student who completes the introductory course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. In this course, students are introduced to the Bible school model offered at Christian Leaders Institute. They are also asked to introduce themselves to the staff. In his introductory letter, Mazvita Tsonhai says, “My ministry dream is believing that God has called me to preach His Word, proclaim freedom to those who are oppressed by demons, and to heal every sickness through Jesus Christ who strengthen us. My wish is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, regardless of sex, race, tribe, language or country.” By completing the Bible school course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate, Zimbabwe Bible School Mazvita Tsonhai was enabled to enroll in further courses at Christian Leaders Institute. His Bible school experience is helping him achieve his ministry dream.

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Grace Zishumba –

“My name is Grace Zishumba and I am Zimbabwean but living in Namibia.

“I grew up in a christian home, being taught to lead a christian life.  I then seriously gave my life to serve and labor for the Lord in 2009.  In 2012 my husband and I planted a small assembly in the town we live.  In that year I was ordained as the Elder of the church.

“My ministry goal is to have an intimate relationship with God and help others also realize that there is a true God and also have a walk with Him (true relationship with God).  All what I want to is to let us know who this God is and worship Him in truth and in Spirit.  The challenge that I meet was opposition from some Pastors of other churches who did not want another church planted in the town. My church really supported me for I am running with the vision of the church of bringing the gospel to the communities.”Grace Zishumba

Grace Zishumba Receives a Scholarship

“The scholarship of CLI is very important for my dream because it will help me to be equipped with a skill I did not have.  Where I stay there is no bible school, and I only have my mentor.  The course so far has equipped me and given me that hunger to stay more in the word. It has opened my eyes to many things that I did not know.

“My family is very supportive of all that I am doing and it also have helped them to grow spiritually.

“My prayer request is that I remain focused on the Lord even as persecutions come.”

Grace Zishumba has dedicated her life to serve the Lord in Namibia. With her husband, Grace Zishumba has planted a church in her town, but she has been unable to obtain good ministry training because of the lack of availability in the area. In addition to that, the pastors in the area resist Grace Zishumba’s efforts because they are against having more churches open in the area. Now Grace Zishumba seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that she can be better equipped to lead the church that she and her husband planted.

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Tungamirai Musendekwa –

“I come from Zimbabwe where a lot of ministry work is being carried out in a peaceful environment. I have managed together with my family to establish a congregation in the newly acquired suburb.

“I was born again when I was doing my secondary education in 1985. I used to be very stubborn and my parents were surprised when I was baptized and gave my life to Jesus. I became a totally different person. Some of my friends thought I was going to go back to my past activities but I persevered.

“My dream is to bring many souls to Jesus. I have an ambition to see a fellowship of congregants. I have a calling in the healing ministry. I intercede for the Church, the family and my country. I believe in the power of Jesus.”

Tungamirai Musendekwa Receives a Scholarship

“I believe the scholarship will help go through all the necessary basics and detail so as to equip myself to be able to share with everyone possible the Gospel. I believe at CLI I get the best of what is required in every person’s christian life. The scholarship will be a key for me to be able to study the Bible more and more for I have seen this as very relevant to me.

“I ask that you pray for me to be able to start a project to raise funds for evangelism. I would like the Children’s ministry to grow. I kindly ask that you pray for success in whatever we intend to do to grow the Church. You can also pray that Christ be the one all Glory should go not to me.”

Tungamirai Musendekwa grew up without God, but when he was called to serve God in 1985, his friends and family were amazed at the changes in him. Tungamirai Musendekwa knows what it means to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and he wants others to experience the transformation too. It is this goal that brings Tungamirai Musendekwa to Christian Leaders Institute. Tungamirai Musendekwa sees a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute as a doorway to winning more souls for Christ.

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Church Planting - Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana

Church Planting –  Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana has been called by God to participate in Church Planting. His testimony tells of his journey and challenges he faces on the road of Church Planting.

“I first pursued a certificate in Pastoral Ministry in Sept., 2001. I just completed B.A (Psychology) at University Of Ghana. I have been in ministry for the past eleven years. I have been involved with Church Planting three times through transfers by my church. I have been transferred to Zimbabwe for Church Planting by my church. I have been in Zimbabwe for barely a month now with my wife.”

“I am husband of one wife with four children, three boys and a girl. I accepted Christ as Lord and personal savior by the help of my Sunday School teacher at age ten. I then joined the adult service at age seventeen and has kept my faith in Christ till date, I felt the call of God upon my life in my teenage years but I waited for confirmation when I was called into ministry.”

Isaac does Church Planting in Zimbabwe.

“I am now living in Zimbabwe as a missionary of the Church of Pentecost, however, I am awaiting my temporary employment permit yet to be approved. The harvest in Zimbabwe is ripe for Church Planting but the laborers are few. There are more christians in this country but the level of commitment, dedication and maturity is very low.”

“Most of the Church Planting happens in Harare, the capital city. More Church Planting is needed in the other provinces. Another challenging factor is the issue of quality leaders to be responsible to the local Church Planting efforts. This calls for systematic training but financial support is lacking because of the prevailing economic challenges in Zimbabwe.”

“I was introduced to Christ by my Sunday school teacher at age 8 and at age 15 I joined the adult service where I accepted Christ as Lord and personal Savior, I continued in fellowship with the saints in all zealousness and was called into full-time ministry in the year 2000.”

“My heart desire is to serve the Lord my God with all my heart, strength and soul. My dream is to be more involved with Church Planting and train leaders to shepherd these churches to be transformed to the image of Christ.”

“I cannot give what I do not have. If I am aiming at quality leadership through Church Planting,  it implies that I must have that kind of leadership. After going through the Getting Started Course, My heart is at peace that I have found what I was searching for years.”

“The scholarship is great importance to me because this will make my Church Planting dreams come true. It will remove the financial constrains in realizing my dream and also I will not be confined to classroom as is the case in other theological institutions.

“I would be very grateful if could be supported with my Church Planting through prayer in the following areas: Get my Temporary Employment Permit in Zimbabwe. More Church Planting. Train more committed and mature leader. Be a leader by example. Have a closer personal walk with Jesus Christ.”

Isaac has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his training for Church Planting thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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