Officiant Minister Ordination

Officiant Minister Ordination

My name is Roger Paligutan. I am deeply blessed with the task that God will give me as I am looking forward to receiving this Officiant Minister Ordination.

I am 54 years old, a registered nurse by profession. I am married to my beautiful wife, also a registered nurse, Jocelyn Aljibe-Paligutan for 25 years. I am blessed with three children, Ivan Roger (25), Rogelyn Paligutan (21), and Gerlyn Joy (15).

I was born in the Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and in Nursing. A year after graduating in 1996, I migrated to the United States of America in 1997 through my mother’s petition. I was not saved yet when I came to the USA. I did not have any idea about having a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. All I knew was that I had so many gods. I used to worship graven images of various kinds and believed that going to heaven is through good works.

It was February 1998, when I was invited by a Filipino US Veteran to come with him to the church he attended on Sundays. On that first Sunday, I surrendered my life to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. That day I heard the verse Matthew 22:14, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (KJV). I believed that day I was one of those called and chosen. My spiritual life had changed and my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ began.

My very first prayer to God was for the salvation of my wife who was left in the Philippines with our children. In just a couple of months of praying, I called my wife and was excited to tell her about salvation and being a born-again Christian. Lo and behold, my wife told me that she had already accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior just a month before I shared my testimony with her.

For almost two decades of being with Christ, my daily walk with God through His Word has gradually changed my life spiritually. I feel the hunger for His Word every day. God has given me several pastors that guided me with the Bible. I was mentored by several of them and continue to study God’s Word and wait until God called me to serve Him.

My current pastor at the Assembly at Crawford, Pastor Daniel Esperanza, advised me to take a Bible course online to help equip me with the Word of God through an in-depth study of the Bible. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I ran into the website of Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), who offer Bible courses online for free. I read all the CLI courses and was amazed by their curriculum, and how it perfectly fits my needs.

I enrolled at CLI in the year of 2014. The courses I have completed equip me with knowledge about the Bible and being a Christian leader. Christian Leaders Institute provided me with the right training in every course I enrolled, and I will continue to pursue the advanced courses and training to be fully equipped with the knowledge about the Word of God. My officiant minister ordination is a step on this journey. Whatever God’s plan for me, He is making sure I am ready.

I am currently serving as a leader and member of the Pastoral Staff at the Assembly at Crawford under the leadership of our Head Pastor, Pastor Daniel Esperanza.

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Church Planter Heart

Church Planter Heart

Read the story of how God redeemed Juan Figueroa from his many trials and gave him a church planter heart for witnessing:

My name is Juan Figueroa. I was born in 1978 and raised in Romeoville, IL. I was raised in the Catholic faith from a very young age, but I wanted to attend a different church. My father didn’t approve at the time but after a few Sunday school lessons, Bible studies and Awana club meetings, I started witnessing to my father about what was happening to me. I’d caught a spark I didn’t know how to turn off and it eventually grew to be a church planter heart for God.

My father was an alcoholic and when he saw me after he came home from the bars, I was his target. I tried everything to get away, but I was still very young. I used God and church as my outlet at that time. My pastor from back then invited me to attend Indiana Bible College. This place had children coming from all over. They preached the Word straight from the Bible and there was nothing better than when I was there. The worse part was the drive back home because I knew what was going to happen. My father would be furious that I had been gone for hours, but I never stopped going no matter what happened to me. Then my father got sick, and I stopped going to church. I felt as if I’d failed.

I felt Christ was in my heart telling me not to give up, even though going to school was rough. I had bullies older than me pushing me around until I could no longer take it. But when I finally stood up for myself I did it in the way my father would have, and I hated myself for it. I knew I was doing wrong, but I felt lost. During high school, I decided to move away to Bainbridge Island, WA with a friend of mine. I enrolled myself in an alternative school named Strawberry Hill. I stayed in Washington until I graduated, but moved back to Illinois due to my father becoming even more ill from his drinking. I went right back to my old friends and my old ways, and I avoided church at all cost. I met my first wife outside of the church, and I can only blame myself for my first marriage and how it ended, though I would never regret my two sons. After many divorce court battles, I ended up losing everything, including my two jobs and all my finances.

I slept in a cardboard box on good days, and on bad days I slept on a yellow slide in the park as long as the cops didn’t make me leave. It was like this for almost three years. I was at a complete loss and wanted to end my life. I wanted to see my kids but I was not allowed unless my ex-wife said I could.

In 2005-2006, I ask the Lord to come back into my heart and guide me in what he wanted me to do. He gave me a church planter heart for him. It was a very hard road to come back, but slowly, it happened. With the Lord’s guidance, I was able to find a job, then a car. I didn’t stop talking to and praising the Lord no matter how my day was. I praised him when things were bad and good. I was sharing the Word with guys at work and they were getting saved.

In 2007, I was working two jobs, I finally got an apartment in Warrenville, IL, and I met my second wife, Norma. A few years later we were married. God blessed me with her even though I didn’t feel worthy. She is a woman of faith, I need her more than she will ever know. I spoke with the Lord to help me to understand my wife truly and to love her better, no matter what battles we may have.

After a few years, we decided to move near family in south Texas. We have two handsome boys and a beautiful daughter. I still have a ton of learning to do to be a better man and even more to become a better husband.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, and in the beginning of 2017, I had carpal tunnel surgery, which hasn’t repaired anything. I have been praying for God to not give up on me and to lead me where ever he wants. I have totally surrendered my life to him and he has strengthened my church planter heart for him. God has been with me through all my battles and I want to finally be able to do anything for him. I feel so good about my life right now even though I can barely type this.

All I want is to love my God and connect with others so we can all share his Word. My church planter heart wants to open my own church, even if it is only a Bible study or a Sunday school at first. I know the Lord has something great in store for this little town and I pray every day for guidance. I want to be able to pay this forward once we are able to. Our vision is to get the youth to attend some of these classes. I feel awesome about this and I want to thank Christian Leaders Institute and its supporters for this great opportunity.

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Legitimate Free Ministry Training

Legitimate Free Ministry Training

My name is Matthew A. Erwin and I am excited to receive legitimate free ministry training at CLI. I’m 31 years old, and I live in Seattle, WA. I am 6’2 with a very athletic frame and have a hearing disability. Seattle can be a rough place to minister, primarily to the homeless, and with that comes a certain stereotyping that falls on me, as some find me intimidating, as my inability to hear and respond to people and tendency to talk over them (unaware they are speaking) often gives that impression. I see so much spiritual sickness in the world and I know the cure–Jesus Christ–but have no ability to administer it. Through my prayers, it’s been made clear that the Lord wants me to wait for His time, not my own, so I am at ease knowing he is in control as I walk with Him and continue to grow.

I come from a mixed family. I’m the eldest sibling, having two younger brothers, Joseph (29) and William (13). My loving parents, after having Joseph and me, unfortunately, separated when I was 15 years of age. My mother had William with another man when I was 18 before separating from him as well shortly after. It was my three sets of grandparents that took me to church, introduced me to Jesus, and established my foundation in Christianity. On Christmas and my birthday, I would get the opportunity to see my Uncle Kevin, who all my life has been a father figure, mentor, and much-needed Christian influence. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I found and dedicated my life to Jesus Christ fully as Uncle Kevin introduced me to his church family at Family Life Center Church of God in Auburn, WA, including Pastor Paul Allison. I was I baptized by Pastor Allison in the White River.

Despite the brokenness of my parents’ marriage, I still hoped and prayed to be married one day. I was 24 when God answered that prayer with His most beautiful blessing on my life, Tashara. Five years after we met we married on February 28, 2015. We faced many obstacles, yet we still stand victorious today in love. I have learned patience, compassion, leadership, sacrifice, and forgiveness on a whole new level through our marriage covenant. My walk with God amplified to a new degree when I took Tashara’s hand. Through my shortcomings and overcomings, it brought about a confidence in my leadership and raised new questions I’d never asked about God’s plan for me and how He wants to utilize the gifts He’s given me to minister and mentor.

I felt that Jesus was calling to me to be a disciple, but dealt with so many obstacles. Having hearing and learning disabilities and being financially unable to get specialist doctors, hearing aids or schooling to aid them stalemated me for many years. How was I to hear people’s needs? How was I to remember all the material, names or testimonies? Who is going to be willing to listen to spiritual advice from someone who can’t even hear them or their needs? But this time I couldn’t get through half the list of things I couldn’t do on my own before God interceded and spoke the obvious to me: it’s Him. I’m not capable on my own; it’s all only possible through Him. It’s victory through struggle that reaps the most glory unto Him.

It wasn’t long after that revelation that my wife came across Christian Leaders Institute and enrolled. She was so excited and full of zeal. She shared everything about CLI: the operations, the mission, the website, the intro video, and the bios of the pastors. I was skeptical at first about how authentic it was. Was this legitimate free ministry training? After praying about it and upon my wife completing the “Getting Started” class, I knew it was the answer to my prayers. I can’t express how anxious I am to receive the knowledge CLI has to give, so I can fulfill God’s instruction to me to spread the Gospel!

Obtaining a degree in Divinity is vital to me. I feel it’s the next big step in my spiritual journey and a test of faith. It will bring my testimony to a new level and bring more glory to God by conquering and claiming victory over all the struggles I’ve faced through my walk in ministry. I’m so thankful to the donors and staff who help keep this program alive for people who can’t afford this level of training like myself. I hope to one day be in a financial position to be able to be a donor myself to this wonderful organization with its legitimate free ministry training. Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony and may God bless your life beyond your imagination as He has mine!

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Ordained Redeemed Minister

Ordained Redeemed Minister

I am Ron Fisher from Bowling Green, OH and I have a dream to be an ordained redeemed minister. I was born in Toledo in 1963. My childhood was troubled, and I began drinking at the age of 8 and drugs followed at age 11. As a teenager, I was completely engulfed by the world and all it had to offer: crime, drugs, alcohol. I was not a poster child for the Christian life. I was a poor student in high school, and disrespectful to my parents and authority figures.

During my sophomore year in high school, I reconnected with a young lady I knew from grade school. We married right out of high school at the age of 19 and had four beautiful daughters. By age 20, I was a full-blown alcoholic, drug addict, abuser and all around nasty person. Understandably, after fifteen years of marriage, we decided to go our separate ways in 1995.

During these tumultuous years, I was introduced to Christ. I would commit to Him for short periods, then go back to the wide path of destruction. Early in 1996, I met a woman and we married a year later. As a truck driver, I was not home very often, but my wife did not complain, nor did she know of my addictions. Maria learned of these addictions after my first heart attack at the age of 37. I desperately tried to stop and failed for years. Finally, on 12/22/2013 with two heart attacks under my belt, I fully accepted Christ into my heart and was delivered from my addictions.

Once saved, I knew I was called but did not know where or what my ministry was. My daughter Anna kept on insisting I check out a local ministry in downtown Toledo called The Saturday Morning Community Picnic (find us on FB). I resisted Anna’s suggestion for months until finally, I accepted the invitation. That first Saturday at the picnic changed my life; I knew what I was supposed to do, and who I was supposed to do it with.

Moreover, through the picnic, I met a man who introduced me to my pastor. Six months later, I became the assistant pastor of a little inner-city church in Toledo, OH. Today, I minister to the homeless and those with addiction issues. In addition, we’ve also started a men’s recovery house, a food pantry twice a month, and much more. My faith in Christ has delivered me in so many ways there is not enough room to write it all. God has blessed me beyond anything I could ever expect.

My Christian Leaders Institute scholarship allows me to dig deeper into God’s Word. My awards will be accreditation to my ultimate goal of becoming an ordained redeemed minister. If I had to pay for these courses I would not be able to afford them. I am now working full-time in ministry without any pay. I left my former job and am now following the call on my life, and truthfully, I wish I would have done it sooner. I am glad to have run across this ministry. Thank you for what you are doing to help folks like me. Moreover, thanks to the DeVos family for supporting this school. Peace be with you and God bless.

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Female Youth Pastor

Female Youth Pastor

My name is Sarah Carpenter and I am called to be a female youth pastor. I am 36 years old and I live in the United States with my family.

I came to know the Lord when I was a young girl. My family was always active in the church until my parents divorced. After the divorce, however, there was no more active church life until I became an adult. I was honestly never very committed to a faith relationship until I got sober in 2007. Over the past ten years, that relationship has been built on an unstable foundation until my mom passed away in October of 2016. I knew then that I had to make some serious changes in my relationship with Christ.

There are so many different experiences throughout my life that have led me to chose this path in ministry specifically. I have dealt with several issues including teen pregnancy, mental and physical abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and self-harm, among others. I felt as though God was either punishing me or didn’t care at all.

Yet, as I have grown in my relationship with God I have learned to let go and trust that God loves me and wants a relationship with me no matter what I’ve done in my past. Through building that relationship, I have been able to not only let God heal the brokenness and hurt but also to see that God is able to use my mess to help others. I hope to prevent others from following my path or help bring healing through God’s Word and His mercy, grace, and love.

This Getting Started class has really opened my eyes and heart to all I have yet to learn and how much more growing and building I get to enjoy. The Bible Connections and Developing Devotional Habits portions have given me so much amazing direction and information in regards to building my own personal and family walk with God, as well as simple and practical steps to be able to share it with others.

My ultimate goal with working towards a degree in ministry is to become a youth pastor, specifically teen and young women. I have chosen this path because had I had a relatable female youth pastor to teach me the love and grace of Christ at that critical age, my life may have been drastically different.

In our area, drug use and the sex industry rule the streets. The money, drugs and the street life can easily be appealing and glorified to a young woman or teen that is broken and lost. This is a lifestyle that once one is in it, can not only be very difficult to leave but can often be deadly.

We currently attend two home churches: Vineyard Church on Sundays and Rock City Church on Wednesdays. Starting this month at Rock City, I will be taking part in Leadership Training to be able to begin leading Freedom Small Groups. We are also involved with an outreach ministry through a small church in our area called Crossroads Church where I have a woman I mentor with named Marie. There is also another woman who has been a close family friend for many years who is the executive minister at First Community Church, Dr. Deborah Lindsay.

A scholarship is vital to my goals in ministry, as I am unable to attend and afford a traditional school. I was very excited and blessed to have come across Christian Leaders Institute and your program. I am looking forward to earning my degree and digging deeper into God’s word.

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Tanzanian Youth Leader

Tanzanian Youth Leader

Read here the testimony of Ben G. M., a Tanzanian youth leader currently working and living in the U.S.A.:

My name is Ben. G. M. I live in the United States of America, although I’m originally from Tanzania, an East African Country. I have lived in the United States for over ten years now.

I come from a family of pastors and evangelists. My paternal grandfather was the first African Clergy of the Moravian Church in Tanzania and he served that church for over fifty years. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1990 after a few years of struggling with a lot of juvenile behaviors. I had attended several revival meetings, and I had an uncle who was a born-again Christian. I knew theoretically what was required of me, but I never took that extra step until I was almost expelled from boarding school in my senior year. If it was not for that decision, I don’t know how my life would have turned out.

My ministry dream is to start an outreach ministry for Christian civil leaders. I’m hoping that the Lord will make a way for me to start a motivation speaking project to encourage public Christian leaders to conduct their affairs according to the Christian principles of leadership. My ministry, I believe, will be like the Barnabas Ministry, meant to encourage people.

After I surrendered my life to Christ I was given several opportunities to attend evangelism school as well as a Praise and Worship Leaders Seminar in Uganda. Later, I was one of the founding members of a Bible School in Tanzania and that was an experience that I cherish to this day.

So far this first class at Christian Leaders Institute has taught me many things, among them the idea that God will always send a revival, and people who are prepared and hungry for the Lord will be useful when that time of harvest comes. For this reason, this class has helped me to reconnect with my daily prayers, reading the Bible every day, and learning more about my faith, which has rejuvenated my spiritual life tremendously. I believe today more than ever I can hear the call to serve the Lord clearly, and my heart is longing to do just that. It is this connection that has lifted my spirit, and I believe God has a plan that is already underway. Just being a member of CLI is enough to show me that I’m on the right track.

I would identify myself as a Tanzanian Youth Leader and an Evangelist. Initially, after I had received Christ, I went all over Tanzania preaching the Gospel and bringing people to Christ. It was the most fulfilling moment of my life to see people making that initial decision of accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

My local church back home knows about my ambition and they are waiting and praying for me to go back to work with them to continue what we started some many years back. Because I’m in the United States now, there are not as many unique challenges with the exception of the distance. However, when I go home to start the ministry, the major challenge is always lack of resources.

Right now, I can’t afford to do much as I had wanted. But, with your help, I believe the doors that were closed for me will now open, and I see possibilities that I never saw before. I believe all this is God’s plan. I believe everything will work for good as I continue to surrender to the will of the Father.

Please, pray that God will continue to make a way for me even where there seems to be no way and that I’ll continue to discern and understand what God wants for my life.

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Counseling Evangelist

Counseling Evangelist

Read here the story of Elizabeth Sands, who aspires to be a counseling evangelist, bringing comfort and guidance to those who need it:

My name is Elizabeth Sands and I live in the United States of America. I am thankful that I have the religious freedom in this country to go to church and worship the Lord without fear of persecution. My family has always attended church regularly for as long as I can remember. However, I feel that my relationship with God has grown much stronger since I became involved in a women’s Bible study group about a year ago.

My ministry dream is to counsel those who are struggling or suffering. I would like to provide Christian counseling, pray with them, and share the hope and joy that our Lord Jesus provides. Some of the ways I have considered achieving this are working with Hospice, chaplaincy in hospitals or prisons, or becoming a Christian school counselor. I think of myself as a counseling evangelist because I want to share God’s word and shine His light wherever he leads me.

The local church I attend has been very supportive in my calling to ministry. The pastor and church secretary are both mentors to me and are providing the support I need or ask for.

The Getting Started Class at Christian Leaders Institute has strengthened my walk with God. It reinforced my need to walk with Him daily. It has also helped me avoid worldly distractions that can hinder this time of spiritual growth. The scholarship through CLI is the only way that my family can afford for me to further my education.  Further education will help me to share God’s word in a knowledgeable way. It is also important that I am able to work at my regular job while I take my classes because CLI allows me to complete courses online. Without CLI’s scholarship and convenience, I would not have the opportunity to fulfill my dream of an education in ministry.

Please pray that I use this education to do what God calls me to do and that I serve Him wherever He takes me on this journey.

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Abuse Minister

Abuse Minister

Read the story of an aspiring abuse minister who heard God’s call out of his own abuse to bring the love of Jesus to other victims:

I was born on Dec. 30, 1984, in Topeka KS, U.S.A. My relationship with Jesus Christ grew outside of the church. I experienced severe abuse trauma as a child. I remember when I had to endure a period of extreme abuse and I heard the voice of Jesus Christ one night. He told me to put all my faith in him and he would give me the strength to survive the trauma I had to experience. I put all of my trust and faith in Jesus Christ that night. After that, I felt a very spiritual presence of Jesus Christ protecting and comforting me in a way that grew my relationship and my faith in him and his ministry. I had my first desire to serve in ministry at a young age because of this experience.

As an adult, I was struggling in life to the point I honestly hated my life. Then I had my second personal experience with Jesus Christ. He put me in a position that humbled me to the point that I knew I needed to give my life to Jesus. This is when I realized that I was being called to ministry. I prayed for guidance in what area I was being called to serve. I heard the voice of Jesus for the second time in my life, and he told me I was being called to serve as an abuse minister to reach out to other victims of childhood trauma.

My ministry experience comes from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have attended Topeka First Church (Assembly of God) for almost 10 years now. I am actively involved in teaching weekly Bible study. The senior pastor Steve is the one who got me into a year-long seminary where I lived on campus, and the church funded it for me. Then I attended two years with the Urban Ministries Institute. Although I did learn a lot of valuable knowledge at both seminaries, they are not accredited. That’s why I want to attend Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), which is accredited. I enjoy knowing that the classes offered at CLI are high quality and extremely informative.

I currently focus almost all of my time towards the ministry and the education that I’ll use in ministry. My life revolves around the ministry of Jesus Christ. I have dedicated my life to Jesus and my calling. I really enjoy reading Scripture, and I like learning theology, too. I always apply what I’ve learned from studying the Scriptures to my life first, then I share it with others. I spend a lot of my personal time sharing the ministry of Christ with victims, and I see their lives change. I look forward to having the knowledge and confidence to expand this ministry after I complete the CLI training.

I am really limited with available funds. I have been seeking to attend an accredited institute, but I never had the ability to afford it. I’m so excited that I found CLI. I am extremely committed to completing the program and using it to advance my ministry full time.

I want to ask CLI to pray for my ministry to reach as many victims as we can with the gospel of Jesus. Also, pray that the Lord would open an opportunity up for my ministry to operate full time after I complete CLI.

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Evangelist Minister Training

Evangelist Minister Training

I am Tonia Martin and I am receiving my evangelist minister training. I am a 39-year-old  single mom and a Licensed Practical Nurse. I live in Connecticut and have two children and one grandson, which I love very much. I am a member of IGFC (International Gospel Fellowship Church) where I am also a part of the Praise and Worship Team. I actually went on my first medical missions trip to Haiti with my church about two years ago and it was life-changing. I have also participated in the food shelter ministry.

I was born in Canada and came to the USA when I was 10 yrs old. I was brought up Catholic and was also a troubled teen. I have been a Christian for about 13 yrs. I’ve wanted to learn the Word of God better for a few years now, but because I had no time or money I kept putting it off. I have a desire to help and reach others for God’s kingdom, and it has been said that I have an evangelistic and a prophetic gift. I truly love God and everything he has done in my life. I feel that he definitely has placed a calling upon my life. I want to know God’s word better, have a closer relationship with him, find and build my calling/purpose, and learn how to be a more effective Christian and leader. My main focus is learning God’s Word better, and secondly, I want to find out what exactly my calling/purpose is and how to be more effective in that.

I believe that in this season God is preparing me, and I am very excited that I was able to find CLI! By taking the Getting Started Course it allowed me to learn more in-depth about the school and its values. I am very pleased with the things I have learned thus far and believe this is the perfect program/school for me. The bi-vocational approach is exactly what I need and this will help me be a better leader and Christian. I believe that my calling may be a little more Evangelistic in nature, which the Getting Started Course also helped me discover. I believe this is the beginning of something great in my evangelist minister training.

May God richly bless you and all who donate and help fund this program abundantly! Without all of you, this opportunity would not be possible. I consider myself blessed to have found this school. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

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Local Church Pastor

Local Church Pastor

My name is Jim Jablonski. I have been blessed just about all of my life with opportunities to serve in church ministries in the United States, but it was only recently that I answered God’s call to do ministry. Thanks to my local church pastor, who also serves as my mentor, I am gaining experience as a ‘doer’ of ministry. He provides opportunities for practical experience in ministry to supplement my Christian Leaders Institute studies. He identified CLI as a viable option for ministry studies in our shared hope that others in our local church will follow.

My mom and dad brought me to the Lord in the Roman Catholic Church. My parents, along with various nuns and priests, nurtured my faith during eight years of Catholic School and beyond. I am so thankful for the faith planted in my youth that has grown on my journey.

I identify most with the term ‘pastor’ after a lifetime in local churches with pastors from whom I learned so much by simply observing. I have been especially inspired by my current local church pastor. Our small church faces somewhat unique challenges. It is located near the end of the road on a barrier island and serves a small year-round population that increases exponentially in summer, but it is doing well!

While I have felt a tug toward ministry at various stages of my life, my pastor recently challenged me to explore that tug. Aware that I was about to retire, he told my wife and I that he believes I have what it takes to do ministry. God has opened so many doors for me throughout my life, so I asked Him to let me know if His tug was really a calling. God chose to use CLI classes to help answer my prayer and confirm His calling.

My local church pastor believed it critical to involve and seek the support of the congregation as I answered the call to ministry. The council and deacons were informed and are 100 percent in support. While I was away one Sunday, my pastor informed the congregation of my call and asked for their prayer and support. So far, that has been 100 percent as well. It is all very humbling. I am especially thankful that my wife has been fully supportive since day one.

The CLI scholarship was also critical to me. God has richly blessed us, but my wife and I are retirees on a fixed-income. My pastor didn’t discover CLI until after I told him I felt God calling me to ministry and that I would answer. The scholarship is another blessing from God and yet another door that He has opened for me.

Scripture references in the CLI Getting Started sessions solidified my belief that God was and is calling me to the ministry. It has reinforced my dream to serve right where I am as a local church pastor, in support of my pastor and small non-denominational church congregation. These classes broadened and deepened my connection to the Bible and the Lord and made me want to run to and, then, run with God. The ‘Sending Called and Trained Ministry Leaders’ session was especially impactful. It spoke directly to me as a potential leader raised from the local harvest by my pastor.

Although I have attended weekly Bible Study for years, recently I have taught in my pastor’s absence. Study and preparation to teach, attend Bible Study, and deliver sermons have transformed my life as a Christian. The grace I feel extends beyond my connection to the Bible; I pray, examine my conscience, and confess each night; I look for and sense God’s presence throughout each day. I have always believed in God’s presence but genuinely feel Him more than I ever have. It is an overall consciousness that is difficult to describe, except to say that it has to be God’s grace. The call to ministry and CLI classes to date have further enhanced that grace and resulting consciousness.

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Community Youth Leader Training: The Desire to Serve

Community Youth Leader Training

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing community youth leader training and being a part of the spread of the Christian revival. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers the ability to earn a scholarship for high-quality online ministry training. This training allows you to follow your dreams. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing community youth leader training. 

Hello, I am Veronica. I reside in Michigan in the United States. I have always attended church and been involved in some way with church activities for the majority of my life.

My maternal great-grandmother pastored her own church where I attended until her death when I was 11 years old. After this I began to attend different churches, my attendance waned and I quit attending altogether; sometimes for years at a time. During these periods, I often felt that something was missing. So, I would begin seeking out a church home once again.

Eventually, in December of 2007 while assisting with a wedding at a church where the pastor and first lady encouraged me to visit to see what their church was about. I fell in love with learning about who Jesus really was, how big his love was for me, and how he’d gone to the cross of crucifixion willingly for ME! Since these realizations, I’ve never been the same.

I believe that the ministry training that I receive through Christian Leadership Institute will equip me to be an effective winner of souls. My call is to minister to young men and women and redirect them to Jesus. I created a summer youth program that encompassed sports with biblical teachings and principals. The young people came away with a renewed interest in how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit play active roles in their daily lives when invited in. Training with CLI will allow me to serve my community in an impactful way that could span several generations.

The getting started classes have further encouraged my commitment to see my calling to fruition. I have been exposed to foundational information and tools that will provide a sound standing in whatever path God directs me to. I believe that as a devoted worker for the Lord I will be in my proper place in the body of Christ. My soul rejoices when I share with others the goodness, grace, and mercy of the Savior.

As I think back over the many instances that God has revealed his saving grace in the lives of my family and friends, I know that I whole heartedly desire to be useful in winning souls for Jesus. After spending time creating and leading a summer youth program and subsequently constantly being led in the direction of ministry, I am ready to answer the call.

Getting a scholarship to attend Christian Leadership Institute will allow me to pursue a solid ministry education needed to affect long term change in my community, my family and my church. I am in an urban community where the need for developing a personal relationship with God often takes a back seat to lack of a job, homelessness, hunger, etc. I want the hopeless to know that there is hope. I want to encourage others to seek refuge and healing from a loving and faithful God. I know CLI will help me accomplish my dreams of receiving community youth leader training.

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Called to Serve: No Child Left Behind

Get Ministry Training

My name is Marlisse Hardamon and I live in the U.S.A. I spent much of my childhood through my early adulthood living a nightmare. The majority of my early life has been filled with every kind of abuse imaginable, which the evil of man’s heart could perpetrate on another individual. I had been beaten, sexually abused, had rags stuffed in my mouth, and verbally assaulted. Yet none of these acts compare to the internal scars that left in my life to imprison me.

My self-inflicted prison, caused me to participate in extremely at risk behaviors. I took drugs that should have killed me or at the very less left me addicted. I participated in activities that should have got me place behind bars or even ended my life. I even keep company with people, whose life style was based on,”living by the sword, die by the sword.”

It is crazy to believe that this is the life that I lived because I was born in the church. My mother has been an active minister all my life. My godfather was a well respected Bishop. I preached my first unofficial sermon at the age of 7. So, I have been saturated with the Truth of God and His protection of all my life.

Today, I am a licensed minister, serving a congregation of about 300 people. I am the Servant Leader of the New Convert’s Ministry and Community Outreach Ministry where I attend. I am a wife to a wonderful man of God. I have 5 God fearing children. I am a History teacher in the public schools. Like David stated in Psalms 119: 71 (NIV),”It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

My ministry goal comes from my pain. I desire most is to share the love and mercy of God with those that have been defined as unlovable, unworthy, and undeserving by American standards The child, that because of his/her family situation does not feel like they belong. The women, that is struggling with an issue of blood. The man that is spiritually blind. I want to lead these people to the cross, where they can find connectedness, healing, and sight. But, most of all they can find salvation for their sin sick souls.

I have learned that the culture of America has seeped into many of God’s local churches and infected it with a disease called, “It About Me.” that has decreased its effectiveness to manifest God’s transformative power.

I am seeking training at CLI, so that I develop a walk with God that is reproducible and Biblical based. The training at CLI will help me ensure that what I am sharing with other is rooted and grounded in Biblical truth, not just experience.

Finally, I ask that you join me in prayer, as I ask the Lord to strengthen me for the journey ahead.

Ministry Chaplain Training

Ministry Chaplain Training

More and more Christians need Ministry Chaplain Training for their callings. A local chaplain minister may help local police departments or fire departments. These chaplains make a big difference! Michael Wulczyn serves at his local Catholic church but also seeks to serve the community in an ordination that will be recognized in his community. CLI offers this kind of dual ordination. He can remain in his Catholic church but ordained in our alliance for becoming a local chaplain minister.  CLI is soon launching a Ministry Chaplain Training certificate and ordination.

Here is his story:

My name is Michael Wulczyn and am fortunate to be married to a special and wonderful woman, Rose Wulczyn, for over twenty-five years. We have two children, Lorie and Matthew, and two grandchildren, Randy and Samantha. We all live in San Antonio, TX

Originally from Chicago, I grew up the product of Catholic school. I became an altar boy at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church and served for a good number of years. My family moved to San Antonio when I was thirteen. I completed High School and joined the US Navy. Injured in the Persian Gulf I was medically discharged and returned to Texas where I met Rose. We fell in love and set out on a truly challenging journey together.

My relationship with God has always been what I would consider strong — when it was in effect. As with a good deal of relationships, there are always ups and downs; tests that truly push the envelope in order to reveal the essence and character of those involved. When my relationship with God swung to the low points, my faith was challenged and doubt entered my heart. I’ve always been able to overcome that doubt and swing back on course. When my relationship swung to the high point, it was unshakeable and renewed. Both the lowest and highest point occurred on 09/12/2012.

While riding my motorcycle to work I was struck by a pickup truck and crashed into another car on the Interstate. Both vehicles took off leaving me with twelve broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a fractured scapula, and a huge gash in my head. The ER doctors worked on me for nine hours before admitting me into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Two physicians told me straight out they didn’t know how I survived — I should have died on that road.

As I lay in that hospital I faced a long and painful recovery. I had the chance to think about a good number of things. The one that I kept coming back to was why did I survive such a terrible accident?

After being transferred from ICU to a hospital bed a Chaplain dropped by and we discussed the accident. I voiced my question to him to which he replied, “God isn’t finished with you yet. He has plans for you which must still be fulfilled.” That started me thinking even more. What could God possibly want of me?

Lying in that hospital room I did something I rarely do. I gave up on seeking an answer to a problem. I stopped trying to surmise God’s plan for me. Instead, I succumbed to His will and placed myself unquestioningly into God’s hands. Within a week after that, I was discharged so as to continue the healing process at home. I knew then that this was the Lord calling me into service.

There have been numerous tests since I lost my job. Found a new one and lost that after the company folded. God has managed to always deliver with one form of aid or another at times when all appeared to be approaching upon the worst. I no longer worry too much. God is steering my life and I have new hope and faith.

There isn’t much opportunity for Catholics to serve God in the traditional sense if one is married.
As I search my heart I find that I take note of more and more opportunities for a chaplaincy — with the local police department as well as with several hospitals. As circumstances have it, all these positions require formal training and ordination. Perhaps it is not so much a coincidence that I have come across CLI and this wonderful opportunity for training!

My current situation has forced my budget to be severely restricted to absolutely necessary items. Then one day I came across the Christian Leader Institute’s (CLI’s)site. The more I studied and researched the more intrigued I became convinced. Surely God had removed the sole obstacle preventing me from fulfilling His plan!

It is my sincere hope to make use of the scholarship offered by CLI, complete my studies, and find a position as a chaplain. I can’t say I know it for a fact, but I know in my heart that this is where I need to be. Only time will tell if this truly is the plan God has in store. Until that revelation, I move forward one little step at a time, steadfast and determined, knowing that as I struggle and move ahead towards a certain goal, God walks beside me should I stumble.

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International Ministry Dream

International Ministry Dream

Read the testimony of the CLI student who has an international ministry dream. He wants to travel the world raising up more revival leaders.

I am currently living in the United States of America in Cincinnati Ohio, right by the river in a small town called Newport. I live in a small town with several churches all doing great things and doing all they can to reach the ends of the earth to share the gospel.
 I found God 3 years ago when I moved away from a shady city north of where I am now. I was surrounded by so-called friends who were using drugs and living a blind and aimless life. I decided it was time to make a major life change and distance myself from the bad crowd as I was tired of being guilty by association. I quickly chose a college degree path, fell in love with the woman I am engaged to now, and set up a new start here in Newport getting grounded in my church where I started to really study the word of God.

My international ministry dream is one that will have many moving parts. I want to be deeply rooted in my local church and build a team to travel the world in the heart of spreading the good news. I am currently managing a blog and youtube channel to share videos that helped me along the way with authors, pastors, etc.

CLI has really helped me dig deeper into the word and figure out how to use it on a daily basis for guidance in my everyday walk, and I have found a passion for writing. I identify with Evangelist, I really believe that God has put an adventures heart in me to travel and a passion for leadership.

When I heard my younger siblings start to ask the bigger questions in life I immediately took the reins and showed them the Bible. I remember the look on their face and the way they received it, it made me feel like I gave them a treasure chest.
Some challenges my geographic area faces is the number of churches that exist, and people may feel like they are all too different and may never choose.

The Bible now serves as my manual to this human vessel. It directs my path and is the lamp of light on my pathway. It gives me hope, it inspires me, and helps me relate to the past soldiers of Christ who tell their tales of faith.
I am assuming new roles in the Church as a men’s bible study leader.

My family had no knowledge of Christ prior to my transformation, and now we are taking steps to help them grow in faith.
This scholarship would inspire me to devote the rest of my life to spreading the word, and changing peoples live the way it changed me from the inside out. A life without God would mean nothing matters, and a life with God means every single thing matters with eternal echoes.

Please pray that I don’t lose hope, and wake up every single morning with the hope of spreading the gospel to as many people as I can with the resources I have.

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Ordained House Church Minister

Ordained House Church Minister

CLI has provided this student with the training he needs to be an ordained house church minister. He has gone from prison to becoming an ordained house church minister in his local area.

Read his testimony below:

I was born in Quezon City Philippines and migrated to Simi Valley California on May 1982. I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA concentrating in Project Management. I have been married (Jaylene) for almost 24 years with a 22 years old daughter (Larissa) and an 18 years old son (Ryan).

When I was 3 years old, my parents separated and I grew up mainly with my grandmother. I barely saw my father for he is a merchant marine who is always out of town so I never really know who he is. I didn’t know my mom very well either although we migrated to the US in May of 1982 both of which a regret – I should have been matured enough to find the time to get to know them and this is something that I wished I could change.

Since I never really have a father figure, I got in many trouble although not until when I was over 18 years of age. I was in and out of jail for a day or 2 and one day, there was a rumble that I was not even a part of and my sworn enemies pointed fingers at me as part of that rumble and I was sentenced to 6 months of jail time. It was then that I was first introduced to the Bible and there was one inside my cell. I read the entire bible twice although it was very confusing. I was also introduced to this person who prayed for me in tongue and that really scared me for I have no clue what he was saying. This was in 1990.

While in jail, I have all the time to evaluate my life and it was not looking good so I decided that I need to go to college and make something of myself. I also knew that I needed to leave California in order to get out of trouble and that I needed to find a woman from out of town. So after getting out, my sister took me in and I went and get my bachelor degree in DeVry University and that is where I met my wife of 24 years. I could see now that Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 is so real as this happened to me.

It was not until July 2007 that I accepted the Lord Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and although I have many ups and down, I am so glad that He never gave up on me. I have served many positions in churches – Administrator, Bible teacher, Men’s Ministry President, a church deacon. I have the desire to continue on and advance to serve Him more and more.

I searched for a long time to find a school for free and after a year or so of searching, I found CLI and started studying daily since Dec of 2016. CLI courses are well written and very detailed. The quizzes are challenging as well that is why I found it really good and really recommend it. Being ordained by CLI will help me with church planting, house churches as well as to be a pastor if God is willing for me to do so.

I have been praying that God will allow me to plant a church but I was not certain where and during our house hunting, we made many offers to many houses all over the place and none of them went through except for where we are right now in Rahway NJ. I asked God to allow me to plant a church here and in April 2017, my church split up because of a different view of buying a building and now I have no church. This is where I need CLI to help me out.

I do have about 4 or 5 families now to plant a church. We do small group (house church) but not every week as many are on vacation but intend to make this to a weekly basis. We need all the prayer we can get. Please pray for us, ask the CLI people to pray for us.

I am deeply thankful that God allowed me to find CLI and able to study and I only have about 3 courses to get my bachelor degree in divinity but I intend to take many more classes outside the requirement to further my knowledge of Greek and so on.

May the good Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus continue to bless CLI.

Become an ordained house church minister at CLI today!