Opportunity for studying the Bible

Proof of Proverbs 22:6

Hello, my name is Sheila Franca, from Canada. The opportunity for studying the Bible at the Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing for me.

About Me

I am Brazilian, married since 2004, with one daughter and one son. I could not have a baby, but God healed me and gave me my heart’s desire. My husband and I have been in the pastoral and missionary ministry since 2002, when we met on a YWAM Brazil missionary field. Then, from 2004 after our marriage, we served in the pastoral ministry. We were ordained as pastors in 2008 in Brazil. We are still in the same ministry.

I had the pleasure of being born in a Christian home; my parents and grandparents were pastors. I accepted Jesus at the age of four and never forget that day. Further, I was baptized at 11 and have walked in God’s way since then. I have always known of my calling in Christ and have never deviated from Him.

My Testimony: Proverbs 22:6

When I was 18, I asked God about my testimony. I thought that I didn’t have one. In that same week, a person asked me about my testimony. I answered her what I just said above: “I was born in a Christian home, and I have been walking with God since.” The person began to cry, and I didn’t understand why. She said, “Your testimony proves what the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 NLT – “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” She was right!

We went through difficult times along our journey in several aspects. Therefore, I have further testimony and miracles that we lived until now. In all of them, God has given us grace. My husband and I are living in Canada. We are planter pastors here, and it is very challenging. However, God is our strength!

Opportunity for Studying the Bible at CLI

I learned about the Christian Leaders Institute through a missionary friend I’ve known for over 20 years. It has always been my dream to take a more in-depth course on the Bible to get a certificate. I have already taken several courses, including the opportunity for studying the Bible by the inductive method, for nine months. It was a challenge for me, married with two children. However, I finished, and it was a fantastic experience. I love to study, and this Bible study opportunity is a huge blessing.

I thank God for the opportunity for studying the Bible and continuing to grow in knowledge and intimacy with Him. We only stop learning when we die! God bless, and thank you!

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