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The Power and Strength of a Reliable Communication Tool: Prayer

My name is Margaret Lansana. I was born in Kailahun, the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, West Africa. There, I was an elementary school teacher. I enjoyed my job and found it very rewarding. I was incredibly proud that one of my former students became a teacher and taught at the school where I worked. However, I stopped teaching in 2000 due to the civil war there and moved to Canada. I am a mother and a grandmother of many. Currently, I reside in Ontario, Canada, with my family. I am also a student at the Christian Leaders Institute for free prayer ministry training.

Growing Up

I grew up with devoted Muslim parents. However, at a young age, my father enrolled me in a Christian School, giving me the option to become either a Christian or a Muslim. I then started attending a Christian church with one of our neighbor’s children, who became my long-time friends. What was taught at church was not part of my daily living at home or amongst my friends. It seems we were more interested in having fun together. I wore my best dresses every Sunday and was exempt from my parents’ farm work. The extent of my Christian living was limited to attending church on Sundays. Nothing heard or taught in church was nurtured or promoted at home. The turning point in my walk with Christ came years later. It came at a time when I needed Him the most. I was an adult, mature, and able to decide for myself.

My Work and Christian Life

Upon graduation from college as an elementary school teacher, I secured a job in Freetown. It was great, and I loved it. However, I was struggling spiritually and felt empty even though I was still attending church on Sundays. I kept this job for a few years and then relocated to another city, Kenema, in the east of the country. There, I secured another teaching job with the Methodist Mission. Fortunately, I was on the staff with some of my former high school and college colleagues. Through our interactions as staff, I started attending their church services and other related programs. Therefore, I began to understand more about Christian life as deeper than just attending church on Sundays.

After a few months, another high school colleague invited me to their first Sunday Women’s Day Thanksgiving Service. There, I felt the presence of God so powerfully. I felt the power and nearness of God in a way I had never experienced. I later continued attending their church services and other church programs regularly. Therefore, I developed a close relationship and walked with God. I read the Bible more and attended midweek services, prayer meetings, and other church functions. There, I gave my life to Jesus and got baptized. This church finally became my home church with my children.

Somebody Touched Me

My love for the LORD became a burning fire within me. The sermons, Bible readings, revival prayer meetings, and midweek prayers kindled God’s love in me. I felt more spiritually mature. I was invited to become an elder in the church and a Cross Bearer, a very honorable title. My involvement and the responsibilities assigned to me increased. I became the church Union Secretary and, later, the Church Financial Secretary. It was the turning point of my walk with God. It was then that I felt the touch of somebody: JESUS.

I received inner peace, and my fears were gone. I felt loved and had hope in the Lord. Further, I felt his protection and continuous presence in my challenges. I became convinced that God hears and answers our prayers. Therefore, I became resilient in my prayer life.

While in Canada, I joined the Pentecostal Church and their prayer team and Bible study group. I also served on the Care Pastoral Team. I have developed a more profound love for prayer. My dream is to be a woman of prayer. My deepest desire is to establish a powerful prayer ministry to fight Satan and his hosts. While searching for a free online Bible course, I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute website. I thank God for CLI!

Christian Leaders Institute: Free Prayer Ministry Training

I am very grateful to this learning institution for offering this fantastic program. My heart was filled with gratitude after reading the information at CLI because it was exactly what I needed. I eagerly enrolled in the prayer program and proceeded to take other courses. Upon completing the free prayer ministry training, I will start my free prayer ministry to share the love of God with others. It is a communication tool with our Heavenly Father, which the devil attacks. We should, therefore, pray without ceasing as the devil roams the earth always seeking souls to devour and destroy. To overcome this, we must fortify our prayer life with our Father.

I am very grateful to the Christian Leaders Institute: its donors, its staff, and all those who have made my dream a reality. Let us all continue to stand firm in the Lord, and we will find His grace, love, and mercy.

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