Bible Education Dream

Bible Education Dream

My name is Tanaka Mudzimu and I have a Bible education dream. I am Zimbabwean. I’m currently in Northern Cyprus studying Social Work. Being away from home for almost 4 years has not been easy, but God has been teaching me a lot and I have found my Joy in the Lord.

I came to know the Lord when I was 8 at a Children’s church camp meeting, and I never left the church after that. I joined Children’s Ministry Teaching when I was in my teens and I enjoyed working with children from different parts of Zimbabwe.

Christian Leaders Insitute classes have helped me understand the different types of ministries. Especially the different ways God communicates with people and now I know how to correctly direct my daily devotions. My knowledge about God has really grown not only in the spiritual aspect but also as a student.

The word Pastor relates more to me because I enjoy ministering the word of God to people. The word of God excites me so much and I share it with anyone who cares to listen. I really care about people’s well being both spiritually and physically.

My local church has really inspired me. I go to a youthful church and I am given the platform to exercise my gifts in preaching and praying for the sick. I am also the Bible Study Teacher of our home Bible study group.

Northern Cyprus is a Muslim country and the citizens are not very keen on Christianity. We also have a language barrier as it is a Turkish speaking country and most Christians are foreigners. Despite these problems, we are blessed! We are allowed to share our faith, meet and fellowship together.

The CLI free ministry training will help me understand the real meaning of being a minister and how I can relate to people in a ministry setting. It is important for me to be confident in my knowledge of the gospel. So far, I have really been enlightened and would like to further my studies. The CLI training will also help me fulfill my ministry dream of helping struggling students in universities and also to pass on what I have learned to other believers.

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