Elevating Christian Leaders in the Pacific Northwest

In an era driven by technological advancements, where visionaries like Elon Musk inspire dreams of interplanetary exploration, our gaze often turns skyward. This sense of ambition resonates deeply in the Northwest, an emerging hub of innovation and spirituality. Here, Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) supports a vibrant community of students, graduates, and ordained ministers committed to spiritual leadership.

This year, CLI/CLA is championing the theme “Occupy Heaven – Engage the Skyline.” This rallying cry invites participants to embody the culture of heaven, spread the Gospel, and share the promise of salvation and heavenly citizenship.

Theme Verse: Inspired by Philippians 3:20, we are reminded that our true citizenship is in Heaven, and we eagerly await Jesus Christ’s return.

Locations and Dates:

  • Seattle Region, Washington: June 29th
  • Portland Region, Oregon: July 1st

CLI President Henry Reyenga will lead these pivotal gatherings. The conferences are set to be transformative, featuring vision-casting, prayer sessions, graduations, ordination ceremonies, and engaging discussions!

Educational Opportunities in Christian Leadership

CLI is dedicated to offering free Christian ministry education, focusing on the unique challenges of the Northwest. These programs are designed to empower participants to lead effectively within their communities.

Empowering Northwest Christian Leaders through Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance highlights each conference, underscoring our mission to strengthen faith and leadership across the region.

A Divine Mission in the Pacific Northwest

As we contemplate the cosmos, CLI invites you to journey through the heavens while enriching the earthly realm spiritually. Our mission amplifies faith and Christian leadership, impacting the Northwest and beyond, both now and for eternity.

Conference Details:

Attendance and a light lunch are complimentary. Attendees are responsible for travel expenses. As a token of participation, each attending participant will receive a coupon for an “Occupy Heaven” shirt.

To facilitate pre-conference communications, we ask all registrants to join our designated WhatsApp groups for real-time updates and interaction. WhatsApp is a safe and secure way for us to communicate. President Reyenga and his assistant Rhonda Sullivan will be monitoring the WhatsApp groups.

To join, click here: [Seattle Area WhatsApp Link], [Portland Area WhatsApp Link].

Do you need WhatsApp? How do you download the WhatsApp application for your phone? Click here

If downloading WhatsApp isn’t your preference but you’d still like to join the conference, please email rsullivan@christianleaders.net. We’ll ensure you’re added to the list, though please be aware you may not receive all updates.

These conferences are part of a global series of “Occupy Heaven” gatherings that President Reyenga has led in locations worldwide, including California, Australia, New Zealand, Texas, and New York.