Christian Minister Crisis Training

Free Christian Minister Crisis Training

Hello, my name is Catherine Bowersock, and I need this free Christian minister crisis training at CLI. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Gary, Indiana. I came to Texas in 1979 and stayed here since there is no place like Texas for me. At this time, I attend a Baptist church, and we have an awesome pastor. However, over the years I have attended many different denominational churches and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.

I knew from the time I was a little child that there was a power that protected me. It was not until I was in my teenage years when I discovered that power was Jesus Christ. He has always been with me throughout my life. And, actually, He has saved me from several life-threatening situations. God has always been real to me, even as a child.

Ministry Call and Free Christian Minister Crisis Training

I will use my Christian Leaders Institute free Christian minister crisis training to help young girls and women in crisis. Especially, I am drawn to those girls and women who have been abused, raped, or on drugs. I want to help them reconcile their lives with God with Jesus Christ. Helping them heal and find their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is my ministry dream.

Free Christian minister crisis training is so very necessary for me at this time in my life. My husband and I live on a very limited income. Christian Leaders Institute training will give me the opportunity to pursue my ministry call. I thank the Christian Leaders Institute for offering this wonderful Christ led and Spirit-filled opportunity. May God’s blessing be upon you always, in all ways.

Learn about ordination and ordained minister study programs at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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