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Are you searching for an online bible college that provides free courses eligible for college degree credits? At the Christian Leaders Institute, we offer a School of Christian Development where you can enroll in online correspondence courses. Supported by donations, these free courses can be credited towards a degree at our Leadership Excellence School.

How does it work?

  1. Enroll to Create a Student Account: By enrolling, you automatically join our roster at the School of Christian Development. You can enroll in and complete over 150 courses. Click Here.
  2. Enroll in the Degree Program: Register for the degree program at the Leadership Excellence School. Please note that there are minimal fees associated with administering this program. Click Here.

Imagine completing a degree program without going into debt? Christian Leaders Institute works seamlessly with CLI’s Leadership Excellence School! We want you to seize the dream you have for your life!  What role does preparation and education play in that dream? We believe that God has created each of us with unique gifts. Each of us has a unique call in this world.

Over ninety percent of the world does not have easy access to a college degree. In fact, only 7 of 100 would have a college degree. See Stats Most cannot afford the high cost of tuition. The reality is that the traditional form of higher-education costs more and more. Some reports say that the cost of a traditional college education will increase by 80 percent in the next two decades.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks to give millions more an opportunity for college-level training free of Charge at Christian Leaders Institute. For those who want collegiate credentials, there is a low fee structure at Christian leaders College.

The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Degree Program is designed to help you capture your dream and maximize your gifts! Take your next step in your calling! Currently, you can complete the following awards. Click the button to find out more:

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