Learn About the Bible

Hi! My name is Joseph Olanrewaju Micheal, and I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to learn more about the Bible and ministry service(Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I am from Nigeria and live in the megacity of the country which is Lagos. Born on September 19, 1990, to the family of late Mr. and Mrs. Oguntoye, I am from four siblings. I am the first son of my parents. My parents divorced when I was two years of age. Then I stayed with my father, but my mum checked on me often.

My Spiritual Journey Began

When I was thirteen, I had a revelation. God opened my eyes through dreams even when I didn’t know Jesus Christ because my parents didn’t go to church. But God gave me grace and taught me how to pray and cancel evil dreams right from my teenage years. Then, when I was 15, my neighbor invited me to their church. After that, I always attended every service. To the glory of God, this family put me on the right track with God even when my parents never attended with me.

Challenges and New Direction

When I was 19, I left my parents’ house in my final year at higher school. They were unable to pay my examination fee, which deprived me of having my higher school results. So, I left and stayed with friends. This move brought another part to the story of my life. I joined the bad gangs and left the church I attended. I followed friends to a mosque, lots of parties, even different churches in search of ladies. Thankfully, in all these bad choices, my heart and love were still with the Lord God. I didn’t drink alcohol or smoke with those friends. But, something in me kept telling me I didn’t belong to them and that way of life.

Finally, I got my apartment. I returned to my first love, which is Jesus, and left those friends with this move. Then, I gave myself to learning. First, I learned computer graphic design and engineering even though there was no formal education. Then, after three years of training, I decided to further my education. I took my higher school examination and passed it. Next, I enrolled in Mountain Top Theological Seminary to further my study and to fulfill the call of God for my life.

Study at CLI to Learn About the Bible 

Currently, I am single and continue giving myself to learning. When I found the Christian Leaders Institute, I enrolled to learn more about the Bible, my maker, and fulfill my divine purpose in life. I have served as a Youth Pastor, Leader, Teacher, and Small Group Leader in my local church for the glory of God. I thank God for His love and grace and will work for Him, so His name is glorified. Matthew 6:33 is my watchword. God bless, CLI!