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God Always Finishes What He Starts

Hi there! My name is Danielle Rebon. I am from the state of Ohio in the United States. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute on my ordained ministry leader journey.

Becoming an ordained ministry leader and a college graduate comes after years of striving to make things happen in my timing instead of God’s. I attended many ministry schools and colleges in the twenty years since graduating high school. However, until Christian Leaders Institute and College, I never had anything to show for my efforts outside of multitudes of debt.

When I first heard about CLI, taking classes or graduating with a degree was not at the forefront of my mind. However, a gentleman I worked with was studying a course while we were in the same room one day. That prompted me to inquire about it. He told me all about the coursework, the degree he was working towards, and the institute he used to do so. He was 76 years old at the time.

Ordained Ministry Leader Journey at CLI/CLI

He piqued my interest. I looked up CLI, applied, and started my first class within 24 hours. It was incredible that I could get into learning without waiting until I could afford it! I became an enthusiastic learner and completed an associate’s degree in 10 months. This was a dream that I thought would never come to pass, and yet, I was, almost 20 years after graduating high school, seeing my name on an official degree in complete disbelief.

Now, just over a year and a half later, I am almost finished with my bachelor’s program. Further, I am on a path to being ordained through the programs offered by Christian Leaders Institute and College. What I hope that someone takes from my story is that, number one, it’s never too late to go after a dream, even if hope deferred has made your heart sick. Number two, don’t wait until all circumstances “line up” to start something you want to achieve. If Peter had waited for the sea without wind and waves, he would never have stepped out of the boat. Last but not least, I hope I can encourage others not to get caught up in the timeline society gives for achieving the goals God has placed on their life. Always trust His timing!

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