Online Christian Education

Church Leadership Achieved Through Online Christian Education

My name is Yvonne Myers, and I am receiving an online Christian Education at the Christian Leaders Institute. I live in England. Currently, I work as a Chaplain for Methodist Homes for the Aged and NHS England (hospital). I felt called to ministry in 2007 when I became a Roman Catholic Prison Chaplain working in a multi-faith environment.

I have a BSc degree from the University of Hull and am fully committed to personal and professional development. At Hull University, I took extra night classes, which included coaching and mentoring (Level 4), Person-Centered Counselling (Level 4), Leadership and Management (Level 4).

Upon starting as a Prison Chaplain, I went to Ushaw College to take a course on Ecumenical Chaplaincy. Through MHA (Methodist Homes for the Aged), I took classes in Worship, Chaplaincy, Dementia Care, End of life, Aging, and Spirituality. In addition, I have studied independently to develop my ministry skills with courses in Autism, Learning Difficulties, Managing Behavior That Challenges, Mental Health, and Business and Admin. In 2015, I took a Catholic Bible Study Course, and in 2019, I took Canon Law and Church History with Maryvale Institute. More recently, I have taken some free courses with the Open University on Philosophy and Religion Today.

Discovering Christian Leaders Online

I am pleased to have stumbled across Christian Leaders Institute for and online Christian education because, as a Catholic woman, I didn’t feel called to be a nun. Therefore, I chose to pursue a university degree that would give me employment opportunities. I grew up in a Catholic family and attended Convent Schools in Wales. My faith has always been a huge part of my life. My relationship with God started at the age of six when I attended boarding school and had an excellent opportunity for contemplation and prayer. The call to serve was never far from my life. I have been a church reader since the age of 12. In my 20s, I became a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Peter Chanel in Hull. After that, I accepted the calling to assist in teaching RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation Course) for adults.

Finding this opportunity to get further training will enhance my credentials and enable me to be in a position to accept whatever God would like me to do in the future. As an individual on a low income with a young family to support, tuition-free Bible training and the ability to study online at home are vital. I strive for church leadership achieved through online education.

Overcoming Obstacles

I grew up in a culture where a female serving the Lord was restricted. As a result, I never sought ministry because it was not a call I could accept. However, somehow, God has ‘called’ me, and I can accept. I do so daily by giving thanks, and I commit to my vocation by saying, “Here I am.” My spiritual dream is to continue to be in a position to say, “Yes, Lord, here I am, and please help me to minister effectively.”

I have already mentioned cultural obstacles to my opportunity to accept my vocation. Sadly, discrimination because I am a Catholic and a woman is an issue I occasionally face. However, I received much encouragement from those I serve to those in authority, such as the President of the Methodist Church in England and the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster.

I am a church reader and lead Sunday School at my local Catholic church. Occasionally, I lead a Service of the Word at the local Methodist Churches. In 2018, I won an award for Innovation in Worship by developing a style of worship I call Biblical Yoga. It uses kinesthetic movement to help individuals living with dementia to engage with the service. I also have used this Service of the Word style as an after-school activity at a local primary school. It is popular. Most recently, I wrote a dementia Bible to help older adults living with dementia.  It enables them to access the Bible in a natural and personal way.