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Are you searching for an online bible college that provides free courses eligible for college degree credits? At the Christian Leaders Institute, we offer a School of Christian Development where you can enroll in online correspondence courses. Supported by donations, these free courses can be credited towards a degree at our Leadership Excellence School.

How does it work?

  1. Enroll to Create a Student Account: By enrolling, you automatically join our roster at the School of Christian Development. You can enroll in and complete over 150 courses. Click Here.
  2. Enroll in the Degree Program: Register for the degree program at the Leadership Excellence School. Please note that there are minimal fees associated with administering this program. Click Here.

Imagine completing a degree program without going into debt? Christian Leaders Institute works seamlessly with CLI’s Leadership Excellence School! We want you to seize the dream you have for your life!  What role does preparation and education play in that dream? We believe that God has created each of us with unique gifts. Each of us has a unique call in this world.

Over ninety percent of the world does not have easy access to a college degree. In fact, only 7 of 100 would have a college degree. See Stats Most cannot afford the high cost of tuition. The reality is that the traditional form of higher-education costs more and more. Some reports say that the cost of a traditional college education will increase by 80 percent in the next two decades.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks to give millions more an opportunity for college-level training free of Charge at Christian Leaders Institute. For those who want collegiate credentials, there is a low fee structure at Christian leaders College.

The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Degree Program is designed to help you capture your dream and maximize your gifts! Take your next step in your calling! Currently, you can complete the following awards. Click the button to find out more:

Bible College Stories

Christian Education for Free

Christian Education for Free at CLI

My name is Cristobal Diego Williams, a father of seven born in Belfast. I am a servant of God, and my Lord and Saviour is Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the Christian education for free at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online…
Low Cost College Degree

Low Cost College Degree at CLI/CLI

Christian, Minister, Woman, Wife, and Mother. The core of these monikers always remains with me, clear and precise in my mind. My identity on a DNA level, so to speak. My name is Azelda Joubert, and I am getting a low-cost college degree at…
Christian-Based Education

Christian-Based Education Free at CLI

Ministry Calling Story My name is Sylvia Salvato, and I am thankful for free Christian-based education at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I have lived in Austin, Texas, in the USA for 31…

Abby Dominiak's Bachelor of Divinity Reflection

Bachelor of Divinity Journey Reflection I am overjoyed to be here after this educational milestone. All praise and glory to God! I am so grateful for what I have learned in these courses and what God has laid on my heart during this Bachelor…
Authentic Christian Education

Authentic Christian Education Free Online

Hello! My name is Wyonah Rivera, and I am excited about the authentic Christian education that I am receiving free online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I am 52 and live in Riverside,…
Bible-Based College Courses

Bible-Based College Courses at CLI

Hello, my name is Rebekah Grimm Mace. I was born and raised in the beautiful State of Virginia in the USA. My mother was a devout Christian for over 60 years, and my dad was a WWII veteran. I am the youngest of four siblings. We all were firmly…
Free Online Training at CLI

Free Online Training at CLI

I give greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Arnel Paje, and I am receiving free online training at CLI. I'm from the Philippines, and currently, my family and I live in the Middle East. My wife, Mary France, and…
Free Online Christian College

Free Online Christian College

My name is Onica Jolene Attwood, and I am studying at CLI, a free online Christian college. Born and raised in Capetown, South Africa, it is also where my grandparents, my parents, and I attended the Old Apostolic Church. I studied at the International…
Kyle Parcher: A New Journey

A New Journey

The Lord led Kyle Parcher on a new journey that he did not expect: one that was filled with pain and confusion, but also beauty and true freedom in Christ. Read his story to hear more about his journey and the ways in which God continues to…
God had not walked out

God Had Not Walked Out On Me

Read Kelly's story to hear how she is able to say: "God had not walked out on me," even when she lost her faith through some of her darkest seasons. This portion of her testimony is a powerful picture of the Lord's redemptive grace.  Struggles…
jessica cantrell: anyone can do it

I Believe Anyone Can Do It

As a busy wife, mom, and ministry leader, Jessica Cantrell believes that if she can get her Bachelor of Divinity degree, "anyone can do it"! Read her story to hear how she obeyed the Lord when He called her into ministry.  The Power of…
Keith West: God Chooses to Use Me

God Chooses to Use Me

As a recent graduate of the Associate of Divinity degree program here at Christian Leaders Institute, Keith West says that while Father God could use anyone, "God chooses to use me". Read his story to learn the many ways in which God has used…
Kim Ragan: Continue the Calling

Continue in the Calling

"My time at CLI's Leadership Excellence School has been amazing!  I have learned and grown so much, been challenged beyond belief, and encouraged to continue in the calling God has placed on my life" - Kim Ragan In Need of a Degree By profession,…
Eric Thomas: Never too Late for God's Plan

It's Never Too Late for God's Plan

Eric Thomas is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Divinity degree program at CLI's Leadership Excellence School. Eric's story shows us that it is never too late to pursue God's plan for your life.  Although he had previously given up hope…
Life-Changing Learning Opportunity

Life-Changing Learning Opportunity

Growing up as the son of a pastor, Austin Triplett admits that while he knew the Gospel, he did not always fully understand what Christ had done for him. However, as a recent graduate of the Associate's of Divinity Degree program…