Service Education

Service Education

My name is Paulina. I am receiving Christian service education with Christian Leaders Institute. The Treasure Coast of Florida in the USA is where I live. I am grateful for Christian Leaders Institute to help further God’s plan for the disabled, homebound, retired, and seniors. To be a Christian life coach who spreads the Good News is my hope. I love to write and blog for family-friendly websites. To add a stronger Christian touch to this through CLI training is fantastic!

My mother raised me, my sisters, and my brother in a small town in the Catholic church. I felt God’s Holy Spirit in my youth and helped others through Youth ministry and into adult life. It was a blessing for my family to have Christian roots planted in our lives with a genuine love for our church and community.

Technology makes it possible to further our studies and help others throughout the world. I am blessed to be a part of strengthening this online ministry with CLI. This work is appropriate for everyone including volunteer retirees, homebound disabled, or those new to Christ to become competent through high-quality education at CLI. There is a need for educated ministers online and in the church today to rise above the dark side of the internet. There is a need for Christian writers, bloggers, and English teachers online.

CLI has well-educated, humble, and relatable professors. I could feel the Holy Spirit speak through them. I felt engaged and blessed listening to their testimonies while learning the Bible. They remind us they are merely humans tested along with us on God’s journey. They do this while giving us the spiritual armor needed to deal with the enemy in our lives on a daily basis.

Small Group Ministry

I identify with Small Group Leader both in church and online.  I want to serve the less fortunate, disabled, retired, and elderly. To help them to connect with their family and friends, old and new.

My life’s direction has turned toward using my computer education to serve others online. I do this service through church administration and online ministry to the disabled, retired, and elderly. There are ways to brighten an older person’s day by connecting them with family and friends using webcams, smartphones, and new technology. I have a way to help the homebound have their church at home through internet broadcasts.

The challenges are making technology available to them. And then, educating them, being there for them, and helping them be a part of the church. Local churches teach others about the resources made available to them in public places such as libraries, employment workforce offices, and free, open mental health peer mentor centers.

This opportunity to study at CLI for my service education is an integral part of my life now. CLI has caring, educated professors who help others find Jesus Christ through high-quality Bible teaching. I needed this Christian devotion added to my daily studies. It provides meaning and purpose for my calling which will then spread to my workplace. I can share the Good News and a love for all those serving in God’s kingdom.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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