Theological and ministry training

Called to Transform and Bring the Light of God to Others

My name is Oluwarotimi Akintan Falona, and I am originally from the southwestern part of Nigeria. I have lived in Europe for over a decade and currently live with my family in Munich, Germany. The Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to prayer because of its tuition-free theological and ministry training. It equips me for my calling.

My Journey

I grew up in a Pentecostal Christian home, part of a family of ten, including extended family members and relatives. Although my parents are Christians and attend church, upon reflection, it seems that we were primarily a religious family. In my teenage years, our family transitioned to attending a Methodist church. However, during my university days, I participated in a Holy Spirit-filled fellowship where I recommitted my life to Jesus and received baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I veered off course for a while, grappling with loneliness in a foreign land and facing uncertainties about life. During this time, my relationship with the Lord experienced highs and lows. Through the grace of God, I rediscovered my faith and developed a strong desire to seek and serve God in spirit and truth continually.

Calling Direction

The increasing godlessness in Europe and guidance from the Holy Spirit have instilled a profound burden in my heart for souls. In 2019, my former pastor in Finland conveyed a message from the Lord. He indicated that God wants me in Germany to work for Him. It appears that the time has come for the activation of that assignment.

God has been speaking to me, especially since 2020 when I earnestly committed to my walk with Him, though it has not been without challenges. In my current spiritual journey, the Lord communicates with me and bestows upon me the grace for the prophetic gift. Recently, I received a divine calling to establish a local assembly dedicated to prayer and worship. I am to primarily focus on intercession for souls and bringing people into the light of God.

Tuition-free Theological and Ministry Training at CLI

In summary, following the Lord’s guidance, my calling is to bring souls back to God and help transform them into the image of Christ, as He has done for me. This mission begins in this town. In the long term, it involves initiating an evangelical and economic empowerment program as part of my ministry.

With my limited theological background, financial constraints, and a deep desire for a thorough understanding of the Word of God, I knew I needed tuition-free theological and ministry training. The Christian Leaders Institute is a divine answer to fulfilling my God-given mandate. I am prepared to bring light to the town of Munich and, subsequently, to Germany as a whole. Thank you, CLI, for this study opportunity!

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