Christian Leaders Institute Study Program

Free Classes for Award Credentials with CLI and Low Cost for Collegiate Credentials with CLI’s Leadership Excellence School

Are you called to be a Christian Leader? Are you called to bring revival to your community and region? The Christian Leaders Institute study program could be a good fit for you. Our mission is to give you access to free college-level classes that will help prepare you to make an impact for Christ.

Pick the Christian Leaders Institute study program that is right for you!

Become an AWARD (formerly Mission) Credential student and you are welcome to enroll and complete all our classes. This opportunity is supported by vision partners including Student and Kingdom Vision Partners. In this study status designation, your Award Credentials indicate your readiness for ministry and local ordination.

Become a Collegiate Credential student at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. The college is for those who need and want credentials conforming to the standards of the USDE-recognized accreditation.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School keeps you away from college debt while still offering the Collegiate Credentials.

The goal of Christian Leaders Ministries is to bring free classes and Award Credentials through Christian Leaders Institute and low-cost Collegiate Credentials through CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. 

Christian Leaders Institute Study Program of Free Classes for Award Credentials


  1. Enroll.
  2. Confirm your enrollment in your email.
  3. Start the admissions class.
  4. Take free courses. Receive Award Credentials.  Award Credential students can order Award Credentials.
  5. If you seek Collegiate Credentials, you will need to enroll at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, which requires you to take the Collegiate Credential Class. An administration fee applies.

As you complete your studies, you will be able to see your credentials lit up on our state of the art Guidance and Credential Panel.  You will be able to view your grades at that panel as well.  In fact, you can print out your Award Credentials. Your Award Credentials can be viewed online at the Christian Leaders Directory.  This opportunity for high-quality education is a game changer.

 Participation Required for Degrees

The Degree Program is offered to those with Collegiate Credential Student status. All the classes for the Degree program are free, but there are fees required for the administration of the degrees.

Here are the Steps for Your Participation in CLI’s Leadership Excellence School:

  1. Take the free Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connection Class that makes you one of our scholars and opens up all other free CLI courses to you.
  2. Enroll in the classes of your choice and use the guidance and credential panel on your student home page to help you pick your classes.
  3. When you are ready, take the Collegiate Credential Class to apply for acceptance in the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. This is a class that has an application fee.
  4. Take the Degree Program Orientation to set up your adminstrative payments. $1,250 per each degree. There are options for Vision Partners to receive a lower price varing by Vision Partner level as a thank you for their support as a Vision Partner. We also offer special prices for students Tier 1-3 Nations for their degree.
  5. After you set up your adminstrative payments request enroll in a Degree Program of your choice. As you complete the free classes for your desired degree you can earn official certificates and diplomas and order those for a small fee.
  6. Finish your required classes and payments to be able to graduate with your Degree.
  7. Optional: Become ordained at the deacon minister level along the way. You can also use your degree to get a Chaplain or Minister of the Word Ordination to help you achieve your ministry calling.

What are the fees? Click here to see the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Fees.

No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.