Minister Calling and training

God Makes The Plan

Praise God that I found my dream path and minister calling and training at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). Hello, I am Fiteau Jardinier. Here is my spiritual journey leading up to my minister calling and the opportunity to answer the call through training at CLI.

My Journey

I am from Haiti, where we have faced difficult situations for several years. I am from the Southeast part of the country, in the second section of the Jacmel Valley. Since 2020, I have been living in Port-au-Prince with my aunt. My job is as a worker in a church in the Delmas community.

My family is Protestant. I have six siblings, and I am the second youngest. My father is a gospel preacher involved in farming, and my mother is a merchant. I grew up in church and engaged in spiritual activities from a young age. However, it didn’t truly reflect in life or a close relationship with God. I went to church and prayed out of routine but had never been touched by the Holy Spirit. That experience happened when I decided not to go to church anymore. I met two brothers from my church who accompanied me and prayed with me. That’s when I tasted the presence of the Holy Spirit and started walking on the path of salvation.

In 2015, I received training from RUHi Institute and Blackwell Institute. Therefore, I had good training with children and the youth of my community. Soon, I became a regional leader with a mission to look after the activities in the region. I completed my primary education. Then, in 2019, my secondary schooling was completed in the province, and I returned to Port-au-Prince in 2020 for my university studies.

Moments of Pain and Sorrow

I lived with my parents in a luxurious life as I could afford the things I needed. Furthermore, I lived with a sense of tolerance as the youngest in my family. However, when I had to leave them, I experienced a taste of solitude and maturity. It’s a time in my life that I cherish because it allows me to understand my true worth and God’s perspective. Living with my aunt, I faced betrayal and went days without finding anything to eat. The doors that were once open for me to pursue university studies were now closed. That’s when I realized that I needed God’s favor through fasting and prayer.

One day, in August 2021, God spoke to me and told me that He needed me to serve His church. The next generation of Haitians needs me for spiritual guidance. The challenges I experienced catalyzed a profound change in my life. I started studying theology to attain more knowledge to fulfill my purpose. Finding the money to pay for tuition seemed challenging. Nevertheless, I began researching and preaching the gospel with grace and authority. Now, I am maturing in the path of ministry and thinking about stepping out and fulfilling God’s plan for my life.

The Fields of Ministry Through a Revelation

I knew that God had a plan for me as a servant of His kingdom. However, I hadn’t found my ministerial calling yet. I had received revelations but didn’t give them the importance they deserved. In a dream in October 2021, I found myself in front of children and pre-teens. I was training and teaching them to become eligible for the youth phase so that we can have a generation of significant impact in the country. Having previously created a study atmosphere for children and pre-teens, I continued doing so. Then, after that, I saw myself inside a huge church, raising the banner of God’s greatness. From then on, I sought the knowledge and qualifications needed to fulfill God’s work.

My Minister Calling and the Training Opportunity at CLI

I prayed and searched, knowing that the earth is the Lord’s and He makes all things possible to fulfill His will. I looked for organizations that could help me pay for my theological studies and pursue a ministry field of study. Then, one day, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), the perfect work of God to fulfill His dream. I praise God for His greatness. and this opportunity for ministry training. I ask God to draw me close to Him as I serve His kingdom.

Engagement in God’s Fields

My spiritual dream is to be a container of God’s presence, a leader for the revival, renewal, and restoration of the kingdom of God. In gratitude for all His grace in my life, I want the command of Matthew 28:19 to be at work in my life so that this generation may benefit from God’s grace.

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