Study to be a small group leader

Hello, my name is Diomedes Sambas. Born in the Philippines, I now live in Surrey, B.C., Canada. I am married to my wife of 25 years. The Lord has blessed us with a son who is now 18 years old. I heard about the Christian Leaders Institute in our church leaders’ meetings. The leadership encouraged my wife and me to enroll and study to be a small group leader equipped to do the Lord’s mandate.

My Story

I finished my high school education in 1981 in Manila, Philippines. After I graduated from high school, I went to work because of poverty. Around 1997, I went to Taiwan as an overseas Filipino worker in a factory. There, I met my girlfriend, who later became my wife. She was the one who became a born-again Christian first. As I observed the changes in her, I thought that if she was happy in her new religion, it was fine with me.

However, the time came when she started sharing Bible verses with me and tried to explain to me who Jesus is. She even invited me to join their Bible study and Church service. I attended her Bible study once and also the church service. After that, I told her it was the last time I would go with her to the church. We had a big argument about it. I even threw the Bible at her. She cried. After that, I thought that I had lost her for good. However, after our fight, she talked to her pastor and Bible study leader. She asked them to pray for me.

New Direction

After a few weeks without communication, I finally called her at her dorm. When she answered the phone, I blurted out that I wanted to attend the church on Sunday. She was so happy to hear me say it. When Sunday came, I was with her and attended church. While listening to the sermon, I wondered if the preacher was talking about me. He was talking about things that I was doing. After the preaching of the word, the pastor made an altar call. It was for people who wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and come to the front of the church. Lo and behold, when I opened my eyes, I was in front. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was the 16th of March 1997.

When we returned to the Philippines, we married in April of 1999. We attended a local church in my wife’s province, where I served in men’s ministry from 2000 to 2015. Then, we moved from the Philippines to beautiful British Columbia. When we moved here, I told myself I would attend the church and be a member. I wanted to sit and relax and not join any ministry.

Study to Be a Small Group Leader at CLI

That was my plan. However, God had another plan for me. I joined a Bible study group in our new church after just a few Sundays. The small group leader asked me to share in our Bible study there. After a year of being a member of that group, one of our pastors talked to me. He asked me to become a Small Group Leader. I wanted to refuse because of my original plan. However, I said yes. Therefore, I am enrolled in the Christian Leader Institute to study to be a small group leader. I want to grow in knowledge and faith and be able to lead small groups. The Lord will teach me many things in my journey as I continue.

As I continue my walk with God through my study to be a small group leader at the Christian Leaders Institute, I know God is preparing me for something extraordinary in ministry. Furthermore, God is adding more members to the small group that He has entrusted me to lead. My passion is to help people grow in their faith and care for them in their Christian journey. I pray that God teaches and guides me to be the small group leader He desires. I am very grateful that all the courses in CLI are free and available anytime and anywhere. Otherwise, attending a Bible School where I would have to pay and leave my job would be impossible. God leads our brethren at CLI to make all of this possible. To God be the Glory!

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