Spiritual Journey

Michael’s spiritual journey began at the age of 10 when he first stepped into a church and joined the children’s choir. Follow his inspiring testimony and see how he intends to use his unique skills to promote Christian Ministries through the media and mentorship.


My name is Michael Wesonga Odhiambo. I was born in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi. But we moved to the western part of the country in my father’s homeland of Busia County when I was 14 years old. I currently live in Kitale Town Trans Nzoia County.

The first step of my spiritual journey is when I joined the Sunday School class of Rhema Fellowship International. I was ten years old. I didn’t have much experience with the church before that. Immediately, I enrolled in the Sunday school choir. Occasionally, we did radio shows for Sunday School children at the Transworld radio studios at Hurlingham. We also did missions and even performed at outdoor meetings like crusades.

I kept a low profile for quite some time while in Busia where I joined Deliverance Church in 1999. This church is where I was attending until after the Holy Ghost filled me at a youth meeting in 2003. Then, I was encouraged to take an active role in our churches. I had been attending choir practice, but I never actually participated in active ministry on Sundays.

The Holy Spirit’s infilling in my spiritual journey completely revolutionized my life. I have never looked back to date. God is real to me, and I now serve Him whole-heartedly based on faith and trust in Him. I am a trained journalism and communication expert and work in the media, evangelism, music, instruments, and interpretation departments.

Next Steps on my Spiritual Journey

Kenya is a predominantly Christian state and therefore Christian leaders are highly regarded. I find it a privilege to serve under such circumstances and strive to render acceptable and pleasing service to the Lord Jesus Christ. My desire is promoting Christian Ministries through media, mentoring true worshippers and worship leaders, and promoting prayer in the Body of Christ.

The greatest challenge I have encountered in my spiritual journey as a Christian has been lack of mentorship. The death of my spiritual father in 2010 created a gap in my life that has taken too long to refill. But thank God, that happened in 2019. Otherwise, my steady spiritual growth can be attributed to listening to numerous preachers online and reading books.

I hope to use the training I at Christian Leaders Institute to sharpen my skills as a Christian Leader and help my ministry projects be fruitful. The free training could not come at a better time than this on my spiritual journey. First of all, I am going through significant challenges, key among them being finances. This fact means it would take me quite a while if I were to progress in ministerial training anywhere else as it would have to wait until I am financially stable. I don’t know when that will be. Secondly, as a bi-vocational leader, I report to work five days a week. That makes Saturday the only relatively available day. So, this is where CLI’s system of training becomes handy as I can progress with studies at my own pace.

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