Christian Leaders Institute Study Program

Free Classes Low-Cost Offical Credentials

Are you called to be a Christian Leader? Are you called to bring revival to your community and region? Our mission is to give you access to free college-level classes that will help prepare you to make an impact for Christ.

Pick the program that is right for you!

Become study status student and you are welcome to enroll and complete all our classes. This opportunity is supported by vision partners including Student and Kingdom Vision Partners.

Become a Credential status student. This status is right for those who need and want official credentials There are low fees associated with the personalized nature of this status.

We want to keep you away from college debt while still offering official credentials for those that need them.  Our goal is to be the best value college study option for you! At the same time, our goal is to bring you high-quality Christian college-level training. This school is passionate about raising up Christian Leaders and we want to remove barriers that get in the way, including money. Let nothing hold you back from getting prepared!

We are able to offer you free courses to both the study students and the credential students because our generosity-driven model funds the development of the classes and the day to day operations of the school in the Annual Fund. Student and Kingdom Vision Partners make high-quality Christian Leaders formal education available for anyone with access to the internet and a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Christian Leaders Institute Study Program Free Classes for both Study Students and Credentials Students

The steps for starting your college-level training today.

  1. Click the enrollment button.
  2. Confirm your enrollment in your email.
  3. Start the getting started scholar class.
  4. Finish free courses and receive an unofficial award, certificate or diploma credentials for Study Status Students.  Study Students are allowed to order official credentials at the Award level only. Credential status students are eligible to receive official Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees.

After you complete your studies, you will be able to see your unofficial credentials lit up on our state of the art Guidance and Credential Panel.  You will be able to view your grades at that panel as well.  In fact, you can print out your unofficial credentials. This opportunity for high-quality education is a game changer.

 Participation Required for Degrees

The Degree Program is offered to those with Credential Student status.

Here are the Steps for Your Participation in this Degree Program:

  1. Take the free Getting Started Scholar Class that makes you one of our scholars.
  2. Enroll in a Degree Program of your choice or just take our free classes to receive unofficial awards, certificates, and diplomas.
  3. When you enroll in a Degree Program, you will be invited to send us any previous college work for us to review. You may receive credit for work already done at other institutions.
  4. When you enroll in a Degree Program, you will begin making payments or pay in full with a 15% off one-time coupon.
  5. Complete your courses.
  6. Optional: Become ordained at the deacon minister level along the way. Ordination fees are included in the degree program fees. Your account must be in good standing.
  7. Graduate with your Degree level.

What are the fees?

Currently, the cost for the Associate Degree in developed nations is $1,000. The cost of the Bachelor Degree is $1,000. If you do both the Degree Programs at Christian Leaders Institute the total cost is $2,000. Currently, there are some Degree Programs for developing nations. See our current fee schedule. Click Here. 

No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.