Ministry Goals

Ministry Goals

Hello, my name is Robert Montero and I am receiving free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute to reach my ministry goals. I was born in North Miami Beach, FL in January of 1981.
My mother was a Pentecostal Christian, so as a baby, I was presented to the Lord. Through the years, I had a very legalistic upbringing and when I was a teenager I ran from God.

I had an absent father, and the relationship with my stepfather was not the best at that time. Needless to say, I grew up with a lot of bitterness and anger, which lead me to a violent lifestyle of gangs and drugs. When I was 17, I was invited to a youth revival where a prophetic minister picked me out of a crowd of youth and said God had a word for me. She went on to explain that God wanted to use me to speak to the nation and to His youth. But if I continued down the path I was in, I was going to be arrested and receive all the blame. What she said came to happen. I was facing 25 years in prison; they wanted to charge me as an adult. A Pastor brought me a Bible and read to me Jeremiah 29:11.

I would like to say that from that time on, I served the Lord till today… but that is not what happened. I slowly slipped back into the world where I had died spiritually and masked my pain with drugs and alcohol. I returned to the church and slipped back out several times until the day I met my wife Ana Maria. God put her in my life in 2007 and she brought me to church. I knew she was the one for me. Six months later we were married. I told God I was not going to give up again and I would serve him always, no matter what. I have been serving Him through the years of our marriage and God has been working in both of our lives slowly ironing out all the wrinkles.

Today I am grateful to say that I am free of cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and every other bondage that kept me from hearing from God. I have ministry goals of service in God’s kingdom. I am an active member of Real Life Church in Clermont, FL, where I serve in several ministries. I am ready for God to continue to give me wisdom and understanding as I seek a further education to reach my ministry goals. And so He can fulfill the plan He has for me which brings me to where I am at now with Christian Leaders Institute. We have a daughter who is 7 months old and her name is Anabella Montero. We prayed for her for 7 years and God answered our prayers in His perfect timing! So my receiving ministry training is not only to bring God glory but to be able to raise my daughter to serve and love the Lord as well.

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