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Do you desire the benefits of completing a Christian degree program? Imagine completing a degree program without going into debt? Christian Leaders Institute wants you to seize the dream you have for your life!  What role does preparation and education play in that dream? We believe that God has created each of us with unique gifts. Each of us has a unique call in this world.

Over ninety percent of the world does not have easy access to a college degree. In fact, only 7 of 100 would have a college degree. See Stats Most cannot afford the high cost of tuition. The reality is that the traditional form of higher-education costs more and more. Some reports say that the cost of traditional college education will increase by 80 percent in the next two decades.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks to give millions more an opportunity for a college degree with a low administration fee. In fact, if you complete the getting started class, you become one of our scholars and you will be able to take all our classes free of charge.

The courses and unofficial credentials are completely free. If you need an official credential, we do have fees to cover the additional cost and administrative work needed to verify, prepare, and send the official credential. We must have this verification process as part of our accreditation standards.

The Christian Leaders Institute Degree Program is designed to help you capture your dream and maximize your gifts! Take your next step in your calling! Currently, you can complete the following awards. Click the button to find out more:

Christian Leaders Institute
Degree Program

Empowered Graduates – Your Stories

Pastor Training Degree

My name is George Thomas and I am getting my pastor training degree from Christian Leaders Institute. I reside in San Jose, California. San Jose is the northern California Bay Area. We are about 40 miles south of San Francisco, California. San Jose is also known as Silicon Valley because it is the heart of the computer industry. Living in the bay area everyone is very busy. Due to the cost of living, many families require husband and wife to work and some are working two jobs. The biggest challenge here is that most people do not have time to reflect and understand their need for God.

I came to God at the age of 17 years old. Basically, my life was torn to pieces by sin and the ways of this world. God had mercy and allowed me to come out of the darkness and step into his marvelous light. My call is to pastor a church that reaches out to those that are lost to bring them to God.

This first class at Christian Leaders Institute has helped me in focusing and receiving a formal education to receive a pastor training degree. The area I am living in has a high standard on education, so this will help me in reaching people in all levels of society. I do believe my calling is to pastor and I have the burden to do so.

The key experience that prompted me into pursuing the ministry was the calling of God. He dealt with my heart and I experienced a desire to share His gospel and reach as many lost souls as I can. This year will be 18 years that we have pastored here in San Jose. As with most works, there are times of rejoicing and there are times of sorrow and broken hearts. However, God gives us the victory. There is a peace in knowing that you are in the will of God despite the trials you face.

As mentioned earlier, here in Silicon Valley people are very busy because the cost of living is extremely high. We face challenges in trying to reach people that frankly feel like they do not need God. There is a commercialization of almost everything in this area.

The church that I pastor has been very supportive of the work here in San Jose. We have reached and continue to reach people that are tired of the system that drains them of true joy. We look forward to the challenge of reaching more people before the coming of the Lord.

I feel the pastor training degree from Christian Leaders Institute will help me in achieving my goal of learning more and being credentialed. I feel it will validate me to some who may have questions in the study and sacrifice it takes in being in the ministry.

Learn about local ecuministry ordinations at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Degree Program Journey

My name is Kenny Sallee and I am on a degree program journey at Christian Leaders Institute. I’m known in the area where I live as Cap’n Kenny. My ancestral families are Native American (Cherokee) and European Immigrants (Swedish, English, and French). I am a descendant of a late 17th century French Huguenot refugee who settled along the James River village of Manakintowne in the Colony of Virginia. I’m married, have a daughter and two granddaughters. My wife, Nancy, and I live in a small community north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A. We were married in 2014 after we had both lost our spouses a few years earlier just days apart. My late wife, Barbara, passed away from heart failure after suffering from a stroke and Nancy’s late husband, Bill, passed away from cancer caused by agent orange while serving in Vietnam.

I’m retired from both the U.S. Military and U.S. Federal Civil Service with over 40 years of service. Now I’m a U.S. Merchant Marine Captain and operate a small charter/tour boat company on the Great Lakes during the summer months.

As a child, I was raised Baptist, although we seldom attended church. My father worked in the construction trade after he left the military and we traveled to wherever he worked. I attended 14 different schools before graduating from high school. I enlisted in the military right out of high school and was sent to fight in Vietnam shortly afterward. I continued my military career after Vietnam serving in the Continental United States and Pacific regions.

I first “found” the Lord a few years after I returned from Vietnam while looking for an answer to my question “why?”. Why did the war in Vietnam happen and why did so many people have to die, from both sides in that war. I started asking that question some 40 years ago and still have never found a satisfactory answer. But, while in search of my answer, I looked to religion. I attended services of many different Christian denominations. I got involved with street ministry and music ministry. After several years of devoting all my free time to “religion”, my marriage fell apart and I left the ministry wanting nothing more to do with “religion” and drifted away from Jesus.

After two additional failed marriages, I married a lady that I had known since before I went to Vietnam. We were married for ten wonderful years before she passed away in my arms from heart failure at the age of 58. After her death God heard my “ze’akah”, crying out in pain for months as a broken man. Things started happening in my life after her death that I could only credit God for. God began to shape me and mold me for a new mission, a mission to be his message. Things happened that changed my views of life, and the afterlife… and of God. I met new people that started bringing Jesus back into my life. I’m remarried now to a wonderful lady that brought me back into the church. She, too, had lost her husband just a couple of days before my wife passed away. Together we are rebuilding our lives after we lost our spouses and worship in a small Lutheran church in Wisconsin.

I am pursuing the studies with Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) on my degree program journey because I want a better understanding of the Bible and of God’s purpose for me. I want to use the training I receive from CLI to further my walk with God and to serve my community as a chaplain to our local military veterans service organizations, providing pastoral care to those outside the church and by starting a Christian faith mentoring and counseling center to the unchurched.

Through Christian Leaders Institute I have earned the Associate of Divinity Degree and have been ordained as a deacon minister through Christian Leaders Alliance. I currently hold the ministry office of chaplain for the Oconto Wisconsin area veterans service organizations (American Legion, AMVETS, and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)). In 2016, I started an online ministry blog sharing daily scripture readings and devotions in seven different languages that have been read throughout the world with over 165,000 page views as of date. In May 2018, I started working as a volunteer Veteran-to-Veteran Hospice Program visitation minister with Unity Hospice serving Northeast Wisconsin.

My goal at CLI is to earn a Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div) with a Chaplaincy Emphasis showing that I have completed a respected course of training to become a well-versed “ministry of presence” chaplain, well-grounded in faith and pastoral practices. After completion at CLI, I hope to be able to transfer my credits into Calvin Theological Seminary’s Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MA) degree program concentrating in Pastoral Care. Having a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is helping me achieve my goals for my degree program journey by making it affordable for a retired soldier like me to advance in my studies.

Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree

by David Meitzler

Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree keeps people out of debt while they study high-quality college classes. David Meitzler writes his testimony of competing over 60 hours of study. He shared what happened in his life.

It is about trusting the LORD, as He leads me out of my comfort zone for the cause of Christ. To aim at being that humble, yet firm-footed Christian Leader, who points to a relationship with Jesus as the only lasting answer to individual and world brokenness.

From the onset of the academic journey, my prayer to all ministry students is to fully embrace the fundamentals of Christian Leader Institutes introductory courses. I believe the ministry training courses are wonderful teaching, growth encouraging, and a form of worship. I found that experiential learning was also being developed, as I used my training with church and life situations.

The importance of praying, and for listening to God daily was deeply encouraged for all, as it overlaps into the seven connections of Kingdom Outreach. I received it as a foundational course of guidance, growth, healing, and outreach for leadership. I accept my call; He provides the clarity of mission as I go forward. I stand up for God, and He loves to heal me first. I stay close to Him, I guard what I have received, and I rejoice in the abundant life He has always had for me.

 One monumental learning event was to stay focused on Trust in the Lord, yet to gain some understanding, as I experienced the transformational handiwork of a Gracious God at work on me in a more profound way. I am still an imperfect person in training for leadership in His Kingdom, and for His Glory. When I glance back at the “old me,” I am thankful to be following Him in the right direction and to lead others to the Cross of our Savior.

            I learned to be aware of the enemy’s real attempts to distract, dishearten, and hopefully defeat any person who has said yes to Jesus, yes to defending the Gospel, and yes to Ministry Training to better sustain and raise up others. I am retired U.S. Army, I now wear the uniform of the LORD’s Army, and the enemy is aware of who I am. The great news is that the enemy is already defeated. I deny his attempts to influence me, I am a child of God, and I am a soldier for Christ.

Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree – Quality

I believe the academic coursework at CLI is high quality and aims at producing a well-rounded Servant Leader who strives to be the Message in Christ. To be the hands and feet of the Lord, going forward in a local community, and inviting people home to His safety, and church family. From my morning prayer, I stand ready to be relational and learn whatever lesson God has for me. I can put ministry training to work in life and be the same person publically as I am private, a follower of Jesus Christ who is in a relationship with him.  I Praise the Lord for His kindness to my family and myself.

What I have learned by taking the  Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree and how this Degree has impacted me, and those around me.

What surprises me is how others have seen the impact of God, and Ministry Training in my life, while I am unaware of their assessment. I had completed many CLI courses as I aimed at the goal of a Degree, and serving God in a bigger way for Veterans. Unknowingly to me, those who were always observing my passion for ministry and scripture study were being impacted by the Lord.  My wife, family, and friends made kind comments, but tangible things also occurred that were surprising. I enrolled in the CLI Deacon Minister course and received three kind letters of recommendation that were very emotional for me. I am very grateful to my Senior Pastor, my Associate Pastor, and my Wife for their support. During the last week of the Ordination Course, I was nominated as a local Church Deacon with elections to follow shortly. I asked to have my CLI course completion not talked about until after the elections. What followed was I was elected as a Christian Life Center Deacon and Christian Leaders Alliance Deacon. It was pointed out at the Church Ceremony that the number eighteen is the year of Blessing, and I received a Double Blessing that day. God Blesses my being there for others, and accepting the Divine Appointments He places before me. I have the privilege to be part of the Church Altar team for welcoming new believers, and just being present for any who need prayer. I can go forward in local church outreach ministries to impact our community. I pray I am a good investment and steward to what God has provided for me. I would not be at this transitional point without Jesus, the support of my family and the local church, and the Free Ministry Training from Christian Leaders Institute. CLI keeps me engaged in a study to become the servant leader that God intends me to be. I cling to Phil1:6, personalizing it, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in (me) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” I want others to know what Jesus has done for me, and what He is continuing to do in me, is available to them!!!

I enjoyed the Deacon Minister Ordination Course. When I enrolled in it, I had already accumulated over fifty units of study at CLI. This course was the assimilation of prayer, scripture study, and the Directional Blessing of God through the witness and testimony of others. There were so many convicting thoughts to reflect on as I studied the Leadership Guidelines of 1Tim3, Titus1, and the additional scriptural verses discussed in the course. I took extra time to reflect and pray as to whether I had any bitter roots that needed healing. I prayed repentantly and sought forgiveness for things I may be unaware of.  It was a course that placed me in deep prayerful thought as to my worthiness. I humbly proclaim that I am not worthy of anything, Jesus is worthy, He makes me acceptable, and I stay focused on Him.

In the Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology course, I connected with Dr. Hildebrandt’s style and interesting stories that helped to illustrate the points he was making.  He shared Scripture with real-world experiences that were thought-provoking. Reflecting on Moses pleads for the people, to always be mindful of the power and connection of our prayers. Our God of Grace knows our hearts and is listening to our petitions.  He will take the very best actions, from His perspective, for us.  I agree, “Prayer matters, Prayer changes things, and Prayer makes the difference, yet there are consequences for our decisions.” If we connect our praying with spending more time listening to God, (scripture study), all will go much better for us. Let us aim, at walking in the attributes of Jesus, in becoming more Christ-like, and in becoming a healing presence in this world.

The most challenging for me in taking the Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree 

Every course I took had its own unique set of challenges. At the end of the day I am physically tired, yet energized when studying courses, and working with the Lord. I must start with prayer and my daily Bible verse studies. I learned to become a better listener, to merge listening, reading, and visuals when available. I always try to approach the test time in a quiet atmosphere and just take the test. I answer everything I can and return to the difficult questions. I did read things into questions or read a question too quickly. I had to learn to be patient, to relax more, and to be mindful of the tests time constraints. I am still working on that lesson for continued study.

The ministry applications I have noticed.

Things just seem to continue to grow in a simultaneous application. I serve my church with the Altar Team, and I support my Pastor’s outreach vision. We currently completed two community outreach programs. We just started a Sonday “Meet and Greet” located on the sidewalk at the front of our Church, serving coffee and donuts. We welcome anyone to just “chat”, with a joyful invitation to join the Worship Service at 10 am. We also have an ongoing outreach in the park across from our Church for the community. When scheduled, I can facilitate Men’s Bible Study Wednesday evenings, and we refer to it as SWAT, (sons with a tenacity), aiming at becoming better men. I have also been invited to participate in partnering church outreach programs for the homeless. To reach out to feed them both physically and spiritually. God is good, what a privilege to serve.

Another aspect of my ministry journey is to find that God places people behind the scenes to work for my good. Our Church Family, “Declares Ephesians 3:20 over our life. That God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask or think. Because “I HONOR HIM,” His blessings will chase me down and overtake me. I will be in the right place at the right time. People will go out of their way to be good to me. I am surrounded by GOD’s Favor. This Is My Declaration!”

God chased me down with, a calling to Chaplaincy, local Church mentors, opportunities to serve, and a Ministry for Veteran Outreach that is currently in progress. To make all of this a reality He provided me “Free” Ministry Training from Christian Leaders Institute. I am well aware that generous people are working behind the scenes, investing their time and finances in me, and I am deeply grateful. In this year of double-blessing, May Our LORD give them a double blessing this year, 2018!!!

Christian Leaders Institute Quality Ministry Degree – Impact of Education

This education opportunity is not just for those like David who desire an Associate or Bachelor degree. If you want to take our free ministry classes, you are invited to take over 180 hours of instruction. These classes are bringing about many certificates and degrees. Click here to see the global impact.