Free Ministry Classes at CLI

Free Ministry Classes at CLI

My name is Letwin Zininga, and I am taking free ministry classes at CLI. I am 45 years old and currently residing in the Republic of South Africa. I grew up in a family of unbelievers. My mother was later born again as a result of my conversion to Christ. My mother is now in the hands of God as she has passed. Unfortunately, my father died without knowing Jesus Christ.

Born Again and Persecuted

Well, I grew up, went to school, and practiced ministry work in Zimbabwe. I became born again child of God in 1990 just three years before I finished my High School. The decision I made of giving my life to Jesus caused considerable opposition from my brothers. I was the sole person in the family to speak about Jesus. My brothers punished me to the extend of being beaten as well. And, if that was not enough, when I went to church, they followed me and scourged me in front of the Pastor.

However, that did not deter me from serving or following my new found faith and life in Jesus Christ. My mom, in all these, even though she was not a believer yet, allowed home groups in her house in direct contrast to my brother’s decisions. That’s how God works wonders. The Holy Spirit strengthened me. So, I managed to soldier on, receiving sound Bible teachings from the Pastors that led me to grow to become a mature Christian.

My mother was touched and committed her life to Jesus, together with my elder sister, who I am after as I am the last born. These persecutions brought about great excitement in me to go on praying and fasting. I also joined with other youth to preach the gospel in remote areas far away from home. God works in mysterious ways because the same brothers who opposed me and tried to discourage our mom later decided to serve God. They apologized for their wayward behavior.

Called to Minister and Free Ministry Classes at CLI

When I finished school in 1993, I did not look back, ministering the word of God to the youth. Then, I met my husband, and we married in September 2000. God has since blessed us with two children. My husband and I have been in ministry since we met as he was already a Pastor in the church. We founded Total Harvest Ministries, the church we are ministering in today.

These free ministry classes at CLI (the Christian Leaders Institute) are so important to me. It is an excellent opportunity for me to acquire more knowledge about God and His Word from seasoned teachers at CLI. I never received ministry training before. It is also my desire to commit myself to pursue the studies until the Diploma level and to make use of all the available resources. Thank you, CLI. Thank You, Lord!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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