Community Youth Leader Training: The Desire to Serve

Community Youth Leader Training

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing community youth leader training and being a part of the spread of the Christian revival. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers the ability to earn a scholarship for high-quality online ministry training. This training allows you to follow your dreams. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing community youth leader training. 

Hello, I am Veronica. I reside in Michigan in the United States. I have always attended church and been involved in some way with church activities for the majority of my life.

My maternal great-grandmother pastored her own church where I attended until her death when I was 11 years old. After this I began to attend different churches, my attendance waned and I quit attending altogether; sometimes for years at a time. During these periods, I often felt that something was missing. So, I would begin seeking out a church home once again.

Eventually, in December of 2007 while assisting with a wedding at a church where the pastor and first lady encouraged me to visit to see what their church was about. I fell in love with learning about who Jesus really was, how big his love was for me, and how he’d gone to the cross of crucifixion willingly for ME! Since these realizations, I’ve never been the same.

I believe that the ministry training that I receive through Christian Leadership Institute will equip me to be an effective winner of souls. My call is to minister to young men and women and redirect them to Jesus. I created a summer youth program that encompassed sports with biblical teachings and principals. The young people came away with a renewed interest in how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit play active roles in their daily lives when invited in. Training with CLI will allow me to serve my community in an impactful way that could span several generations.

The getting started classes have further encouraged my commitment to see my calling to fruition. I have been exposed to foundational information and tools that will provide a sound standing in whatever path God directs me to. I believe that as a devoted worker for the Lord I will be in my proper place in the body of Christ. My soul rejoices when I share with others the goodness, grace, and mercy of the Savior.

As I think back over the many instances that God has revealed his saving grace in the lives of my family and friends, I know that I whole heartedly desire to be useful in winning souls for Jesus. After spending time creating and leading a summer youth program and subsequently constantly being led in the direction of ministry, I am ready to answer the call.

Getting a scholarship to attend Christian Leadership Institute will allow me to pursue a solid ministry education needed to affect long term change in my community, my family and my church. I am in an urban community where the need for developing a personal relationship with God often takes a back seat to lack of a job, homelessness, hunger, etc. I want the hopeless to know that there is hope. I want to encourage others to seek refuge and healing from a loving and faithful God. I know CLI will help me accomplish my dreams of receiving community youth leader training.

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Called to Serve: No Child Left Behind

Get Ministry Training

My name is Marlisse Hardamon and I live in the U.S.A. I spent much of my childhood through my early adulthood living a nightmare. The majority of my early life has been filled with every kind of abuse imaginable, which the evil of man’s heart could perpetrate on another individual. I had been beaten, sexually abused, had rags stuffed in my mouth, and verbally assaulted. Yet none of these acts compare to the internal scars that left in my life to imprison me.

My self-inflicted prison, caused me to participate in extremely at risk behaviors. I took drugs that should have killed me or at the very less left me addicted. I participated in activities that should have got me place behind bars or even ended my life. I even keep company with people, whose life style was based on,”living by the sword, die by the sword.”

It is crazy to believe that this is the life that I lived because I was born in the church. My mother has been an active minister all my life. My godfather was a well respected Bishop. I preached my first unofficial sermon at the age of 7. So, I have been saturated with the Truth of God and His protection of all my life.

Today, I am a licensed minister, serving a congregation of about 300 people. I am the Servant Leader of the New Convert’s Ministry and Community Outreach Ministry where I attend. I am a wife to a wonderful man of God. I have 5 God fearing children. I am a History teacher in the public schools. Like David stated in Psalms 119: 71 (NIV),”It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

My ministry goal comes from my pain. I desire most is to share the love and mercy of God with those that have been defined as unlovable, unworthy, and undeserving by American standards The child, that because of his/her family situation does not feel like they belong. The women, that is struggling with an issue of blood. The man that is spiritually blind. I want to lead these people to the cross, where they can find connectedness, healing, and sight. But, most of all they can find salvation for their sin sick souls.

I have learned that the culture of America has seeped into many of God’s local churches and infected it with a disease called, “It About Me.” that has decreased its effectiveness to manifest God’s transformative power.

I am seeking training at CLI, so that I develop a walk with God that is reproducible and Biblical based. The training at CLI will help me ensure that what I am sharing with other is rooted and grounded in Biblical truth, not just experience.

Finally, I ask that you join me in prayer, as I ask the Lord to strengthen me for the journey ahead.

Ministry Chaplain Training

Ministry Chaplain Training

More and more Christians need Ministry Chaplain Training for their callings. A local chaplain minister may help local police departments or fire departments. These chaplains make a big difference! Michael Wulczyn serves at his local Catholic church but also seeks to serve the community in an ordination that will be recognized in his community. CLI offers this kind of dual ordination. He can remain in his Catholic church but ordained in our alliance for becoming a local chaplain minister.  CLI is soon launching a Ministry Chaplain Training certificate and ordination.

Here is his story:

My name is Michael Wulczyn and am fortunate to be married to a special and wonderful woman, Rose Wulczyn, for over twenty-five years. We have two children, Lorie and Matthew, and two grandchildren, Randy and Samantha. We all live in San Antonio, TX

Originally from Chicago, I grew up the product of Catholic school. I became an altar boy at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church and served for a good number of years. My family moved to San Antonio when I was thirteen. I completed High School and joined the US Navy. Injured in the Persian Gulf I was medically discharged and returned to Texas where I met Rose. We fell in love and set out on a truly challenging journey together.

My relationship with God has always been what I would consider strong — when it was in effect. As with a good deal of relationships, there are always ups and downs; tests that truly push the envelope in order to reveal the essence and character of those involved. When my relationship with God swung to the low points, my faith was challenged and doubt entered my heart. I’ve always been able to overcome that doubt and swing back on course. When my relationship swung to the high point, it was unshakeable and renewed. Both the lowest and highest point occurred on 09/12/2012.

While riding my motorcycle to work I was struck by a pickup truck and crashed into another car on the Interstate. Both vehicles took off leaving me with twelve broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a fractured scapula, and a huge gash in my head. The ER doctors worked on me for nine hours before admitting me into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Two physicians told me straight out they didn’t know how I survived — I should have died on that road.

As I lay in that hospital I faced a long and painful recovery. I had the chance to think about a good number of things. The one that I kept coming back to was why did I survive such a terrible accident?

After being transferred from ICU to a hospital bed a Chaplain dropped by and we discussed the accident. I voiced my question to him to which he replied, “God isn’t finished with you yet. He has plans for you which must still be fulfilled.” That started me thinking even more. What could God possibly want of me?

Lying in that hospital room I did something I rarely do. I gave up on seeking an answer to a problem. I stopped trying to surmise God’s plan for me. Instead, I succumbed to His will and placed myself unquestioningly into God’s hands. Within a week after that, I was discharged so as to continue the healing process at home. I knew then that this was the Lord calling me into service.

There have been numerous tests since I lost my job. Found a new one and lost that after the company folded. God has managed to always deliver with one form of aid or another at times when all appeared to be approaching upon the worst. I no longer worry too much. God is steering my life and I have new hope and faith.

There isn’t much opportunity for Catholics to serve God in the traditional sense if one is married.
As I search my heart I find that I take note of more and more opportunities for a chaplaincy — with the local police department as well as with several hospitals. As circumstances have it, all these positions require formal training and ordination. Perhaps it is not so much a coincidence that I have come across CLI and this wonderful opportunity for training!

My current situation has forced my budget to be severely restricted to absolutely necessary items. Then one day I came across the Christian Leader Institute’s (CLI’s)site. The more I studied and researched the more intrigued I became convinced. Surely God had removed the sole obstacle preventing me from fulfilling His plan!

It is my sincere hope to make use of the scholarship offered by CLI, complete my studies, and find a position as a chaplain. I can’t say I know it for a fact, but I know in my heart that this is where I need to be. Only time will tell if this truly is the plan God has in store. Until that revelation, I move forward one little step at a time, steadfast and determined, knowing that as I struggle and move ahead towards a certain goal, God walks beside me should I stumble.

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International Ministry Dream

International Ministry Dream

Read the testimony of the CLI student who has an international ministry dream. He wants to travel the world raising up more revival leaders.

I am currently living in the United States of America in Cincinnati Ohio, right by the river in a small town called Newport. I live in a small town with several churches all doing great things and doing all they can to reach the ends of the earth to share the gospel.
 I found God 3 years ago when I moved away from a shady city north of where I am now. I was surrounded by so-called friends who were using drugs and living a blind and aimless life. I decided it was time to make a major life change and distance myself from the bad crowd as I was tired of being guilty by association. I quickly chose a college degree path, fell in love with the woman I am engaged to now, and set up a new start here in Newport getting grounded in my church where I started to really study the word of God.

My international ministry dream is one that will have many moving parts. I want to be deeply rooted in my local church and build a team to travel the world in the heart of spreading the good news. I am currently managing a blog and youtube channel to share videos that helped me along the way with authors, pastors, etc.

CLI has really helped me dig deeper into the word and figure out how to use it on a daily basis for guidance in my everyday walk, and I have found a passion for writing. I identify with Evangelist, I really believe that God has put an adventures heart in me to travel and a passion for leadership.

When I heard my younger siblings start to ask the bigger questions in life I immediately took the reins and showed them the Bible. I remember the look on their face and the way they received it, it made me feel like I gave them a treasure chest.
Some challenges my geographic area faces is the number of churches that exist, and people may feel like they are all too different and may never choose.

The Bible now serves as my manual to this human vessel. It directs my path and is the lamp of light on my pathway. It gives me hope, it inspires me, and helps me relate to the past soldiers of Christ who tell their tales of faith.
I am assuming new roles in the Church as a men’s bible study leader.

My family had no knowledge of Christ prior to my transformation, and now we are taking steps to help them grow in faith.
This scholarship would inspire me to devote the rest of my life to spreading the word, and changing peoples live the way it changed me from the inside out. A life without God would mean nothing matters, and a life with God means every single thing matters with eternal echoes.

Please pray that I don’t lose hope, and wake up every single morning with the hope of spreading the gospel to as many people as I can with the resources I have.

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Ordained House Church Minister

Ordained House Church Minister

CLI has provided this student with the training he needs to be an ordained house church minister. He has gone from prison to becoming an ordained house church minister in his local area.

Read his testimony below:

I was born in Quezon City Philippines and migrated to Simi Valley California on May 1982. I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA concentrating in Project Management. I have been married (Jaylene) for almost 24 years with a 22 years old daughter (Larissa) and an 18 years old son (Ryan).

When I was 3 years old, my parents separated and I grew up mainly with my grandmother. I barely saw my father for he is a merchant marine who is always out of town so I never really know who he is. I didn’t know my mom very well either although we migrated to the US in May of 1982 both of which a regret – I should have been matured enough to find the time to get to know them and this is something that I wished I could change.

Since I never really have a father figure, I got in many trouble although not until when I was over 18 years of age. I was in and out of jail for a day or 2 and one day, there was a rumble that I was not even a part of and my sworn enemies pointed fingers at me as part of that rumble and I was sentenced to 6 months of jail time. It was then that I was first introduced to the Bible and there was one inside my cell. I read the entire bible twice although it was very confusing. I was also introduced to this person who prayed for me in tongue and that really scared me for I have no clue what he was saying. This was in 1990.

While in jail, I have all the time to evaluate my life and it was not looking good so I decided that I need to go to college and make something of myself. I also knew that I needed to leave California in order to get out of trouble and that I needed to find a woman from out of town. So after getting out, my sister took me in and I went and get my bachelor degree in DeVry University and that is where I met my wife of 24 years. I could see now that Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 is so real as this happened to me.

It was not until July 2007 that I accepted the Lord Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and although I have many ups and down, I am so glad that He never gave up on me. I have served many positions in churches – Administrator, Bible teacher, Men’s Ministry President, a church deacon. I have the desire to continue on and advance to serve Him more and more.

I searched for a long time to find a school for free and after a year or so of searching, I found CLI and started studying daily since Dec of 2016. CLI courses are well written and very detailed. The quizzes are challenging as well that is why I found it really good and really recommend it. Being ordained by CLI will help me with church planting, house churches as well as to be a pastor if God is willing for me to do so.

I have been praying that God will allow me to plant a church but I was not certain where and during our house hunting, we made many offers to many houses all over the place and none of them went through except for where we are right now in Rahway NJ. I asked God to allow me to plant a church here and in April 2017, my church split up because of a different view of buying a building and now I have no church. This is where I need CLI to help me out.

I do have about 4 or 5 families now to plant a church. We do small group (house church) but not every week as many are on vacation but intend to make this to a weekly basis. We need all the prayer we can get. Please pray for us, ask the CLI people to pray for us.

I am deeply thankful that God allowed me to find CLI and able to study and I only have about 3 courses to get my bachelor degree in divinity but I intend to take many more classes outside the requirement to further my knowledge of Greek and so on.

May the good Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus continue to bless CLI.

Become an ordained house church minister at CLI today!

High-Quality Seminary Training

High-Quality Seminary Training

CLI Student Chase went from believing in the Baha’i faith where all religions have essential worth, to being saved and pursuing high-quality seminary training at CLI.

Read about how Chase discovered his passion for Christianity and high-quality seminary training below:

My name is Chase and I am from the United States. Let me just start by saying I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart! I am fortunate to live in the United States with how much freedom of religion there is! I can preach whichever denomination of Christianity I want. And I know this is not the case for many countries, so I feel so blessed and that I should take advantage of my opportunity!

I had been raised all my life as a member of the Baha’i faith. It got to a certain point though where I started going down a dark sin filled path. However, my amazing and incredible wife showed me the love of Jesus Christ and brought me out of the darkness and into the light. It wasn’t until last Easter that I was baptized along with our daughter, that I was suddenly filled with an intense fiery passion and desire for more spiritual knowledge, and to make the gospel more well known. I prayed to God asking for enough money to send me to seminary school. And then a light bulb went off when God answered me and I googled “Free Seminary School”. God answered my prayers with CLI! Now I have the means necessary to study a high-quality Divinity Bachelors program and become proficient in Gods word so that I can be the best biblical husband and father as possible for my family and then the best pastor as possible for our brothers and sisters!

This class helped me greatly to confirm my walk with God and only strengthened my desire to pursue ministry training. My eventual dream is to become a pastor, vocational and then maybe vocational depending on Gods plan. I want to be able to make my brothers feel good by guiding them spiritually and being able to marry Gods children and comfort others when friends and family pass to the kingdom of God. I feel God calling me to fulfill his will this way. Most recently my family and I were facing a personal difficulty that could have gone horribly wrong. But we had faith in the Lord and prayed for his grace and prayed for his will to be done. And our situation was resolved! I know it was God telling me to do something big in the name of Jesus Christ.

Reading the Bible opens one’s eyes to a whole new spiritual world. It is Gods word, so we should treat it as such a cherish is every day and listen to God with us every day. It is all one needs to be happy in life. This world is only material and with Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior, we have eternal spiritual life in His kingdom on high. Gods word, the Bible, tells us this repeatedly. I am now much more confident, positive, happy, and I feel great! I am sharing my fiery passion with my family so we can all show the world through our words and actions Jesus Christ’s love! CLI has made it possible for me to fulfill Gods plan for me, and to be the best biblical man for my family and best pastor for our brothers and sisters. I ask that you pray for my continued spiritual growth, and for God to guide me through this ministry training and beyond. Thank you CLI, and thank you, God!

Obtain high-quality seminary training at CLI today!

Kentucky Free Biblical Training

Kentucky Free Biblical Training

CLI Student, Carla Knowlton, is a talented writer who has a passion for men, women, and child ministry she is receiving Kentucky free biblical training at Christian Leaders Institute.

Read about how she is receiving Kentucky free biblical training at CLI below:

My name is Carla Knowlton. I live in Kentucky in the United States. I have been married for 22 years, and we have two adult children. My husband has been ordained as a minister, and we prayerfully wait for the Lord to open doors of opportunity for him.

I was raised in an environment where Christianity was the right thing to do, although it was only occasionally practiced. As a young adult, I followed the same pattern – I believed in God and wanted to live for Him. I would attend church for a time and strive to do good, then fall away and end up in the “world”, living only for myself. In time I began to believe that Christianity wasn’t for me – that I couldn’t do it. I always failed. I always disappointed God. I then determined to never have anything to do with Him again. It wasn’t worth it. After a couple of years, I had an experience in which God absolutely invaded my heart. He broke down in a moment every wall I had built and filled me with such a love that I had never thought possible. In time, as I grew in the Lord, I came to understand that my past “failures” was because I had been trying to live according to “works”. When I messed up, I allowed myself to believe that I was failing God and that He couldn’t/wouldn’t love me anymore, because I was too messed up.

It has been 10 years since that day that the Spirit of God invaded my life, and although I am far from perfect and sometimes still struggle to see myself as He does rather than by my “merit”, He has been faithful to keep me all these years. He has never let go, even when I have been too weak to hold onto Him.

During the years, I have been used in many varied ways. I do not know exactly where the Lord will lead me, or what “title” one could give to the ministry that He has called me to. He speaks to me of so many things – writing books (I do have one published); writing songs; praise & worship service; I hear sermons in my mind; I have so many ideas for men’s ministries, women’s ministries, youth ministries… My former pastor said that the Lord speaks to me as He does a pastor’s wife, as the pastors must have a hand in every part of the church. I have laid up his council in my heart, while I wait for the Lord to confirm or deny and to lead as He desires. I only know that the greatest passions of my heart are (1) being a pillar – a strong, upholding support – for pastors, for they are the servants of the entire congregation and are often without encouragement or support, and (2) writing for the glory of God.

For many years, I have desired a higher education in my spiritual walk. I have researched colleges, seminaries, etc. too many times to count. My husband is on disability due to a back injury, my adult son has autism and lives at home, and I am a homemaker. We could not afford the cost of a quality education when my husband and I both worked; now with one small income, it is completely impossible. But with God, all things are possible! While doing yet another internet search, I came across Christian Leaders Institute. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of education provided by CLI, and the availability to those who cannot afford it but who still feel the call of God on their lives astounds me. I am so thrilled and thankful to God for providing this opportunity to me, and to all involved with CLI for allowing God to use them in this manner and for following this call on their own lives. I believe that my education at Christian Leaders Institute will strengthen my own walk with the Lord, enable me to effectively speak to others about Christ and His Gospel, and equip me to be a viable leader in whatever capacity He chooses to place me in.

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Online Free Bible College

Online Free Bible College

Jean Pierre Rheau has come from nearly dying to studying ministry at Christian Leaders Institute – an online free Bible college where Jean has deepened his knowledge of the Gospel.

Read about Jean’s story of discovering CLI – an online free Bible college below:

My name is Jean Pierre Rheau of Kissimmee, Florida. I’ve been married to my wife Sonia for thirty-eight years and raised our four children Samuel, Marvin, Sophia and Sabine. They are all grown up and we have four grandchildren – Jamel and Asia from Samuel, Jordyn and Jenesis from Sophia.

I started traveling as a crew member on a cruise ship. I visited the Caribbean, West Indies, North America, South America, Central America, and Alaska. I immigrated to the USA in 1980, to Providence, Rhode Island. I joined the Church of God and served as Deacon, Pastor, Council and Lay coordinator. My brother, Bishop Jean Gerard and I, co-signed for the building of Anthony Avenue Church of God, now Elmwood Avenue Church of God. I moved to Florida in 1997 and served on the same level under the leadership of Bishop Jean Denis of Kissimmee Church of God for fifteen years.

I originated from Haiti. I was born and brought up in a Christian home and I did not experience anything in the world because my parents who raised eleven of us taught us to know just the Lord; we only had one option, it was to go to Catholic school. Therefore, it was mandatory to participate in their Mass, sing in their choir, and thereafter go to Church with our parents.

At a very young age, knowing my Bible, with the help of my mother who went to Bible Seminary and my uncle who was the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostal Church of God, always put me in a heated argument with my fellow pupils when gathering with the Priest in Catechism class.

At the age of twelve, I had the chickenpox. My mother forced me to take a shower after school and as a remedy, she mixed yucca starch with alcohol and blew it on my skin on a cold December evening; I caught a very severe cold and when I got to school, they took me to the clinic and I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was transported the next day to the closest General Hospital in town. The doctor said it was not even necessary to put me on an antibiotic because I had fluid in my lung and he told my father that I was going to die. They discharged me late in that same evening from the hospital with a pair of white pants and a white long sleeve shirt for my burial.

My father who is now one hundred and two years old was so disturbed by that very bad news. He could not find any ground transportation, so he embarked on a sailboat from the city to cross the bay to the village where we lived. I arrived home, almost at midnight, on my father’s back. He gave the news to my mother and bad news travels fast; it was desolation in the whole village.

Early in the morning, the elders of the church gathered and started praying, with the laying on of hands. I was fed every day with watercress, goat meat, and coffee with cream of dry coconut. God gave me a vision showing that He puts oil in my lamp to preach. In a matter of weeks, I started to gain weight and did not feel any cold symptoms. My father was working as a steward with the school department and the Nuns inquired all the time about when I was going to die. One day my father said that he is going to take me to the clinic and they will see for themselves if I am going to live or die. He did so, and then when I got there, they were overjoyed to see that I was alive and well. All tests were negative…

At the age of thirteen, I committed my life to the Lord and was baptized. I was serving in many different church ministries and different levels, but being brought up in a Pentecostal Church of God, I never choose to go to Bible School, because if you don’t speak in other tongues you are not going to get ordained. I was delighted to meet my friend Rony Samson who introduce me to Christian Leaders Institute and who is also a student. I enjoy the genuine Bible-based Christian instructions they offer, the open door opportunity for even third world countries.

For me especially, it was a package with a precious gift from heaven. The Lord has entrusted me with a fiduciary position and sent me to make disciples for His kingdom. I ask God for a double portion for all donors and sponsors. With your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit, I have committed myself to remain loyal in His service.

God has placed me in a new area for the past four years, working under the leadership of Bishop Rene Pierrot, where I preach, teach in Sunday School and Bible Study and play the organ. I have many challenges time-wise because I also work full-time to support my family. But as the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9: 16: “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for necessity is laid upon me; yea woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel.”

May the Lord bless you all and keeps you always.

Join like Jean this online free Bible college today.

Free Ministry Education: Young and In Love with Jesus

Free Ministry Education

Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry education for any individual desiring to study Christ. Read about a student’s testimony to how she was found to CLI and how Christian Leaders Institute has impacted her life:

My name is Chelsea Roberson and I am 21 years old. I currently live in North Carolina in the United States of America. I am immensely blessed to be able to study God’s word freely and practice my faith in the open. Ministry in this country is relatively easy depending on who you ask. I am beginning to see a shift, however, with the state beginning to turn more towards the world than to Jesus. I am determined to use the free ministry education I receive at Christian Leaders Institute to help reverse this shift. 

For the first 14 years of my life, I did not grow up with Christ in my life. I grew up in an abusive home without God. In fact, the only access to information I had about God was that He was horrible and mean if He was real, but He was most likely not. However, after my father went to jail and become very ill, my mother met an incredible man I now call my step-father. He began taking my brother and I to church against our will (of course) and the Lord began a work in my heart. He began to draw me in until I had a spoken word over my life. I was saved that night and gave in to Jesus the only way I knew how. I am still always in the sanctification process, but I am in love with my Savior who I know is good. Ever since that moment, the Holy Spirit has pursued me in ways I never thought myself worthy of.

My dream moving forward would be to become a leader in a Celebrate Recovery near me. I have recently fallen in love with this ministry and what it stands for. It is a safe place for broken Christians. It is what church was always meant to be. It is the hospital for the sinner and saint alike. We are all broken and stained, but the blood of Jesus makes us white as snow. I don’t know what that looks like moving forward but I know that I have never been more passionate about anything in my life. I suppose the word that comes to mind in reference to this dream would be an evangelist. I want everyone to know how loved they are and how much they are desired by our Savior. They were/are worth dying for and they were/are worth pursuing.

I remember the very moment I was called to ministry. Our local pastor asked all ministers in the congregation to raise their hands. Only about 2 hands were raised. Then, he quoted Mark 16:15. The Holy Spirit fell on me. I felt burning from head to toe. That was it. Jesus calls ALL believers to go into all of the world and preach the good news! Why had no one ever told me this before? From that moment on, I have been in full pursuit of what that word ministry means to me in my walk. God hasn’t failed me yet. In fact, this program is an answer to my prayers. This is the next step in my studies and in my walk.

Thank you for what you are doing for us and for providing in ways that I couldn’t provide for myself! This scholarship to me means ministry. It means a dream come true. It means an answered prayer. It means salvation. It means education. It means joy.

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Bible Teacher Training – Saving Grace

Bible Teacher Training

Bible teacher training is very important! When someone is called into the ministry, they need training for ministry. We live in a complicated world where people have all sorts of past experiences. Bible teacher training helps Christian Leaders become able to not only grow themselves but also able to help others. Adam Muse and his wife are local Christian Leaders who are called to benefit from Bible teacher training at Christian Leaders Institute.  This is their story.

My name is Adam Muse. I am 24 and was born in Tennessee. I grew up with God loving parents. Although I grew up around the church, I never received His grace myself. I ran from God and began abusing painkillers at 13. By the time I was 16 I was addicted to methamphetamine.

When I was 18, I was arrested for burglary, and by the grace of God, instead of facing prison time I was able to join a ministry for broken youth. I traveled doing missions, and the Lord found me and changed me. I fell in love with the Word of God. I have read it every day for seven years and fall more in love with Him every day through it. I met my wife in the ministry, and she has helped me with my walk. She’s the blessing I could never deserve.

We have been to Uganda, Israel, Romania, and more countries spreading the Word together. We are currently living in her home state of South Carolina and working full-time jobs. I believe that CLI can help me fulfil my calling of being a teacher of God’s Word. I could never afford a seminary, or have the time to attend a full time school. I appreciate the oppurtunity to be able to get this kind of education if no charge. I can’t wait to bless CLI so someone else can enjoy this education of God’s Word.

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How God Found Me in the Dark

How God Found Me in the Dark

Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity today. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who explains how God found her in the dark. She found CLI as a tool to rediscover the pathway to Christ:

My name is Christine Winn, I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Now I live in Springfield, Missouri, the USA with my American Pitbull Terrier “Baby Girl”. I am a certified medication technician and I have been working in the nursing field for 10 years. In 2015 my father and I published the first book in a Christian fiction series titled “Rapture Theory Book I: Rise of the Anti-Christ”. At first, my family’s religion was Catholicism until my grandfather converted to Christianity. Therefore my parents, who were both baptized, raised my siblings and me as Christians.

When I did attend church as a child I remember waiting with anticipation for Sunday school to end so I could hear the preacher’s sermon. I also loved listening to my father and my uncle’s debate over each of their own interpretations of the Bible. The first time I asked Jesus into my heart was at church summer camp. Even there my favorite thing to do was go to Chapel. As I got older my family suffered tragedies that caused me to fall away from my faith.

My 18-month-old sister died in a fire when I was six years old. My parents grew angry at themselves and one another over the accident. They eventually lead our family to another accidental tragedy of my mother’s death by struggling over a gun she was trying to use on my father than herself, I was 13 years old. That lead me down a very dark path as a teen and young adult. A life full of sexual and physical abuse, premarital relations, alcohol, and drugs. A life I never thought that I would have.  After a scare with the law, I prayed a promise to God if I got out of it I would give my life over to him. Not long after that prayer I was set free. I decided it was time to clean myself up and finish school, so I did.

I was doing the right things by societal standards but I was still living my life the way I wanted to live it without regard to building a relationship with God. My Earthly relationships were more important to me. I ended up with a failed marriage, a suicidal attempt & cancer before I began a reassessment of my priorities and purpose in life. All this by the ripe old age of 27. I never had children before cancer took that possibility away so I found myself needing to do a soul search of why I am here. During my surgeries, I was helping coauthor the book I wrote with my father. It helped me from falling apart at that time altogether.

Still, I did not have a proper relationship with God. I moved away from my whole family to live alone in a new city over 2 hours away. As I’ve been digging within myself and my heart I have felt the call. I thought about all the terrible times in my life and looking back I can see how God was there and called out to me. I’m ashamed that it all comes down to the same reason why I ignored those calls, fear of what others might say or think about me. More so fear that given my history they would ridicule me for even thinking I could ever walk with God. I know now none of that matters. I’m ready now, after enduring my own personal trials and tribulations, to answer God’s call. I am amazed at how God found me in the dark.

What I hope to complete is the Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity. I will then use my training for many different purposes. I believe God has given me the gift of being a great listener and speaker. I also feel a deep empathy for those in the world who are suffering. Some things I’d like to do would include going on mission trips all over the world, help bring back God into what seems to be a godless society more and more every day, as well as participating in local ministry through non-profits for those suffering alcohol/drug addictions but especially being a child abuse prevention advocate. I know the Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity would help me accomplish my dreams and goals. I’m only just now getting involved in attending a local church since I am new to the area but I know I’ll find the perfect one to help mentor me to accomplish these goals as well.

That all being said I couldn’t accomplish any of this without the Christian Leaders Institute scholarship.  I have to work full time in order to provide for myself. It’s hard to find a quality and affordable program that is flexible with the scheduling demands of healthcare. God has his purpose for me in life and I am ready to pursue that. Without the Christian Leaders Institute scholarship and the Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity, I couldn’t even dream of being able to accept that journey and answer God’s call. I thank CLI for being a tool in how God found me in the dark. It will also greatly enhance my walk with God to build a strong relationship that can be tested time and time again. God bless everyone involved that’s helping make people’s dreams like mine become a reality. For that, thank you and bless you.

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Journey to Ministry: From Wreckage to Reconciliation

Journey to Ministry

Start your journey to ministry today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who used Christian Leaders Institute to continue his journey to ministry:

I was born and raised in Genesee county Michigan, USA. I still reside in Genesee county and currently, I am the outreach and evangelism pastor at my local church. I have been in ministry for a total of 15 years and have held numerous different positions. My wife Samantha Kelley and I are in ministry together.
At 13 years old, I felt the call of God on my life to preach. I come from a line of men of God who uphold the Christian walk and have taught and lived out the truth of who God is. My spiritual mentor is my father. My father’s spiritual mentor was his uncle, my great uncle, BL Kelley. It is my desire to continue this legacy to be the best pastor that I possibly can be. I am currently fully ordained as a minister of the gospel, and I hold an associates degree in biblical theology from Christian Leadership University. I am in a position where I can no longer afford to pay the fees associated with the traditional seminary. This scholarship would give me the ability to achieve a degree in Divinity, as well as give me the training necessary to be the best minister I can possibly be. Christian Leaders Institute will allow me to follow my dreams.
What I love about CLI so far is the quality information and training available. I’m not looking for the easy road for some online school to hand me the paper of completion. I look forward to learning the material so I can apply it to my local church. In my local area, we have a key demographic of low-income families, alcoholism, drug addiction, broken families, All of which who are in desperate need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to learn in greater detail different ways I can engage our local community to present Christ. My father is the pastor of my local church, I have been called here for a reason. I do not want to have to leave my local church for a bigger denomination that has the ability to train within. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in January 2017 that I am to stay put and help my father pastor our local church. With that said, I am in need of further education and further training. I am excited to be a part of Christian Leaders Institute to continue my journey of ministry. 
I was born and raised in the church but like most, I went astray for a while. Because of my personal encounter with God the Savior, I have a desire to see the lost saved and to see the broken be made whole. In my testimony, God has delivered me from drugs and alcoholism, he has delivered me from depression, PTSD from combat, and saved my life when I attempted suicide. The best advice I have ever been given to be effective in my journey to ministry is that we cannot be afraid to show our own scars. Just like when Jesus resurrected from the dead and some of those who are closest to him did not recognize him. His identifier was his scars.
I identify most with being called to serving as a Pastor because I truly have a desire to see people be filled, to see people healed, and to see people step into their calling.
My local church has been more than supportive and willing to help in any way possible to see us trained and ready for ministry. My family plays a vital role in our ministry because we have gone from absolute wreckage to reconciliation. My wife is truly my other half in ministry she encourages me, loves people, and is a prayer warrior. My children help me lead worship. We are all a package deal.
If there is anything that I can say we would ask for prayer for it is that God continues to direct our path, so we can be successful in creating disciples who will bring value to their own local church.
Sincerely thank you
Pastor Matthew Kelley

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Thoughts on This Free Bible College Recommendation

Free Bible College Recommendation

Free Bible College Recommendation – My name is Grace V. Hughes and I live outside of Houston, Texas in the United States of America. I am the youngest of four, I am 52 years old. I was born in Texas but lived in Venezuela until I was 20 years old. At that age, I moved to the United States to attend college. My husband and I have been married 25 years, we have five children and two grandchildren. Currently, my husband and I alternate serving in two churches as Camera Operators.

I came to know Jesus Christ through my grandmother Grace. Here is my account: I was raised in a wealthy home but God was not considered relevant in our family even though we attended church and I attended an all-girl Catholic school. At 21 years of age, I witnessed my grandmother’s death after her long battle with cancer. After she took her last breath, I questioned where her spirit went. During the five months after her death, I questioned my own eternity. So, on May 18th, 1986, shortly after turning 22 years old, I decided to make Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior.

There are two aspects of my life experience which have defined my ministry dream: my upbringing and my involvement with various churches and ministries for almost 31 years. First, my family home life was dysfunctional. My dad was extremely controlling and my mom was extremely submissive. These behaviors set the tone in my home for unhealthy behaviors between all of us family members. I grew up always thinking of myself as never good enough, scared and insecure. But everything changed after I became a Christian. Through a series of circumstances, God began to heal my wounded emotions. Many years later, I know I am very imperfect. But I also know within myself that I am forgiven and I am priceless in God’s eyes. Next, over the years of serving in different churches and ministries, I realized there are people that are just as broken as I was. Since I have the gift of listening, a “sound board”, I wish to become a Chaplain or a Counselor. In other words, a Small Group Leader. A setting where I can connect with people that are experiencing a difficult time in their lives and in which they can be heard by me, I can pray with them, and I can provide general advice to their situation.

Losing my day job prompted me to begin pursuing ministry. In 2010, I survived one of many layoffs. I realized then that the Corporate world would not be my final career destination. Recently, in 2016, I did not survive this last layoff. I concluded then that the time was right to begin ministry training. A church friend gave a Free Bible College Recommendation for CLI. I did my research and realized CLI is a legitimate online Bible College.

Regarding employment, it is of great importance that I gain full-time work again. However, I am looking for work in two areas: regular office work and working for non-profit organizations, whether the job is in the Christian or secular industries. Going through CLI will aid in fine-tuning my Bible knowledge and prepare me for ministry whether in a paid position or a volunteer position.

The scholarship from CLI is highly significant to me since I am unable to afford the traditional four-year college tuition and I believe it is not financially beneficial to our family to be in debt. (As a matter of fact, as a family we have been going through financial counseling to better manage our finances and, eventually, bet out of debt!). The scholarship takes away the monetary obstacle and burden and allows me to freely pursue great Biblical training and preparation for Kingdom work.

Regarding the two local churches I serve in and my family, I have their 100 % support and prayers in my Bible College endeavors.

My most important prayer request is for a healthy balance between home life, work life, and able to successfully complete in a timely manner all the courses offered by CLI.

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Bible School Christian Training – Life Of Hope

Bible School Christian Training

Bible School Christian Training – My name is June Marie Bassett. I live in the US. I grew up in a home where I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused. I was introduced to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes at age 14. I was raped twice at age 15. I became very promiscuous. I used these vices as means to avoid my pain. My parents divorced when I was 18. My dad left my mom for another woman. I went to the bars 6 nights a week to get drunk and high, etc. I got a drunk driving in 1986, resulting in my having my license suspended. I still went out to the bars. I tried to just have a drink or two, but by the end of the night, I was drunk. I realized I had a problem and began counseling. I eventually admitted I was an alcoholic and attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In January 1987, I was getting high with my boyfriend and his brother. A voice said to me, “You will never quit until you learn to say ‘no’.” The next time it was my turn to snort I said, “no” and never touched it again. I had drank and used for 10 years. I didn’t know anything else.

In August 1989, I got a traffic ticket and went to traffic school.

The traffic school teacher was a Christian. He said, “Sometimes people reach a place in their lives where they want to change, but don’t know how.”

I went up to him at the break and said, “That’s me!”

He said to stay after class and we could talk.

The first question he asked me after class was, “Where is your relationship with God?”

A few months before that, I had been listening to a radio station I did not know was a Christian station. They talked about some things that spoke to me and I wrote them a letter, telling them my life story. They sent me back a letter, and the very first sentence in that letter said, “Where is your relationship with God?” I was not ready for God, had no desire for God, so I crumpled up the letter and threw it away. But, when this traffic school teacher asked me the very same question, I knew enough to listen and to realize God was speaking to me.

The teacher asked me if I wanted to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I said, “Yes!”

I have pursued God and a relationship with Him ever since.

The one word that I feel describes me right now is: Pastor. I am a ‘shepherd’, caring for people, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of people. There was not a key experience in my life that caused me to pursue ministry. But, the abuse I suffered has given me a heart for other women who have gone through abuse. I desire to be a safe place for other women to find healing in their lives.

I live in Utah, a predominantly Mormon culture. It is difficult to be a Christian here. Mormons have looked down on Christians in the past, and now they attempt to say they are Christians. It is tough to explain to them they do not believe the same things, or in the same God, we do as Christians. It is difficult to speak into their lives in a way that they will listen and not get defensive.

My local church has supported me in ministry by allowing me to be part of the Leadership Team and the Worship Team, and by allowing my husband and me to host a Small Group. My desire is to minister to women who have been abused and to assist them in finding healing, as God has healed me in my life.

My husband is my largest supporter and encourager. He believes in me and what God has called me to do. As well, he believes in the story I have to share that can be a source of support and encouragement to other women.

Bible School Christian Training – Scholarship

A scholarship at CLI is important to me so that I can pursue the calling I feel God has placed on my life, without incurring debt. But, I also believe I am receiving a Biblically based education.

Please pray for guidance and direction as to how to get my ministry up and going once I receive my education, with CLI.

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Affordable Divinity Degree with Free Classes

Affordable Divinity Degree

Affordable Divinity Degree – My name is Jason I am a 40-year-old sole provider for a family of six–four children and a wife living in Florida, USA. I currently work as a production planner for the GE F414 Engine PBL program. I have been blessed by the Lord to arrive at this position. I have worked my way up from a simple warehouse laborer to the contract I have now only by the grace of God.

Although I confessed Christ as Lord and was baptized in 2005, I quickly strayed back to the ways of the ‘world.’ As I became a father for the first time at the age of 30 and my family began to grow quickly I often prayed for guidance to be the figurehead and spiritual leader I needed to be to raise my family in the Lord. But, I still struggled with alcohol consumption and living for pleasure instead of completely surrendering myself to Christ. In March of 2014, the Lord answered my prayers in a way I never imagined. While away on vacation, a neighbor’s son broke into our home, robbed us, and burned down our house.

We returned to a sense of loss, hopelessness, and despair. However, we quickly realized just how blessed we were. Our community, for the most part, is predominantly active serving Christians and they surrounded us with love, compassion, and assistance. The local Baptist Church we had only visited a couple of times years prior quickly provided for our needs without us ever asking for assistance. It was at this point I realized the Lord was providing me a choice. I could try to cope with the tragedy on my own and eventually fall victim to alcohol abuse, or I could give my burdens to Him and surrender once and for all. I made my decision.

Since March 23, 2014, I and my family have been actively involved in the Church. My wife has been baptized and three of my four children as well. We serve as Awana leaders, Adult Sunday School teacher, Children’s Church leaders, missionaries, cooks, VBS leaders, and various other areas.

In June of 2016, I made the decision to pursue a seminary education. Although I do not believe I am called to fulfill the role of Pastor I did believe that I would need the education for whatever works the Lord has in store for me. Finances and poor participation in college during my youth have prevented me from being able to enroll in a traditional seminary college. Recently, after much prayer, I have a desire to become a hospital chaplain. Days after coming to this conclusion I discovered CLI. My plan is to pursue the degree option through CLI and be able to transfer that to seminary in pursuit of my M.DIV and hopefully work through the local hospital to become a chaplain.

I am most grateful for all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon my family and I. I look forward to the opportunities provided through the Ministry of CLI.

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