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My name is Abigail Behane Gumbo, and I am taking online ministry courses for free at CLI. I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. My childhood life was complicated and confusing to me. I always had questions with no answers, and I did not experience the joy of being a youth. As I grew up in a broken family that had no relationship with God, peace, and love were not there.


I got married when I was 20 years old. For the first time, I felt loved and appreciated. God blessed us with two lovely daughters. We were happy at first, but later on, my marriage turned into a nightmare. We got divorced, and that led me to depression. I thought that falling in love again would bring me peace. So, I got involved in a relationship that worsened my situation. I got pregnant out of wedlock, a very shameful thing for me. I bravely kept my baby, and God blessed me with a baby boy who is now eight years old, and I named him Joyous.

My Calling

When Joy was three months old in September 2012, I gave my life to Christ. For the first time in my life, I felt God’s peace and knew that I made a positive life-changing decision. I began to see things differently. As a single mum, I dedicated all my kids to Christ, and my life changed completely.

In December 2019, I came to know that the man I always knew as my father was not my biological father. His elder brother was my father. It was a shock to my life, but it brought many of the answers I needed.

My Spiritual Dream

My spiritual dream is to reach and influence generations through the uncompromised message of God’s love and grace. I especially want to reach little children, orphans, and teenagers. I have always dreamt of building a Christian home for orphans. Mother Teresa inspired me since I was 15 years of age.

Finding the Christian Leaders Institute with its free online ministry courses is just what I need. Now, I can get the training necessary for my ministry dreams!

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