Christian leadership and ministry training

My name is Imelda Huliganga. I am from the northern part of the Philippines, known as Bauang La Union. I now live in Canada with my husband and family. As a student at the Christian Leaders Institute, I am taking tuition-free Christian leadership and ministry training.

My Journey

Raised in a large, impoverished family of 11, I completed high school in Manila. Despite not growing up in the Christian faith, I attended a Catholic school. At 18, I pursued independence and moved to Singapore to work as a domestic helper.

Later, at 23, I relocated to Edmonton, Canada, where I worked as a nanny and met my husband. Challenges marked our early years together. My husband struggled with alcohol and prioritized friends over family. Despite this, we hadn’t embraced Christianity.

New Direction

Our lives took a turn when we moved to another city, and our daughter started attending church with my brother. Witnessing her involvement prompted us to join her, and gradually, our lives transformed. My husband ceased drinking, and we began attending church regularly and actively engaging in serving the community. The birth of our second child solidified our faith in Christ as we observed profound positive changes within our family.

Christian Leadership and Ministry Training at CLI

As I grew spiritually, I felt God calling me to serve as a small group leader within the church. Pursuing Christian leadership and ministry training became a natural progression for me. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to learn more and receive formal Christian leadership and ministry training. This Christian training will equip me and build upon what I learned in my experiences. The training will help me discern my calling more clearly. Despite facing challenges, such as my limited familiarity with technology, particularly with computers, I will not let that hinder my progress. I refuse to limit my capacity for growth. Therefore, I am committed to continuously learning and growing so that I may be a vessel through which God’s blessings flow.

With each step forward, I find myself inspired by the journey that has led me to this point. Further, our challenges have only strengthened my resolve and deepened my faith. I appreciate the chance to tell my story and offer hope to those who might be going through the same difficulties.

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