Free Ministry Study Opportunity

Free Ministry Study Opportunity

My name is Russell Chiputura, and I appreciate the free ministry study opportunity at CLI. Being born in Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe, I live in Harare. I am a writer/author, entrepreneur, and speaker. I founded an organization called Revive and a company called Strategy. Revive is an organization that preaches the gospel through articles, books, and visual content. Strategy is a company that provides businesses with formal structures to run a successful business. I am the elder son of two in our family.

Early Life and Conversion

I have no Christian background. Regardless of my poor Christian experience, I found myself interested in going to church. When I was around six years old, I would insist on going to church even if I had no one to accompany me. I attended a local Seventh Day Adventist church in Chitungwiza. They had a class that I attended, and they shared Christ with me. That is when I was born-again. The love of Jesus continued to be evident everywhere I went after that.

When I was 14 years of age, I received a prophecy from a school mate that God had called me. It didn’t make sense to me then. Calling was not an easy thing to embrace. I later became the president of my school scripture union and held many leadership positions. I was destined to be a leader but thought I was not. When I was 18 years old, I received a definite prophecy that God had called me into ministry.

Ministry Journey

The knowledge of the calling upon my life triggered a great dilemma. I wanted to pursue accounting, but then, my calling showed up. It wasn’t easy for me to commit to this unexpected path because of my surrounding circumstances. The pastors I knew were not financially stable, and ministry was a most unattractive occupation. My social sphere and my mother were firmly against this ministry idea. Where I come from, academics always win. Getting a degree has proven to be a solution to the poverty crisis. So, everyone offers great praise toward that. Any occupation that doesn’t fall in the range of making money is dismissed and undervalued.

Then, I went to South Africa to pursue accounting. Leaving for South Africa intensified the dilemma. Multiple negative encounters interrupted my accountant journey. Then, I heard God audibly speak to me. He said, “Leave whatever you are doing, do my work.” From that moment, I changed my work direction. I wrote my first book and started to preach at my local church. Then, I moved back to Zimbabwe to be close to my spiritual mentors before I went into full-time ministry.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

I was puzzled how I could tackle all the responsibilities that are demanded by my endeavors. Being a business owner, author, and speaker was challenging. How was I to attend a full-time ministry training institution? When I found out about the Christian Leaders Institute, it was a dream come true. I can fulfill all my life responsibilities and get quality ministry training simultaneously. Now I look forward to my free ministry study opportunity with CLI.

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