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Hello, I’m Amanda. I’m 43 years old and from Ontario, Canada. Recently, I began my studies at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) for more biblical training for ministry.

About Me

I grew up in Northern Ontario as the youngest in a family with three kids. We had a phenomenal childhood, running around the wilderness, as my parents ran a Christian family campground. When I was five, my parents were born again at the non-denominational church we attended.

Therefore, I grew up in the church. I watched them play music and be involved with serving, maintenance, hospitality, and children’s ministry. We thoroughly enjoyed our church family. In my early teens, we adopted a little guy with special needs from Cambodia. Then, our family was complete! It was incredible to watch God work in and through him, healing him and helping him be more than anyone ever thought he’d be able to be. Beautiful!

My Testimony

When I was 12, I gave my life to the Lord in our church’s Sunday school program called “Super Church.” However, my walk wasn’t very vital or alive. For the most part, the “Christian rules” suited me as a teen. I didn’t want to get in trouble, rebel, party, etc., but my relationship with Him had yet to become my lifeline. I continued to attend church, even going to a ministry school at 19. Then, I went on to being busy with life, always calling myself a Christian but doing little to grow or deepen my relationship with God.

In my later 20s, in the midst of the breakdown of an abusive marriage, while caring for an infant, my relationship with my Savior became my absolute everything. He became my oxygen, my hope, my safe place, and my Rescuer. I needed His grace and guidance every moment of every day to function. There were eight rough years as a single mother. I had multiple surgeries and was in and out of a wheelchair. I relied on God to make it from second to second. He has since blessed my child and me with a faithful, Godly man as husband, father, and head of our home. Together, we serve in our home, family, and church. He is also a CLI student currently pursuing a degree in chaplaincy.


When I was about 10, my grandparents got me a box organ. I played endlessly with it. So much so that within months, they found me a beautiful antique piano at a yard sale and restored it. I couldn’t leave it alone, day or night! When I gave my life to Christ at 12, it was like this musical gift got supercharged. Over the next year, I taught myself how to play by ear, as well as read music. By 13, I was on a mission trip in Europe, leading worship in churches.

At 19, I attended a ministry training school. I also had the opportunity to lead worship in a large city church and all around Scotland. Throughout my walk, connecting to my Father through music has been an important part of my journey. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to work with several ministries, two church plants, and with other teams and local churches on community outreach events.

Vision: More Biblical Training for Ministry at CLI

For the past 11 years, I’ve been working as a music director with a church plant that has blossomed into a thriving ministry. Earlier this year, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to invest some time into more biblical training as the church grows. That is when I found the Christian Leaders Institute online.

I look forward to the growth, expanding, and stretching that come with learning and moving to the next level in both my walk and ministry. I hope to one day be at least part-time (bi-vocational) at my church. Further, I’m open to pursuing whatever level of education is needed as the Lord leads.

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