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My name is Elise Noel Ngo Njock from Cameroon. I reside in Istanbul. Looking for a tuition-free Bible school online, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to answer God’s calling.

My Journey to Tuition-Free Bible School Online

Once married, my last name was Nyemeck. I’m a divorced woman and a mother of two beautiful daughters. A teacher by profession since 2002, I felt compelled a long time ago to take a Bible study course when I gave my life to Christ in 2010. But I kept procrastinating: ‘’When I finish my Ph.D.’’ I said.

Time flies and years advance, so I decided to start this year if God brought me back to Istanbul. With an urge for family ministry, I want to begin a new career as a school chaplain. I discovered Christian Leaders Institute while navigating, looking for a tuition-free Bible school online since I work full time. Further, I could not join the Bible school at River Church in Istanbul. The One through whom I can do all things will bring me to completing this assignment.

From Religious to a Born-Again Child of God

Born in a Presbyterian family, I got all the fundamental sacraments as I grew up. I even served as a choir member and a cell minister. So I heard about Jesus at a young age. However, the law and rules I grew up with didn’t keep me from doing wrong things like lying and worse. In their eyes, I was innocent since I didn’t come home with a pregnancy as a teen.

I married for the wrong reasons after living in impudicity with my ex-husband. I wanted to be free from my parent’s control, and I had my first daughter before marriage. But, of course, that union that my parents and family forcedly accepted didn’t last. So I found myself divorced after barely one year of marriage at the age of 30.

God, in His mercy, sent Carole, a young colleague, to preach the good news of a transformed life in Christ Jesus to me. Finally, I understood what another sister from JAPE, Marie Gocker, was calling me to some years back. A call that I turned down, blaming her for confusing me with religious denominations. I saw how her life differed from mine and decided to follow her to her church. The way I was welcomed into Calvary Chapel Bamenda was without any judgment. Everyone was delighted to meet me and compassionate to help me grow spiritually. That welcome led me to willingly belong to Full Gospel Mission Cameroon’s extensive family of believers.

My Baptism and Study at CLI

My baptism came after God convinced me through His Word in the Acts of Apostles. Titus advised me to read Acts as I kept arguing about baptism. The transformation of Saul and Peter, his works as an Apostle, the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch, etc., captivated and challenged me to do so. Furthermore, I changed my name from Elise Ngo Njock (the daughter of the elephant) to Elise Ngo Nje (the daughter of the Lion of the tribe of Judah). Since then, I’ve never been the same. My urge is to win as many souls as I can to God. I still serve on the worship team.

I am excited about the tuition-free Bible School courses the Christian Leaders Institute offers online. It will prepare me for my calling from God. Thank you! God bless you!

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

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