More Bible Knowledge and training

My name is Jessica Rodgers. I am from Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. I have a high school education and was in special education throughout my school years. Now, I enjoy being a student at the Christian Leaders Institute. God wanted me to find something like CLI for more Bible knowledge and training. It would come to my mind ever so often. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for until my husband found CLI. He is also a student.

My Journey

My childhood could have been better. I wanted to be normal with a normal family like my friends. However, I didn’t get that growing up. My mom divorced my dad when I was a few weeks old, so I grew up going back and forth between my parents. At first, my mom had custody for a while, then she messed up, so my dad got custody, and she got visitation. My dad didn’t go to church. However, my grandparents did, and they took me to church. My mom also took me on her weekend with me. I sat in church and listened but didn’t care much for it. Further, I wondered if any of it was real.

Sadly, I went through some abuse growing up. My dad was mentally disturbed and cussed at me and God. He’d tell me I would never amount to anything. My papaw also had a bad temper and mistreated me. My aunt abused me, too. She threw me around, smacked me, and tried to choke me. My mom tried to get custody of me again. However, she was able to get it. Therefore, I went through all of that, became suicidal, and tried to kill myself. I was mad at my family and God.

My Salvation

I didn’t really know the Lord Jesus until I was in my 20s. I realized I needed Jesus Christ in my life when I broke up with my ex, became homeless, lost custody of my two boys, and didn’t have anyone to turn to. At that point, I thought I lost everything. However, I didn’t! I gained more as Jesus helped me get past my ex and gave me someone much better.

God became real to me as I begged Him to either help my ex and me get together again or to take the heartache away and fix it so we could get along. I begged God to take my pain away, help me fix my life, and put the pieces back together. He did! My ex and I didn’t get back together again, but we forgave each other and can talk and get along again.

My life is also better. I found some family I didn’t know I had, and they helped me get back on my feet. I got my driver’s license and a better job, got my kids back, and my new husband let me move in while he was a trucker gone most of the time. We married on February 14, 2020, and we started going to church every Sunday. I got baptized in the summer of 2021.

More Bible Knowledge and Training at CLI

I am uncertain exactly what the Bible knowledge and training at CLI is for. I do, however, know that I want more Bible knowledge and training because God wants me to do something bigger for Him.

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