Free Bible College Classes

Free Bible College Classes

My name is Jolie Mongane and I am taking free Bible College classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Congo, Kinshasa. I am currently based in South Africa. I am coming from a very strong Christian background where grandparents and parents are pastors. I have known the Lord since I was a child. I was baptized when I turned 12 years old. At the age of 15, I lost my father and the experience was so painful that I started to depart from my Christian beliefs. I wasn’t happy with everything around us. My Christian life became very weak every single day because of the death of my dad.

After high school, my mum decided to send me to South Africa to learn English and go to college. I was so happy about coming to S.A. but when I arrived in S.A. everything was not going the way I thought it would go! I couldn’t get registered in college because I didn’t have enough funds to pay my fees. All was going very bad with my mum, sisters, and brother back home in my country. I was so upset with God and asking so many questions about why God allowed my dad to die! I saw my dad serving God with everything he had, he put God first in all he did and yet God allowed that to happen. It was something that I couldn’t understand.

But through the time of pain, God has always been saying to me through men and women of God that I should consider Him as my father, but I didn’t want to acknowledge that. I wanted a father that I can see. I become very far away from God though I used to go to church and pray, now I didn’t have any strong relationship with God. After 5 years of being away from God, I finally surrendered my life back again to God and started to build a strong relationship with God. All the emptiness, unhappiness, and bitterness that I was having were totally washed away.

Then, I remembered how when I was in high school my dad promised my sisters and me that he would send us out of the country to a Bible college before we were done with our high school. Suddenly after surrendering my life to Christ, the desire of attending a Bible college was more alive in me and it became much stronger. I so desired and still desire to serve God with my all by attending a Bible school and learning the basics of ministry.

So, I started my journey of looking for free Bible college classes, and I have been looking for that for so long. But I couldn’t find any affordable Bible Colleges. After three years, God has answered my prayer by sending me to Christian Leaders Institute through my current church by referral. I am still so happy and grateful to study with Christian Leaders Institute because my dream has come true. And many of my questions have been answered through these free Bible college classes I have taken so far. I am really looking forward to learning more with Christian Leaders Institute!

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