Youth Leader Validation

Completing his studies at CLI will be the final piece of the puzzle for Sam Atwell. It allows him to get the training needed for his youth leader validation journey.  

Youth Leader Validation: Final Piece to the Puzzle

My name is Sam Atwell. I was born in Kansas City, Kansas, and I now live in Olathe, Kansas. My wife of 30 years, Dawn and I have three daughters and a son. Samantha and Amber are twins and they are both school teachers. My other daughter just graduated from college with her degree in psychology. My son Kyle lives in Austin, Texas, and he is a graphic designer for a church app company.

I am a bi-vocational Children’s Pastor at Hope Alive Church in Overland Park, Kansas. My service there has been for six years. Working at a local television station in Kansas City is another one of my jobs.

I was raised in the church and never left. I was inspired to work with youngsters by my children’s church leader when I was a child. She devoted her life to working with kids, and she left a lasting impression on my life. It was recently my honor to teach her great-grandchildren on Easter Sunday 2018.

In my teen years, I worked with children’s ministries and took on a bus route. We brought in between 75 – 100 kids a week. Shortly after my marriage, my wife and I worked at several small churches over the next few years.

Over the 30 plus years that I worked with kids, I believe that church should be fun, exciting and engaging. Then, children can have a dynamic and powerful relationship with Jesus through worship and the authoritative word of God. Children will be equipped to grow in Christ through fun and captivating atmosphere. I want them to know that they can trust God no matter what.

Ministry Training Journey

Since starting at Christian Leaders Institute, it has been the beginning of my youth leader validation journey. CLI offers the training that I have always wanted to receive but was never able to acquire. The classes have helped solidify my call and my leadership abilities. They renewed my desire for personal devotion, Bible study, and prayer.

Youth leader is the ministry word I identify with. I desire to invest in the next generation and help them to find out who they are in the Lord and to understand what God has for them. It is a blessing to be able to have my daughters serve in ministry with me. Having a church that supports my vision and mission for the students at our church is also wonderful.

Completing my studies at CLI is the final piece of the puzzle for me to be the best leader and to accomplish what God has called me to at Hope Alive Church.

Learn about Ecuministry Ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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