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Brian Meister writes,

The internet is full of companies offering an ordination track in Christian education, anxious to take my money and mail me a degree. My searches kept bringing me back to Christian Leaders Institute (CLI).  Not only was CLI offering a flexible class schedule, they appeared to be more interested in building God’s kingdom and educating new leaders than in making money.  In fact, CLI was offering their classes free, to any who wants them. The more I looked into CLI the more they appealed, to not only my work schedule but my desire to learn.

I found the classes at CLI to be not only challenging but Biblical sound. They did not shy away from difficult problems facing our society today.  Classes on Ministry care conversations dove right into sex and marriage, pornography, sexual addictions, families and the hurts and hangups of our times.  As a Law enforcement Officer, I have seen the devastating effects of these things on our families and society.

– Degree Graduate: Brian Meister 

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