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Free Spiritual Leader Training at CLI

My name is Heidi Bradley, and the free spiritual leader training at CLI is a blessing. I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA, raised by a single mother. I spent most of my summers with my grandparents as a youth. We had daily Bible stories, and they took my cousin and me to their church’s VBS. At age 10, I accepted Christ as my Savior with the guidance of my grandparents. From then until I was in my twenties, my mom took me to a local Baptist church every time the doors were open.

Wandering and Recommitment

After I left my mother’s house, I went through a period of rebellion and strayed from God. I always knew I had to get back to church and develop my relationship with God. However, the distractions of the world took my eyes off of Jesus.

After my third child at age 29, I started going to church again because I wanted my kids to know Jesus as I had. I started getting involved in church and reading my Bible again. That was the best decision I made in my life to study God’s word. My life has changed dramatically to recommit to the Lord and develop an authentic relationship with my Holy Loving Father. I am forever grateful for God’s forgiveness, endless mercy, and, most importantly, His sacrifice for our sins to have Him and eternal life.

Trials and Purpose

It is not easy being a Christian, but faith and hope enable me to endure and persevere. I have been through many trials. All pain has a purpose, and God has a plan for His children. My husband believes in God but does not have a relationship with Him. And that has put an enormous strain on our marriage. I pray for my husband’s salvation every day because, with God, nothing is impossible.

My husband has been a heroin addict for the past five years. He has emptied our bank account, stolen from his children and me. Furthermore, a year ago, our house foreclosed. It was a lot to bear, and I cried many times. However, ultimately, I know God is in control, and this pain has a purpose.

Spiritual Leader Training at CLI

I am the spiritual leader in my family and extended family. The free spiritual leader training at the Christian Leaders Institute will make me a better spiritual leader not only for my family but also for my community. I know many other families have suffered. They also have a loved one that is an addict that desperately needs Christ’s love and help. I want to help those families have hope and faith. They need to know that having a relationship with God will help them endure and have peace. I am forever grateful to God! I am also grateful for the free training at CLI!

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