Free Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course

Do you want to grow in your Marriage? There are many challenges to marriages! How do you affair-proof and divorce-proof your Marriage? How do you get more spiritual closeness? How do you develop more sexual intimacy? 

Are you interested in keeping your Marriage growing? Does your relationship need a tune-up? Are you a Christian or minister looking for a great resource? 

Are you a Christian leader looking for help communicating about Marriage? The Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course features Dr. Jim Evans via YouTube Links on our website.

Jimmy Evans is the founder and president of XO Marriage, a ministry devoted to helping couples thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages.

Free Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course Outcomes:

  1. Learn the Christian worldview about Marriage.
  2. Gain insights on how to apply the teaching to your own life and how to teach others.
  3. Gain valuable insights on how to communicate more effectively in Marriage.
  4. Grow in developing your indestructible love.
  5. Learn more about real sexual intimacy in Marriage.
  6. Learn more about how to rust-proof your Marriage.
  7. Learn more about how how to divorce-proof your Marriage.
  8. Learn more about how how to affair-proof your Marriage.

What is a mini-course at Christian Leaders Institute? 

A mini-course will take less than 5-10 hours to complete and contains tuition-free life-changing content. Christian Leaders Institute has over 150 courses and mini-courses that give you access to awards, certificates, degrees, and ministry credentials. 

How Do You sign up for this Free Indestructible Marriages Mini-Course? 

Step One:

Click this link or the enrollment image and set up your free study account. You will automatically enroll in the Getting Started Experience at Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Two: Since Christian Leaders Institute offers over 150 courses, the quickest way to find the Indestructible Marriages mini-course can be by clicking this link when you log in to your study account. 

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