Preacher Ministry Training

Preacher Ministry Training

I am Michael Gwandure and I am receiving free preacher ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Zimbabwe in the early 80s to a Christian family. I grew up accustomed to Christianity in the Anglican Church and I was baptized at the age of 12. I attended the catechism class during the same year in preparation for confirmation.

In 2000, I volunteered to teach Sunday School classes at my parish in Glen View Harare, even though at that time I did not have a Bible. I would research for good Bible stories from other sources until I realized that what I was doing was child evangelism which basically requires me to undergo Bible studies to have a better knowledge of how and what to teach the children.

During my tenure as a Sunday school teacher, I was assigned to train more teachers at my church due to the fact that I was training the youngsters to be the church of tomorrow. As a Sunday school teacher, I was a happy man because most of the youngsters grew to be child evangelists. I am still happily grooming more children to grow up in Christ.

At the present, I am employed by a leading automotive player in Zimbabwe as a Logistics and Stores assistant. My dream is to be trained to become an ordained preacher who is able to serve the Lord and bring more souls to Christ. I discovered that I can be a good shepherd when I was given an opportunity to lead a small church. I have a passion for preaching the gospel to the people and I believe that God wants to use me that way since He has gifted me as a preacher and evangelist. My dream used to be to become an electrician, but God keeps on calling me to work in His field for His glory.

Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this opportunity to grow in knowledge through this high-quality ministry training!

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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