Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe

First CLI Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe

Ezekiel Shungu is first CLI Bachelor of Divinity Graduate in Zimbabwe and is Ordained Commissioned Minister.

Read his incredible testimony below:

Being a Zimbabwean born and bred in a country where no high-quality education can be earned free of charge, it never clicked in my mind that one day Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) will make this dream a reality. Today I am very happy to testify that I am a Bachelor of Divinity graduate from Christian Leaders Institute. Out of millions of Zimbabweans, I am the first and only Zimbabwean so far to be awarded such an accredited, credible and an internationally recognized degree from CLI.

In addition, I would like to share with you all current and potential CLI students that the CLI degree of Bachelor of Divinity in Christianity and Leadership I acquired from this unique free training ministry have gone beyond making a historical proof of my CLI training:

The degree came with a considerable assortment of benefits that are very worth to publicly share as part of this stimulating and motivational testimony. Firstly, it became a valuable entrance ticket into a higher-level learning that is internationally accepted by most colleges and universities. In justification of this, I would like to testify that I have applied to different private and government universities internationally for a postgraduate degree enrolment using this degree and was very astounded to learn that the degree is highly accepted. Today I am doing my Doctorate of Biblical Studies whose foundation muscularly anchored on this unique and high-quality education I have acquired from CLI and will complete by the end of 2019.

Apart from this, it is also good news to note that even many employers recognize this high-quality education. As a holder of BD degree from CLI, I have recently been promoted to a higher level of management at my workplace. Although many factors were to be considered for this promotion exercise, CLI degree effectively featured as one of these factors. What a great achievement it is?

With such a great achievement, I attained from CLI, I now hereby boldly declare to my fellow family, work, town, country, and world-mates that CLI is neither a bogus institute nor a degree miller that offers fake certificates, diplomas, degrees and ordination certificates. It is a genuine institute officially accredited and in good standing with the government of the USA in Michigan. As I am speaking now the institute is tirelessly working hard to widen its accreditation base and will soon get accredited with USDE. However, it should be borne in mind that the training which one undergoes at CLI is not simple, but very rigorous, time demanding and of a high standard that requires calling and uncompromised self-commitment. Failure to do so you may find yourself in a group of lazy trainees who are a victim of dropouts. This implies that the free training does not mean getting the certificate without learning but rather without hassles of searching for cash to fund the training.

So why are you still waiting to quench your thirst of spiritual academic enrichment through a top-notch-training by renowned professors and academic gurus at CLI. I know that some people may look down upon learning due to some reasons that may include discouragement and peer pressure from relatives and friends.

In fact, let me clearly unfold to you the secret behind learning: Learning is a necessity in our life that must be adhered to and does not matter whether it has been gained through online or traditional means. In its simplicity, it stands as a seed that germinates, grows and ripen. Don’t be discouraged by people who have been put into captivity of failures but choose best advisors/ friends who are victims of success. Such people give you hope and confidence to a future which is enriched with the abundance of lucrative achievements and success.

Myself, as a graduate from CLI, I am a living-achiever, an academic hero who conceived the passion of seeing you furnished and fully enriched with high-quality spiritual training and knowledge that is freely carried out in full swing at CLI. Just give it a try and you will never regret nor cry foul. The learning environment is very conducive and motivational at CLI. Why do you waste your money by seeking very expensive ministry training? CLI gives you that very expensive and exceptional training free of charge and in the comfort zone of your home and work. Remember knowledge is power and weapon to define and upgrade yourself. It differentiates you from others thus increasing your chances of acceptance in the society especially in your ministry work

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