Christian education in ministry

My name is Thendo. I am both South African and American, but, I grew up in the USA. Currently, I am getting a Christian education in ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Bible courses and ministry training online, Click Here).

I went through school and university in the USA to obtain a BSc. For reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I moved to South Africa in 2015. My thoughts were quite selfish. I moved for additional help with my kids, to save money, and to grow my business. I didn’t know that God was bringing me back to South Africa because He wanted me back in His Kingdom.

Upon moving to South Africa, I endured tragedy and heartache. My life, business, and family turned upside down. During that time, a family member asked, “Why aren’t you in church? Why aren’t you taking your kids to seek God?” This person’s encouragement sent me back to church. I visited churches seeking a new church home.

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in a Christian home and saw my mom wholeheartedly devote herself to Jesus Christ. However, she passed when I was a teenager. Some years after, I stopped attending church. I thought that perhaps I could nurture my relationship with God outside of the church’s structure due to bad experiences with leadership and others.

As I sought a church, God sought me. I had spiritual encounters that I couldn’t understand or even describe at the time. I began to understand and experience the presence of God. Also, I learned to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Throughout this time, I experienced these wonderful encounters.

However, I was too focused on what I desired God to accomplish in my life and career. It was only after I learned God’s true nature that I realized I needed to solidify my relationship with Jesus Christ regardless of my circumstances, provision, and resources. I needed to seek Him for the sake of worshipping, loving, and exalting Him. It is for the sake of the relationship and not for outcomes that I now serve God. I have been abundantly blessed because His Grace has been abundant for me.

Ministry Dream and Christian Education in Ministry at CLI

My dream for my life is to be an example of God’s goodness for my children, three beautiful and spiritually gifted girls. Also, I want to shine Jesus to those around me – family, friends, church, etc. I am still praying over how God will use me. However, I’ve had dreams and visions of speaking to thousands about the Lord and His Word. I am to share the goodness of God with them and serve as an encourager to win more souls to the kingdom. This dream has been a seed in my heart for many years. When the time is right I know that God will use me.

I pray that God blesses you and that you encounter the goodness of our Lord in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. I am abundantly grateful for the opportunity to experience this Christian education in ministry without having to undergo financial strain. My financial situation would not allow me access to such an educational facility otherwise. Thank you, CLI!

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