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My name is Able Khumbulani Moyo. I am from Bulawayo City in Zimbabwe. I am a student of the Christian Leaders Institute with its tuition-free ministry studies. God is preparing me for further ministry service.

Growing Up as a Pastor’s Child

Being a pastor’s child is a “testimony” that no one can understand from the setting of everyday life. Many people in the church and the world have their beliefs about the well-being and lives of the pastor’s children. Although everybody has a different story impacted significantly by multiple people, I want to shape your perception of “Pastor’s Kids.”

Growing up with fathers as pastors influence our lives and our walks with the Lord. The same person takes care of us and raises us. We see the good and bad sides of that person. That person is also the pastor and leader we seek to learn from at church. It can be an interesting dynamic. Pastors are held to such a high standard. But in reality, they are humans like everybody else. It just so happens that their job is to teach the Word of the Lord to others. Far too often, kids see their parents, especially those in the ministry, as perfect and without flaw. Kids are then left to deal with the shock when they discover that their “perfect parent” isn’t perfect.

The Shining Light

One evening, I was sent to go and close the church windows with my cousin. Usually, my father would send us to close the doors and windows. However, on this particular evening, God dazzled me with a brilliant light in the dark hall. Since it was a rural setting, we had no lights in the building. Only in grade five, I was afraid of darkness as a child. I was on my knees when I heard a voice calling my name. In fear, I sprang to my feet and ran out of the church building, thinking I had heard and seen a ghost. When I asked my cousin if he had witnessed the light, he had not and thought I was lying. After that, I gave my life to Jesus and committed to serving God as a pastor like my parents.

The Journey

As I grew up, life became more challenging in our country, so I went to work in the neighboring country of South Africa. I was lost completely. My life changed, and I indulged in sin. I drank like a fish, smoked, chased after women, and gambled. It was a lifestyle I had never seen or known. However, amid all the chaos that surrounded me, the light of God shone again with intensity. I heard a voice calling my name again!

Tuition-Free Ministry Studies

John 8:12 says, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” After many attempts to enroll as a student to train to be a Pastor at my parent’s church, I was let down. Then, I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I started my tuition-free ministry studies, taking the quizzes and getting awards. Inspired, my spirit was reborn in the light of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Recently, God spoke to me in my sleep and gave me the name of a Ministry: The Covenant of Christ Ministries. I plan to launch it as a platform for many to come and see what the light of Christ Jesus has done for the world.

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