Kenyan Small Group Minister

My name is Isaiah Githinji and I feel called to be a Kenyan small group minister. I am a Kenyan citizen and a born again and committed Christian. I am married and together we have a 2-year-old daughter. I grew up in a Christian family and came to know the Lord as a child. My dad was a clergyman supported by my mother. I came to know God early on in my life and later renewed my faith in Christ by getting baptized at Full Gospel Church of Kenya, Kitale. My faith had been tested and I had found myself slipping away and following after worldly pleasures. I made it back through God’s grace. I can say now that I am more mature in faith and more focused than before. The journey is not ended and there are challenges, temptations, trials, and disappointments along the way, but I am encouraged by the words in Hebrews 13:5, ‘’I will never leave you nor forsake you.’’

Kenya is largely a Christian nation with various Christian denominations at the center stage. There is freedom of worship for all religions and therefore Christians are able to freely evangelize and demonstrate their faith to non-Christians. With this comes the unique challenge of many Christians with not very strong roots and living unproductive lives. It’s the job of strong committed Christians to bring back the backslidden Christians to the fold and to strengthen and equip them for service.

I have served in music ministry as a church drummer and also in the choir as a tenor. I have served in Sunday school ministry as a volunteer and as a member of the youth ministry. My dream ministry is to serve as a Kenyan small group minister and to reach unreached people of the world. I believe the call to serve is something that was taught to me from my formative years. I believe it’s the Holy Spirit that drives one to desire to serve God and other factors come into play when one selects which ministry to serve in.

This class at Christian Leaders Institute has really helped me to appreciate the need to be active in ministry as a calling. It has helped me to re-examine my faith and the serving opportunities there are in ministry. It has set a foundation for a thorough study of scriptures and lifelong Christian learning. If I were to choose a ministry or role, I would like to serve as a Kenyan small group minister.

Our local church, Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi, has very vibrant ministries and talent/calling identification processes to help people discover their ideal ministry based on a variety of factors such as calling, personality, skills, and experience. Doors to serve are open to any church member who feels led to serve in a particular area. In 2015-2016, I served as a volunteer Sunday school assistant before taking a break to take care of my wife and our newborn daughter.

One of the challenges in my geographic area is that there are a lot of people who need to be reached with the gospel and yet there are not enough workers who are willing or are adequately trained in ministry. “’The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.’’

This opportunity at Christian Leaders Insitute will help to train, equip, and empower me to be a servant in the kingdom of God. I am actively looking for opportunities to serve and reach out to others. I will also be able to create and seek opportunities to serve in small groups and also an unreached people ministry. That is where I feel I can plug in right away.

Please pray for me, that the call of God will continue to unfold even as I get equipped to serve him. Pray for my family, that we shall continue being strong in the Lord and as a couple that we build a strong foundation for our children and generations to come. Pray that the church of Jesus Christ in Kenya will wake up and take her rightful role of being the light to the nations. Pray that the community will embrace and love one another irrespective of faith, creed, language or culture.
Pray that the church will be a role model in our society and nation where many will be convicted and inspired to see people who are changed and productive and lead value-driven lives for Christ

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Kenya Ministry Training Dream

Hello and greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! My name is Allan Maingi and I am following my Kenya ministry training dream at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Kahawa West in Nairobi, Kenya. I am the last of nine children. My father was a prison warden but passed away in October 2016. My mother is a civil servant to the Kenyan government. I was born to Christian parents and was brought up to serve the Lord. However, I made my decision to really serve the Lord in my teens, when I was in secondary school. I grew up in the prison staff compound area which gave us a challenge especially in walking with Christ Jesus.

I currently teach Sunday school children, sing in the choir, and I’m a volunteer with two Christian Organizations, Alpha Trust Kenya and Bible League International Kenya. I am currently a member of the staff of Christian Center Network which is working to equip the incarcerated with Biblical knowledge through World Harvest Bible College.

I am pursuing this course with Christian Leaders Institute for my own spiritual benefit and to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. These classes are already helping me with this. I also desire to be an equipped leader in my local church. I want to be a person who builds others up into becoming mature believers in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My prayer is that I will be ready and equipped for whatever the Lord wants me to do and wherever he calls me to go. As I also train to be a secondary school teacher, it is my humble prayer that I will forever walk close to Him and be in His perfect and unconditional will.

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Finding the Grace of God

Start free ministry training today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who was a lost son of God and found CLI as a tool to finding the grace of God:

My name is Elvis James Kamau. I live in a city called Nairobi in Kenya. I am 23 years of age and by the grace of God, I am saved. Jesus Christ is my personal savior.

I am saved, but this wasn’t always the case. I was raised by a single mother in a family of three. I have two sisters. I have always known my mom to be a ‘churchwoman’ since I can remember. I am saying this because I didn’t really grasp the concept of Christianity until later. She gave me the basics at a very young age. We used to read the bible and pray every day. So in a sense, I knew God and His word. I even went through all ceremonies involved – baptism, confirmation, etc. However, it was not until I was in high school that I experienced strong spiritual revelations. I came to the realization that this is serious. There is God who desires to save us from the devil and his temptations. 

I was mostly in bad company and I came to Christ a couple of times but found myself backsliding several times. I went to three different schools and my grades were poor. In my final year, I decided to just trust God and change. God showed His mercy and I excelled at school. I was even awarded a government sponsorship to pursue a degree in Computer Science. When I came to university, is when I found myself falling off the path to Christ. All that was surrounding me was the temptation of sin, alcohol, fornication, hard drugs etc. By then I had several jobs, but this did not loosen the grip the devil had me in. It was only after a series of events that God humbled me and brought me to a point of brokenness so I could seek Him. I was involved in a drunk driving accident and was almost killed. This changed my whole perspective of life. After this, I was broken and in debt, that I am still paying off. I was still doing drugs. One night, I got wasted, got into a fight, and almost bled to death. At this point, God found me. Unfortunately, it got worse before it started getting better. I started seeking spiritual enlightenment in all the wrong places. I involved myself with very many different doctrines and new age stuff.It is in the process of encountering these deceitful spirits that I found the grace of God. He revealed Himself to me in such a way I couldn’t deny. Thank you, Jesus!

So I got saved and was delivered from all of it. All my addictions stopped and God gave me the wisdom to see the truth amidst all this. In my walk with God,  I desired to know Him more. I did a lot of scripture and God taught me a lot. Being a teenager, I wanted to influence my fellow friends and just explain about Jesus and what He had done for me. This is when God led me to seek ministry training. It was my desire to help others in finding the grace of God. I want to reach my fellow youth and mostly be able to pass the pure gospel of Christ. I don’t know about there, but here its mostly watered down and I just can’t take the half truths. I had no money and was even struggling with finishing my current endeavor. CLI was God’s answer for me. I couldn’t believe it and am so glad I can have quality training all the way from the US and for free.

To all the donors and supporters, may God bless you mightily. I am sure God is like -Well done good and faithful servants. This is such a blessing and a great way to get more understanding of God and our kingdom and how to relate it to our life and share it with our friends, relatives, and even strangers. I pray for your continued support and one day I know I will support it too. I hope to contribute to the creation of revival leaders and spread the gospel to all parts of the world. Thank you, CLI for helping me in finding the grace of God. God bless.

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Kenya student Ketty Opot enrolled at CLI to deepen her knowledge and understanding of God and The Bible with free online training available in even the smallest parts of the world! Here is her story…

Know God Better – Ketty’s Story

Praise God!
My name is Ketty Atieno Opot, 35. I am the first born of 6 children. I am a wife and mother of three kids. I have attained a diploma certificate of management. Currently working for United Parcel Service. I live in Nairobi, Kenya.

I was brought up in a Christian home with my parents and sisters. I went to Christian school and attended church every Sunday morning but I never gave my life to Christ. In 1999 I met George, my husband, whom shared his faith and the love of Christ for me, after few months I got saved. I never grew in a close relationship with God, I was a stagnant Christian, never bore fruit. My husband kept encouraging me. Soon God brought to my realization that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I rededicated my life to God in the year 2000. I started going to my husband’s church was baptized and felt like a new person. and since then I plan to walk faithfully with God.

I have been engaging in bible study and through that the Holy Spirit has helped me understand quiet much on the foundation of a Christian. Late last year as I was on a 7 day fast and prayer, I had a dream which was very clear. Jesus told me to go and spread the Gospel. Since then I have been yearning to attend a bible school so that I may be trained and equipped.

My ministry goal is to go to the remote areas to expand God’s kingdom by training local men and women and send them to the unreached parts in Kenya. My dreams are :
1. Die to self and be alive in Christ Jesus and to Love God with all my Mind, heart, soul and strength and to love my neighbor as myself.
2. To fulfill the great commission.

Bible education is of high importance to me. The Bible is the Word of God which is the Truth, hence, I need proper knowledge of God’s word to equip me for teaching and training his people in righteousness.

A scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute would help me know God better, grow closer to God and to be equipped for the mission and fulfill my calling.

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Kenya resident Peter Murigi enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute for Free Moble Phone Ministry Training Online! Here is his story…

Free Mobile Phone Ministry Training  – Peter Murigi’s Story

My name is Peter Murigi,I live in Kenya,Nakuru.Am fifth son of margeret who has eight childrens and my dad is unknown to me. God gave me pastoring ministry to serve and edify the body of christ in apostolic faith church at Bahati, under overseer John,and these i rejoice in the lord. The CLI has worked unto my christian life,since i googled for study using my phone unto these far am today and surely God has been good to me.I really apreaciate all mentors principle and character that has mentored in me,oh yes! God bless all.Okey,my life as christian and my call started when God apperead me in a dream while in class four,and was lead in by Bishop munyua at late 1994 at new testament church.That time mum could not believe a vision of 14 years boy.she was wine seller and only me was a christian in our family at that time.Now am 35 years and still i hear from God for direction and also to know more about leadership. Iam husbard and father of two sons.


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Kenyan Free Ministry Training

Martin Mwaura was interested in Kenyan Free Ministry Training because he need an option to be prepared for ministry. Christian Leaders Institute offered Marting free training that was available in his area on the Internet. Christian Leaders Institute offers this Kenyan Free Ministry Training to Martin after he finishes a getting started the class that give him a good start in ministry training. Here is his story that bring him to Christian Leaders Institute.

I just completed my studies and the best thing is I dint have to travel. i live in Kenya and i through my computer i can now go out and preach the word of God as per my calling, now i can tell the youths out there be ready for the massage of Jesus our Lord is coming your way with fire.
my journey with God started even before i was born for He says He knew me even before i was formed in my mothers womb, but i confessed with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and accepted Him in my life back in 2003, till today i have never thought of going back. and am Humbles to now have the opportunity to talk about Him(Jesus) to those who dont know Him and to those who know Him but ignore to receive Him.
God Has called me to start a church or ministry here in Kenya,i have always felt good when i see people receiving Jesus and i always join the angles in celebrating. how i wish every human being under the sky will accept Jesus. my dream is not only to start a church but to keep the purpose of the church that Jesus left for us burning. most of church have become a political platform, members of the church are fighting about this about that, we are hating on our own brothers and sister, the respect for the sanctuary has become negotiable.. my dream is to restore the church to Revive the church where worship is the Key and nothing else. where you get gospel preached for free.
i believe my calling is being a pastor, am going to fish souls back to Jesus, am going to be in charge of a congregation that i will go over night praying for them i will teach them all the ways of God.
ministry has been in me like every day of my life, am that kind of a guy who talk to everyone and they listen, and wherever i am guys never get bored they are always happy and eager to listen to my next comment or jock, in this moments God showed me i can use them to preach to this people and get them saved and receive Jesus in their life’s. most of the time i find my self preaching to my self in bathroom talking about Jesus love for all. all this joined together and God has been calling me to ministry ever since i was a teenager.
i have gotten opportunities to talk to teenagers and youth in my local church, when someone of almost you age preaches to you, you see how God can also use you. this opportunity has really mad e me grow spiritually and in my calling.
scholarship at CLI is important to my ministry dream because above being called one needs knowledge and training, with CLI scholarship am sure i will inquire all that is needed to run a ministry effectively. and have documents to prove my credentials.
my prayer request is i get a good mentor who will walk with me through my ministry in opening the church, also pray for me to be able overcome any challenges. and also pray for my church congregation in advance even before they join my church.

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My name is Davies Mutuku. Growing up in a village setting in the interior of rural Kenya, I was the fourth born in a family of 8. It was never clear in my mind what I “wanted to be” in life. Like the rest of my siblings, I just went through the rhythm of schooling and hoped that my final year grades would ultimately determine a good fate in my life. That was 47 years ago today, and now working in Freight logistics, I look back in retrospect and see a different setup, an invisible story line altogether.It began like this; one day in our early years as we walked from home to Sundayschool, I remember one of my sisters quipping in our local dialect: “Mutuku; nonaa we ukatwika pastor” meaning “I perceive you will become a Pastor”. I thought this statement was prompted by my quiet, somber demeanor then and therefore ignored it. Though not yet a pastor, all signs over the years, however, attest that this could have been a prophecy over my life!

I gave my life to Christ and was baptized in 1981. Routinely, I attended many annual youth and men conferences organized by our local church. I however did not get into deep commitment in God. In fact I backslid when I was in college. While in Mombasa town in search of elusive employment after college in 1994, I continued attending church there and even enrolled in a correspondence Bible training course. In this training, one would pay the equivalent of one dollar to the institute to cover the cost of study materials and postage. But I dropped out mid way and never finished the course. Around this time, I met and wedded my wife Christine, who was from another church. At her persistence, I unwillingly moved and joined her church in 2000. Our son, Adam, was born the following year.

After joining this new Church, life took on a new dimension. I recommitted my life to God. From that time onwards, I became serious with my salvation. I joined the home bible cells where I was assisted to grow in my faith. I became an active Christian and started serving in my church. I felt like God was “thrusting” me into His field to make up for some lost time! In short years, I got involved in various church ministries through which I came to discover my gift of teaching. I served in home Bible fellowships, leadership development and new membership training in the church. My passion for missions and discipleship was ignited then.

Best Free Bible School Online –  CLI Experience

Early 2013, I was already a church deacon when I came across CLI as I browsed the web for Bible training opportunities. I still had a strong desire to finish off that Bible course I had dropped years back and CLI seemed capable to provide that opportunity. Moreover, the opportunity was better in that CLI training is web based and materials were provided at no cost.

I had no reason not to enroll, so I got started immediately though with a “wait-and- see” attitude! As a Bible teacher in my local church in Mombasa at that time, I was looking for deep knowledge of the things of God, answers to unresolved puzzles I had gathered over years on Christian life and faith. I was doubtful that any solid and reliable information could be available online and especially free of charge. However, my interaction with the study materials, professors and especially the online video presentations allayed my fears. I realized that this was the quality stuff I was looking for and CLI was providing it in a conveniently packaged form. Since then, I was stuck with it and received great support from my family and the local church Pastor. When my family later relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi city close to 500KM away, there was no disruption in my studies.

With the training I have received at CLI, I am confident that my calling, gifts and passion for ministry have further solidified. I am now more equipped with practical skills and knowledge, and convinced in my heart that God has called me into teaching ministry. My ordination for ministry will therefore confirm my readiness and ushers me into this place of greater responsibility in service to God. This comes with greater commitment on my part, acknowledging that the greatest objective in this mandate is the spreading of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost world. The training has radically changed my perspective in many areas of life. Not only has my knowledge of God’s Word widened but the understanding of people smart skills have projected a new dimension to my view of people and their place in God. This has positively impacted on my approach to ministry forever.

Unique Opportunities
Kenya is largely evangelized though a large number of communities remain unreached. There are Muslims, Asians, youth and communities in remote areas who have not yet heard the gospel of Christ. These groups remain the main targets of any evangelistic mission to the unreached and are an area requiring prayer.

Security concerns permitting, Christians in Kenya are also well positioned in many ways to take the Gospel to neighboring Somalia. The Somali have been a people neglected as their nation collapsed into chaos from years of internal political and religious strife.

Thank You
Our Lord Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:37-38). My prayer and heart’s desire is that I will always be found ready and a faithful worker in the harvest field, whether as a pastor as my sister “perceived” in my formative years or otherwise but according to the measure of faith God has entrusted to me. This is to the praise and glory of His holy name. Amen.

“I thank God for Christian Leaders Institute.  The ministerial guidance I have received so far is unlike anything I have been able to find in over ten years of full time ministry.  I trust by the good providence of the Lord and the able leadership of the CLI staff, I will be able to reach my God-given destiny.”   

Ministerial Training And Guidance Received In East Africa

I met the Lord Jesus in 1980 when I was in the first year of my secondary school. In my country, we have a culture of initiating boys to manhood when they complete class 8, as they transition to secondary school. This rite of passage to manhood often makes the young adults big headed,  I wasn’t an exception. Fortunately for me however, the Lord Jesus Christ saved me from the obvious results of my rebellion. I may be alive today, because I made that decision.

I joined the school Christian Union (CU), a student body that endeavors to motivate the gospel experience. I immediately developed such a close fellowship with the Lord Jesus, that for the next three years of secondary school, all my lunch breaks were done either in the church or in the park doing open air preaching. This practice enabled me to develop Christian leadership qualities early on in my life.

When I finished my O levels,  my brother-in-law, who was at the University of New Delhi (India), heard of my performance (I was the best in my school) and worked out an admission for me to the University of Central India.  So by the great providence of the Lord, I did my undergraduate course work there.  During this time I became a member of the Pilgrim Christian Fellowship, an association of the AIC India (African Christian Association). In the first year I served as secretary and helped organize conferences, open air meetings and out-reaches within the city. In a short time we became known as the ‘Yeshu Walas’ (JESUS’ PEOPLE) in the city of Jabalpur (MP State).

God enabled me to finish my studies and in 1988, the government of Kenya gave me a job as an accountant in the office of the president. During my tenure in the government, the Lord rebuked me sharply for copying the ways of the world and for compromising my integrity. Everything turned around for me though the night of  June 30,1993; I decided I couldn’t hide again and I made a vow to trust God for my life and Christian integrity. Thereafter, all of heaven opened up and God started speaking to me.

The first clear voice of God in my heart was, “Go and begin the Christ Co-workers Church in Meru” (my town). I didn’t belong to this church but I obeyed and did exactly that. I am glad I did because henceforth, my life took a leap in the supernatural. My ministry thrived and more instructions followed. The most exciting of these was the idea to visit Israel by road using the Great North Road that passes through Africa. Through this initiative, I was miraculously able to form the ‘Voice of the Prophets Ministry’. This was an initiative to propagate and sensitize my country men for the need to seek God for revival. We believe that Isaiah 18:1 and Zephaniah 3:10 are promises for revival in Kenya.

I followed  the Lord again to Dubai. By the grace of God, I founded a church and pastured it for three and half years, now I am on the slopes of the tallest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro. Here I believe I shall see Africa saved.

I thank God for Christian Leaders Institute.  The ministerial guidance I have received so far is unlike anything I have been able to find in over ten years of full time ministry.  I trust by the good providence of the Lord and the able leadership of the CLI staff, I will be able to reach my God-given destiny.

Free Online Ministerial Training Like No Other

Come and be a part of the most challenging and fulfilling work of advancing the Kingdom of God! Find full support by us here at Christian Leaders Institute with preparing you for the ministry field under our ministerial program. At no time during your training will you be required to pay for your ministerial courses. We are absolutely free! But please, if you feel God leading you to donate to keep our school free for all, consider making a free will offering. It is considered as tithing, but still never a requirement for ministerial training. If you would like to be a part of our CLI family, click here to enroll. Share the message of Jesus with others. Strengthen your faith and biblical knowledge in the process. God bless!

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It has been my cry for so long to study the Word of God so that I may be able to “rightly divide the Word of truth,” that I may be able to lead well the flock which the Lord has entrusted to me. But because of the financial challenges, I couldn’t afford to. CLI ministry training for free is a great miracle to me and an answer of prayer. It is of great importance to me because it will help me be equipped with the right tools to accomplish what has been laid in my heart by the Lord.

CLI Ministry Training For Kenyans

My name is Chenze Jacob Ndune. I live in the city of Mombasa in the country Kenya. I am married to Stella and blessed with two boys, Jacob, 14, and Nathaniel, 11. Kenya is a land where people are hungry for the word of God. They love God a lot and this makes it a good place to do God’s ministry.

The Lord got me back in September 20, 1990, when I was stranded. My mother and father had died earlier in 1988 and 1990 respectively and I was left with a heavy task of looking after my younger sister and brother while I was still young and without a job, we suffered a lot. So I had to become a robber so as to earn a living. We had no one to take care of us, so medication became a difficult thing to get. My brother had to go to the dumping place to look for food from garbage, where later on he took poison and died. My younger sister married while underage. Life lost its meaning and I didn’t see the reason for living. I decided to commit suicide and there is when Jesus sent His servants, preached to me and I received Him as my personal Savior. Life changed, I was healed and it dawned on me, thank you Jesus for rescuing me from this great damnation. I went to church and He gave me a family who loved me and made earth a better place to live again.

In me grew the zeal to live for God, to know Him and serve Him. This zeal led me to have times for fasting and praying that God used to guide my life. One time, in July 12, 1991 when I was in a three days fasting and praying before God, He appeared to me and told me “Lift up my name and I will draw people to myself.” After that the zeal to serve Him grew so intensely which led me to be ordained as an Evangelist and was sent out in 1994. Later on, I was ordained as Pastor and founded a church known as, Siloam Pool Missions, which I Pastor.

Our dream is to reach out to the unreachable with the gospel and plant churches where there are none. Our major challenge is resources whereby it becomes very hard to fulfill what God has laid in our hearts because it takes very long to achieve minimal. The speed on fulfilling one’s calling is very low, the church tries to support the vision but because of poverty challenges, they can’t do it to the maximum and this becomes a great discouragement to many ministers of the gospel in our land which leads others to quit the ministry and do other things. My family has been so supportive to my ministry calling which has been a great encouragement to me and has kept me moving this long. They are always contented with the humble life of faith we live and this makes me to greatly thank God for them.

I pray that CLI will pray for me and my ministry that God will give us the right resources so that we may be able to carry out and fulfill the vision in right speed and time.

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Training for Ministry Is Possible For Kenyan Man

Christian Endurance- Our location does not define who we are in Christ. Only our heart, soul, and mind define the location of our walk with Jesus Christ. Many Christians face persecution and struggles, but this is what Christian endurance is all about!

Kefa Auta Machoka, a student at CLI, faces many obstacles while training for ministry in his Kisii County community in Kenya. As he says, “Most of the Kenyan communities have heard about Christ, but there are other communities that have not yet been reached with the gospel of Jesus. They include Muslim and traditional communities. These communities live in hardship areas which are sometimes hostile to Christianity.”

Training for Ministry- Born in a Challenging Place

Born in a Christian family of twelve children, seven brothers and four sisters, Kefa’s father was a pastor but had passed when he was just eight years old. As he states, “Like other children, I attended and participated in Sunday school classes. At the age of fourteen, we had visitors to our church who came to evangelize in our village. I was involved in guiding the visitors to the right places at the right times. One day as we were going to the open-air meeting, one of the evangelists asked me, “Are you saved?” “Yes,” I replied. He asked me to tell him how I knew I was saved. After my response he explained to me that I couldn’t earn my salvation by good works. He showed me that salvation is by grace and is through faith in the Lord’s work, not mine.  That day, I accepted and confessed the Lord in my heart. Now I am happy knowing I am not saved by good works, but by the grace of God, so that I can do good works.”

Christian Endurance While Training For Ministry

Since the time of Kefa’s salvation, the Lord has put into his heart a burden to reach out to people who have never heard the gospel, and to explain the true way of salvation by faith. Now he is reaching many for Christ and enduring the obstacles while training for ministry as he dreams to plant churches among those who have not heard the gospel. It is his prayer to help the people of Kenya to become mature Christians who will be able to reach others for Christ. As he writes,”Most people depend on relief food. I am working with a local faith based agency which supports us when they have received donations from local churches. My own local church has not understood our calling. When we share with them how the Lord is working and our experiences, they sympathize with us, but suggest that we go back home.”

But for Kefa and others in training for ministry in Kenya, the challenges they face include:

Loneliness. There are only a few churches and they have  been planted far apart and only have a few members. The loneliness because they do not have people to fellowship with nor to help in their training in ministry.

Illiteracy and opposition. The majority of the East Pokot people are traditionalists and illiterate. They do not understand the national language -Kiswahili nor can they read any written material or speak Kiswahili. This has forced them to learn their language so that they can communicate. Christianity is a threat to their traditional practices and therefore they are against anything associated with Christianity.

Getting internet services. In relation to taking CLI classes and training for ministry, the biggest challenge is getting internet services because the network doesn’t cover everywhere. Kefa must move about 500 meters from his home to search for a network.  Also, because of the lack of external power supply, sometimes laptop shutdowns happen before they have done all the work needed to. Yet, despite this and other challenges, Kefa knows he will be able to do his lessons to accomplish his training for ministry.

Training for Ministry No Matter What It Takes

Even under such opposition, Kefa continues to find a way to continue his training for ministry through CLI with the support of those close to him. As he writes, “I thank God that my wife supports me in this ministry. CLI is of great importance to me. It will equip me for ministry so that I can be more effective and it will also help my spiritual growth. In the past, I had tried to apply to a Bible College but was unable to continue due to school fees and other admission requirements.”

Let us pray for our fellow brother in Kenya with his training in ministry as he asks, “Pray for me that God will give us strength and courage as we reach the Pokot people. Pray for our protection from the gun men in the area and the evil powers which people use to manipulate their spiritual world. Pray that God may bring these people to himself. Pray that I may be able to do the lessons effectively despite the challenges and that I may gain the skills needed for ministry. Pray for my spiritual growth and my family.”

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Training For Ministry P1040617

My name is John Ndirangu Mwangi. I was born 52 years ago in the central region of Kenya. In my early days, primary education in Kenya’s rural  areas was free. The Catholic Church had partnered with the government in the public schools to finance much of the education costs.  This made it possible for the catholic church to be involved in the school curriculum, which meant Christianity was a part of our education.

Apart from the school, there were Catholic churches scattered all over, and therefore the parents were more easily reachable.  Catholic father’s, sisters and brothers visited people in their homes and therefore it was easy for all those who had been visited by these servants of God to reciprocate by going to the church.  The church also provided food and clothes to some in the society who were very poor.

With such an early environment, I attended both Catholic primary and secondary school. Therefore I had some very basic Christian teachings and there was a catechism class which one was required to attend and pass before getting baptized.  Some of the reciting I did while around 9 years old is still fresh in my mind till this day.

I, however, was not introduced to Jesus Christ and the fact that He can become my personal Savior.  I was only taught about a Savior of the whole world.  It was not until I was 30 years old that I started to experience an emptiness in my life which made me see nothing valuable in life any more.  By then I was working in the Kenya Air Force, and in frustration I resorted to alcoholism and all kinds of running after worldly pleasure. Nothing was giving me joy, and I knew deep inside that there was something I was missing (I had stopped going to church since I was not getting spiritual nourishment there).

One Sunday morning while I was reading the Sunday Nation, a newspaper of Kenya, I saw a Bible Study correspondence course by a church from Canada, so I enrolled.  Within one year I had learned as much as possible to make me understand that Jesus Christ is the only Savior, both for the whole world and individual believers.  He was the answer to all my questions.  However, when I graduated and received my certificate I still had not accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, although I was convicted and haunted by God’s Word every day.  I couldn’t resist for long and on July 7, 1995, I gave my life to Christ through tears of repentance and the joy of the forgiveness of my sins.

God led me to a church in Nairobi, where I joined a Discipleship Ministry after taking some local new convert’s training.  This ministry focused more on one to one evangelism and discipleship which I have continued to this day.

I unfortunately have not had further training, which I had been desiring to do but was not sure how and at what level I should start.  I also had some financial challenges which hindered me from enrolling in a quality college with tuition fees. Christian Leaders Institute came as an answer to prayer, as the Holy Ghost had been speaking to me about advancing for the Lord (which He Himself knows).  I see Christian Leaders Institute as a firm foundation, and a strong leap forward towards richer fields for Jesus Christ.  I intend to complete the entire course provided by CLI while remaining attentive and sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I highly appreciate the CLI team. Henry and his team, are truly the humble leader servants whom Jesus is using in these last days, as we await the trumpet sounding.  I think the wisest thing for me would be to remain under the feet of these blessed servants as they light the whole earth with Holy Ghost Revival and to eventually partner with them on this same course.

Blessings to all who are reading this note!

My name is Florence Betty Kubai, a single mother aged 41 years. I currently live in Kenya a small 20140112_223234Atown 14 kilometers from the capital city Nairobi, Kenya is mostly a Christian Country and Churches are really being planted, however most people have turned to witchcraft. I am so glad I can receive free Kenya Ministry training online. I am so excited to graduate with a Christian Leaders Basics Certificate.

Two years ago, I was not happy about the direction my life had taken and I felt rejected, deserted and there was nobody I could even trust or depend on in my life,  I felt hopeless and at this time I was expecting a baby.  My children and I had been rejected by their dad. I was so helpless.  I really needed love, care and desperately searching for answers in my life. I was just fed up with my life. I walked near a church and I felt a kind of peace, love and joy that I had never felt before. I met Christ and he turned my life around and I’m excited and enjoy every step that I make with him.

My calling is to extend the same joy, love, hope to the people who have suffered rejection. I am called to minister to single hurting parents, orphans, widows, and widowers, teenagers, the helpless, and the hopeless.  I would like to lead to Christ with the proper knowledge and to be used of God for the sake of this souls.

I would like to be a mentor and a Youth leader and I would love to have the ministry knowledge so as to learn and to know God even more. God has already connected me to few homeless teenagers who have been rejected and homeless.  I have tried in my very humble state to feed them and share Christ with them. I have even housed them even when though I barely make ends meet.

Praise God, The church I attend is very supportive they have really encouraged me to do full time ministry.  I have  joined the intercessory group where we have a weekly fellowship and week day services.
I want to lead by example. I pray my family will be born again and that seeing my life they will becoming interesting in accepting Christ. God has changed me. He can change them!

The Scholarship from CLI means so much to me. I thank other students who can give and the generous supporter of Christian Leaders Institute who make this free Kenya ministry training possible.  I will accomplish my spiritual dream and increase my knowledge on ministry especially at this time when I’m am single handedly raising up my four children and I’m also a mother to many others.

Free Kenya Ministry Training is available to without cost. Just fill out an application to start right immediately. Twenty Two high quality courses are available.

Free Bible School in KenyaA free Bible school in Kenya is needed for many reasons. One reason that is not talked about very much is that there are hundreds of cults that have risen up in eastern Africa among those who cannot afford seminary training or Bible school training. These cults lead tens of thousands astray. According to this Citizen TV report cults prey on those in poverty and those who do not have access to education.

Christian Leaders Institute offers a free Bible school in Kenya so that every Christian leader has a place to receive high quality Biblical seminary training connected to a local mentor or pastor. This ministry training will be even more accessible as Internet costs decrease and Internet accessibility increases everywhere in Kenya.

Free Bible School in Kenya Student Profile

Pastor Martin N. Muiruri is a pastor of a church in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Martin N. Muiruri came to know the Lord through some youth who would tell him about Jesus. Martin had a dream of reaching many people with the gospel and then equipping them to serve the Lord in the historic orthodox Christian faith. He said,

I had a deep desire to tell people about Jesus which I did almost everywhere, at school, at work, in the matatu (public vehicles), in the church, etc. I feel bad when I see believers being deceived and when I see people living in sin. My area is full of cults and diviners who pose as prophets and apostles and are leading many astray. There is also a lot of poverty and ignorance.

Pastor Martin and his wife are a team in spreading the gospel:

My wife is also a preacher, like myself, and a singer who leads worship in our services. CLI sponsorship will make us more equipped to serve better and be more knowledgeable in the things of God.

Pastor Martin and his wife have asked for prayer that God would supply all their needs including basic needs like rent and electricity. At least Pastor Martin does not have to worry about paying for a Biblical education. This free Bible school in Kenya will supply him with a world class Biblical education.

Christian Leaders Institute will do everything in our power to provide called revival leaders with ministry training. For Pastor Martin and others in his country this free Bible School in Kenya will help them confront cult teaching and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Here is a endorsement from one of our students from Facebook.

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Missionary Church Planter

Church Planter – The missionaries of tomorrow are going to be Christian Leaders like Zachary M Gachango. Here is a man just over thirty years old who lives in Nakuru, Kenya a city of almost 400,000 people. If you visit Nakuru, you will want to check out the Nakuru Lake Park and go on a safari. The new indigenous missionary movement in Kenya is happening in this beautiful place.

This future missionary church planter, Zachary M Gachango is being sponsored by his pastor, Apostle John K. William at  Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Church. Zachery is married to Lucy Mwangi and they are blessed with one child, (Myrene Beth). Kingdom Seekers Fellowship was founded in 2003 and has grown to over 3000 people reached. Now Zachary is not only reached there, but is wanting to take the next step and become a missionary church planter.

 Church Planter Calling

Zachary Gachango tells the story of his calling into church planting:

” I am currently living in Kenya where I was born in 5th may 1981. I had a long time struggle with God’s conviction to give my life to him, until 6th April 2001 when I surrendered to Jesus and got saved. I have a call from God to reach out through church planting. I believe that through Christian Leaders Institute, I shall be laid in a firm foundation and also acquire knowledge that will help me to speak the Word of God with boldness.”

Zachary is part of that future army of Christian Leaders that makes up Mission Kenya. This future indigenous missionary church planter has an effective mentor Apostle John K. William and is taking Bible School classes at Christian Leaders Institute. Zachary has completed his Christian Basics Certificate and now continues on for even more advanced online ministry training.

Zachary is grateful for the donors that support Christian Leaders Institute. Zachary asks his supporters at CLI to lift him up in prayer.  He asks, “Pray for me that God may continue to give me the wisdom and understanding, that i may be more effective in the work of ministry, and that i may be able to speak the truth of the Word without compromising.”

Support this church planter with a gift to Christian Leaders Institute.


William Sanya –

“Hi am William Sanya a citizen of Kenya currently residing in Nairobi city. In Kenya we have the freedom of worship everyone has the opportunity to do ministry accept in some areas believed to muslim stronghold. Due to Nairobi being a multicultural city whereby most people still hold on their cultural beliefs, which makes the gospel very challenging to minister. Most young people are jobless, this makes them vulnerable to crimes,prostitution, drug abuse and other things that cuases insecurity.It is said our country is a christian nation not becuase of their faith in Jesus Christ but having been raised religious setup or being baptized.Generally doing ministry in Kenya is so encouraging and the chances are so prevalent.Mass evangelism and person to person are the most common ways of reaching the lost the slums.

“After high school, in early 1993, I was invited to an overnight vigil by one of my nephews. In the process the Word was preached, and that real touched my heart, I decided to give my life Jesus Christ. Since then I have never looked back.

“Since I surrendered life to Jesus, the desire to serve him has been so strong, and I look forward to doing intensive evangelism, raising intercessors in the church.

“When I was working in one of the industries in Nairobi, much of my time I spend  sharing the gospel with my workmates. Rarely would I shut my mouth. Through that I felt God leading me to ministry. The internal desire to serve God was so strong that was confirmed by my pastor who encouraged me to wait on God.

“For over ten years I have lived in the informal settlements of Nairobi where infrastructures are so pathetic during rain season the place floods, this makes it so hard to do ministry.

“The local church has been very supportive in that when I shared my dream to the pastor he offered me an opportunity to join the ministry team to pursue my dream. During that time I was requested to take care of the home bible group, later he elevated me to pastoral. Currently I am the associate pastor in charge of adult ministries, intercessory, and teenagers.

“One thing that I am privileged to have is a very supportive family, especially my wife, who has stood by my side all through in prayers and encouragements in time of my low moments. My kids have also been very understanding and patient whenever am away on missions.”

William Sanya Receives a Scholarship

“I fully believe that getting a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is very vital to my accomplishment my dream in the ministry. From the getting started course I realized that I need to be equipped so as to do effective ministry. I believe that CLI has the capacity to take me to the next level of excellence in the ministry calling.

“Pray for me that the passion I have for reaching the people with the gospel will be realized,that my love for God will keep consuming my life, that the grace of God will abound in my life.”

William Sanya has a passion for evangelism. Ever since William Sanya had his first encounter with Christ, he has found that he can’t stop talking to others about Him. William Sanya recognizes his gift of evangelism and desires to use it to its fullest extent in the service of God. To this end, William Sanya seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute.

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